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Hopper History
Japanese Infomercial Gets Out of Hand
Sharky loves you.
Unloading Donkeys In Iran
Woman gets punched out
Cheeleader makes half-court shot without looking
Woman plows into gas pump
Tonsil Stones
627-pound woman loses all hope of getting into a car
Statler and Waldorf: It Was A Very Good Year
Interesting Foreign Bodies in the Throat
Machines that almost fall over
Violence, repeating itself.
Black Friday at Wal-Mart
Selected scenes from 'Good Burger'
Asexual couple interviewed on Fox News
More Baby Ducks
Masturbating Dog
Flying Teddy Bears Disrupt Hockey Game
Chris Benoit's pre-meditated admission
The World of Creepy Fetishized Superheroine Pseudo-Porn
Congratulations President Barack Obama! From Japan!
Daily Show - Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee on gay marriage
Ghetto Mom doing a great job of learning her kids somethin'
Ban Left-Handed Marriage!
Jeff Dunham and Achmed's 'Jingle Bombs'
Chris Rock about Obama 2008
Awesome Fox pole dancing
Heineken advert
Go Tell it on the Mountain
2000 toothpicks in a beard
Cats Being Awesome: Part II
Die Hard: The Ballad of John McClaine - Dupe, ignore this.
Gay Zombies
Alkan - 'Le Chemin de Fer', Etude Op.27 [Laurent Martin]
Flirting with Magic
Real Sex - Lady has real orgasm caught on video
Swimming With Sharks
Elephant and Dog are friends
Monkey Smells His Finger
MRI scanner explodes
Intro for PS2 Game 'Juiced'
Alvin and the Chipmunks Find Some Pot
The Secret Lives of Women: Feishes and Fantasies
Sphynx Cat Staph Infection
Dolphin works out fluid dynamics
How To Pluck A Mass Out Of Someone's Neck
Father of the Pride - Deleted Scene
Submitted for your approval: Bath Time
Kaizo Mario World - Final Stage and Credits
the Bamn! Automat
Jozin from the Bog ULTIMATE REMIX
Bush's farewell address set to jazz piano
Animals With Human Heads!
David Icke - Vibration Creates Form
David Spade rant on Ugly Betty
video game wants your children to convert to islam
Japanese Motorcycle Cop Demo
Methane from frozen lake
The fourth Zelda CD-i Game : 'The Return to Gamelon'
Daniel Songer's now legendary stand-up comedy act (part XI)
The Magic Schoolbus: 'What is THAT?!'
Anti-Camwhore PSA
National Enquirer commercial from 1987
Face-eating tumor
Peepers the therapy duck
The World When Humans Disappear
'Clean Coal' commercial by the Coen Brothers
Just Like Mom
Bizkit the 'sleepwalking' dog
Tobias Fünke on American Idol
Did Somebody order the Rape?
Parents who love the Jonas Brothers
How to ruin a CRT monitor with a magnet
Paula Deen's most atrocious concoction
The UH60 Blackhawk aerial tree trimmer
Christian Breakfast Song
Venezuelan Prank Show
Everything Is Adorable
Let's Play Bad Place Mario
The seldom-seen mating dance of the Welsh Crooner
Crip walk on a treadmill....
Rush Limbaugh heckled by studio audience
Chris Tucker in 'The Fifth Element'
Anime girls covering Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)
Pruane on Rihanna and Chris Brown
Making psiballs
Robot Fish
Domino can't get enough teat.
Orson Welles on London Clubs
Patty Sanchez squashing
Gem and Eddie's 'Squashing' video prominently featured on the Tyra Banks show
Malfunctioning Teddy Ruxpin doll
baby potto clings to its mother

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