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Rainn Wilson as Jean-Luc Picard
09/15/10, 08:22

I don't think Rainn Wilson actually watched Star Trek.

Besides, Kirk was the ultimate captain and everybody knows that.
Ablisa's X-Factor Audition.
09/07/10, 13:43

Yea but. No but. Yea but.

At the end of the day, yeah.
When you're hear, yeah.
And they're like 'boo', yeah.
Who are you, may I ask, yeah?

Fink = Think.
Poltergeists attack bar and lounge!
09/07/10, 12:54

It's not a song. It's John Cage.
The Tyra Banks Show - Married Virgins
09/07/10, 04:29

But conservatives taught me marriage was a sacred and holy institution!
Ron Jeremy vs. Conservative Douche
09/07/10, 04:27

I thought these conservatives were for smaller government. Also, why do they hate America?
Richard Dawkins on morality
09/05/10, 00:44


I thought about taking my 'idiot' comment back, but when you said your reply the thought disappeared.

Without people like Dawkins, Biology will be spearheaded by people outside of the US (and possibly outside of the West). Without Dawkins championing reason over religion, religion would have a much stronger hold in society. You cannot have more biologists (which is what the world needs) if you have more creationists.
Richard Dawkins on morality
09/04/10, 20:21

Mancakes, you are an idiot.

There are better biologists than Dawkins, yes. But, Dawkins is fighting for the better biologists by giving the average person a better understanding of biology. I don't see you in the trenches being openly atheistic and going after irrational thinking.

The only biologists who would hate this sort of thing are the ones who probably also vote against their self interest or something.
Pretty girls make faces
09/03/10, 21:55

Am I a pretty girl, mama?
09/03/10, 07:36

First I thought it was a guy. Then I saw no crotchmount and booberage.

Second, I thought she was a burn victim.

I'm not sure I'm all that satisfied of the reality of what I just saw.
Kodak 1922 Kodachrome Film Test
09/01/10, 21:29

The women in this film were probably around 18-22 years old - so they were all born around 1900 or the turn of the century.

If they were alive today, they'd be about 110 to 114 years old. In other words, they're all dead and they probably died in the 1950s or 1960s.

The youngest girl looks as if she is about 8 - so she would have been born in 1916, and would be 94 if she were alive today.
08/31/10, 19:41

The top portion had a lot of mass. It would not have started disintegrating until it ran into the other part of the building.

What you fail to realize is that no matter if it disintegrates or stays together it's going to add a lot of force to the bottom part of the building because it will accelerate for several floors before it runs into a substantial amount of mass.

The energy is there.

Also, the fires could have survived the fall and they could have been ignited once everything collapsed. You had electrical faults, gas lines, etc. that could have started combustion and a lot of fuel and material that was combustible like papers, furniture, etc.
Ricky Gervais on atheism
08/31/10, 14:52

I wish I could give a million stars for his honesty.
Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally - Interviews With Participants
08/31/10, 14:51

Cena, you mean how you said Obama was the one who canceled the Apollo and Energia programs?

Or do you actually have legitimate reasons and not something you just made up and didn't bother to google?
08/31/10, 14:34


No. It didn't. The steel was never turned into a fine powder. The buildings were not a solid lump of concrete. There was a lot of space in the buildings due to the way it was constructed. There was never molten steel. The fires that were in the rubble that burned for weeks were due to combustible material that was still combustible so it combusted. The steel that was in the building got very hot and weakened considerably due to the heat. Steel does that when it's hot.

The buildings weight plenty enough to create enough kinetic energy to pancake the rest of the buildings and to collapse the entire structure.

The thing is the energy output from the falling buildings did not exceed the gravitational energy contained in the towers. You think they did because you add things that didn't happen - like it 'exploding' or steel being turned into 'a fine dust'.

There was no explosion after the planes hit the buildings. The weight of the top section above the impact could eventually no longer be supported by the structure around the impact.

Are you also going to say they 'feel neatly into their own footprint' like another truther I know? The strange thing with him is that in spite of me showing him an areal photograph of the destruction to show that the buildings' debris fell in a pretty wide area, he still sticks to this claim today.

I don't think the problem is the explanation, dancing. The problem is that you want to believe - evidence be damned.
Holocaust survivor gets verbally beaten at mosque protest
08/30/10, 11:57

I'm not as impressed with Cena anymore. This is the same guy who blamed Obama for the canceling of the Apollo program not one week ago and for the canceling of a soviet rocket in the late 1980s.

He's just not trying anymore.
'Stripper Pole'
08/29/10, 23:40

She's not exactly a lightweight girl.
'Stripper Pole'
08/29/10, 22:20

I think it's a question of weight ratios.
Wendy's Chili song
08/28/10, 10:35

Sarcasm update with baleen.
Asteroid discovery 1980-2010
08/28/10, 10:31

Saturn V ended in 1973. Nobody canceled it. It simply ran out of funding. Nixon was president at the time.

Energia was a Soviet program. It was discontinued around 1990 during the fall of the Soviet Union.

Cena, you are either seriously trolling or just don't want to do any research on anything. I hope it's the former and not the latter.
Wendy's Chili song
08/27/10, 19:50

They're better than they were. They're actually not bad and pretty much the only thing I can stand at Wendy's. They used to have these deli type sandwiches too but they didn't last long because WHO ORDERS SOMETHING THAT ISNT FRIED AND FATTY AT WENDYS RIGHT?

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