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iPad vs. Kindle: Battle for the Most Dangerous Electronic Device in the World
Transvestite Musical Scene - The Wayward Cloud (2005)
Sixteen Tons (Live)
Sex Musical Scene - The Wayward Cloud (2005)
Star Trek Rhapsody
Tom Cruise Dances to Flo Rida's 'Low' in Tropic Thunder
YouthBytes: Blood Thirsty
Olympia, Part II: Festival of Beauty - Leni Riefenstahl (1938)
Hšnde Hoch, Meine Kleine (Hands Up, My Baby)Not Rated
Kroshka Moya (My Baby)
Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun)
Artemisbell Dances to Was Not Was - Walk the Dinosaur
YouthBytes: The Serpent Cannot Strike a Man who has Faith in God
Olympia, Part I: Festival of the People - Leni Riefenstahl (1938)
Artemisbell Dances to The Clash - Rock the Casbah
YouthBytes: The Arsenal of Christ and Spiritual Firepower
YouthBytes: Clowns, Las Vegas, Sin, and Christianity
Artemisbell Dances to Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing
Original Tetris Commercial
Les Yeux Noirs (Dark Eyes)
Baby Flushed Down Toilet, Survives (Haiti)
YouthBytes: The Nature of Sin
Walk the DinosaurNot Rated
Everybody Walk the Dinosaur
Korobeiniki ('Tetris Theme')
Navy Crewman Sucked into A-6 Intruder Jet Engine, Survives
Mob Ties, Shears, and Brutally Beats Accused 'Witch' in Bihar, India - TV News Report
YouthBytes: How Sin Grows
Interview with Lucky Diamond Rich, the 'Most Tattooed Person in the World'
The AWOL Tank Scene - Buffalo Soldiers (2001)
Dom Joly's Complainers - Rip Off London
Life is Life (Uncut, Better Quality)
Drifting Away (The 'Spy' Theme from Trigger Happy TV)
Gay Boyfriend - The HazzardsNot Rated
Rachid Taha - Rock el Casbah
Frank Booth and Suave Ben - Blue Velvet (David Lynch, 1986)
Ayn Rand's Message for the GOP Candidates
The Worst Witch - Complete Movie (HBO Halloween Special, 1986)
Laibach - Tanz mit Laibach
Vlad Ţepeş (Dracula) Documentary - Part 3 of 3Not Rated
M.C. (Stephen) Hawking - What We Need More of is Science
Vlad Ţepeş (Dracula) Documentary - Part 2 of 3
Dental Torture Scene, Dr. Szell Drills for Facts - Marathon Man (1976)
Vlad Ţepeş (Dracula) Documentary - Part 1 of 3
The Chapel of Bone (Documentary): A Macabre Walk in the Sedlec Ossuary at KutnŠ Hora, Czech Republic
Scenes from the Sedlec Ossuary at KutnŠ Hora, the Bone Chapel of 40,000 Corpses.
Daddy, Would You Like Some Sausage? - Freddy Got Fingered (Tom Green)
Skydiver Michael Holmes Plummets 12,000 Feet, Survives
X-Ray Cat - Freddy Got Fingered (Tom Green)
Battle of New Orleans - Johnny Horton (1959)
Ballad of the Green Berets - SSgt. Barry Sadler
Isch Liebe Disch - Max Raabe (Tic Tac Toe cover)Not Rated
Sex Bomb - Max Raabe (Tom Jones cover)
Kein Schwein Ruft Mich An - Max Raabe (Live, 2006)Not Rated
Schiess den Ball ins Tor - Max RaabeNot Rated
Around the World - Max Raabe (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)
Upside Down - Max Raabe (Diana Ross cover)Not Rated
Blue - Max Raabe (Eifel 65 cover)
Lucky - Max Raabe (Britney Spears cover)Not Rated
Tainted Love - Max Raabe (Gloria Jones cover)
Uptown Girl - Max Raabe (Billy Joel cover)Not Rated
Super Trouper - Max Raabe (ABBA cover)Not Rated
We Will Rock You - Max Raabe (Queen cover)
Oops I Did It Again - Max Raabe (Britney Spears cover)Not Rated
Let's Talk About Sex - Max Raabe (Salt 'N' Pepa cover)
'Custer's Revenge' (Atari): 8-Bit Sex and Violence
Artist Creates, Displays Gingerbread Nazis
Still Photographs of Chernobyl's Deformed
Inside the Chernobyl Reactor, or: Opening the Sarcophagus
Chernobyl and Pripyat, ghost cities in Ukraine, filmed 2007
Adolf Hitler (Really) Tells a Joke

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