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Rest In Peace Estelle Getty
07/25/08, 00:25

I'm going to be the same way when Balki dies.
Pinwheel Face Fall
07/24/08, 14:46

Jack Dickson, rather.
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Live)
07/24/08, 14:21

"A ride on a slow boat to China" sounds like something that would be offered at a massage parlour.

"Sticky-fingered Filcher" sounds really unintentionally dirty, too.
Pinwheel Face Fall
07/24/08, 13:58

That actually looks like it could take place on Good Ol' Jim Dickson's compound.
Garbage Day! ... on the farm
07/24/08, 13:54

Good Ol' Jack Dickson can't swing a bat worth a damn.

Also: What the hell kind of hell-hole does he live in? There's a rotting pig covered in maggots just outside his house, and apparently they just have a big hole that they throw random household items into outside another structure. I'm surprised he's managed to hold onto a Ghostbusters shirt for so long when they're throwing out perfectly good angel statues.
Midget wrestling faceplant
07/24/08, 13:44

You Got Served totally stole that move!
Robot Commando (circa 1959)
07/24/08, 13:41

Rowbutt Commando: He's alternately going cross-eyed and wall-eyed for you!
07/23/08, 13:52

The Pillsbury Doughboy has really declined in his later years. =(
millions of maggots
07/22/08, 12:42

"... I must film this."
The World's Ugliest Sweater is Haunted
07/22/08, 12:41

I had the exact same reaction when Mr. Dressup's owl picture would blink.
Fan made Watchmen trailer
07/21/08, 15:35

"Filmed in several different aspect ratios!"
Lesbian Apes at the Zoo
07/21/08, 15:32

Pool's Closed 2 : Electric Boogaloo
07/20/08, 00:28

Adding to the hilarity? I keep hearing the location as "New Roffles".
Faceplant Compilation
07/19/08, 06:34

A couple times I worried that there wouldn't be a faceplant, then, miraculously, FACEPLANT!
Another Headbutt Planet Earth
07/18/08, 13:31

This is basically the best wrestling double-team move ever.
07/18/08, 13:28

Needed to be about three minutes longer, but still incredible.
Watchmen Trailer
07/18/08, 00:39

The Red Rangers
07/17/08, 12:45

Red Racer wins because he makes awesome hydraulic sounds.

I was also hoping all their various 'zords would come out and form one giant aborted-fetus-with-too-many-limbs monstrosity.
"BLOODY MARY" - Moon County
07/14/08, 14:30

He didn't wipe.
Oobleck on a metal sheet on top of a subwoofer
07/12/08, 02:41

I like the way my mind interprets it as "writhing bodies" for some reason.

Now, we just need to pour a bunch of this crap all over the Statue of Liberty, and we're set.

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