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7 minutes of a terrifying baby
04/27/10, 18:28

This must be how babby is formed.
Trailer for the new Kino restoration of Metropolis (1927)
04/27/10, 08:54

I hope they never release a modern version of this film. They're just going to ruin it if they try.
The Jesus Rant
04/26/10, 16:29

Yahtzee is the only person who can persuasively pull this off in any video.
The Jesus Rant
04/26/10, 15:44

What's sad is something like this would be forwarded to me by email the second my grandparents found it. Thankfully they don't have the internet.

I also can imagine that this guy thought he had an ace in the hole with his monologue - yet is so full of faith and religion that he cannot see the glaring holes in his argument.

Saving Private Ryan - Credits
04/25/10, 12:40

I totally wasn't expecting that.
Japanese Word of the Day: Kawaii
04/24/10, 03:44

Gentlemen, this is why duct tape was invented.
William Gheen Speaks at Tea Party Event
04/23/10, 23:11

"Secure our borders!"

How much money does that cost? Isn't an overly secured border and English only country more big government and more money to spend that we don't have?

Isn't the Arizona law that was recently passed was bigger and more intrusive government?

Somehow I don't think this guy has thought his cunning plan all the way through - but then again if he did he wouldn't be a Tea party supporter.

An extra star for his articulation of "Napolitano" as if no American would ever be named that.

Another star for the guy screaming "Gimme my gun" between his binges of bacon and fried chicken.

A million stars of evil for claiming one shouldn't demonize people for their political views while demonizing people for their political views.

Three hundred trillion stars for the evil of claiming you're tolerant and then saying being gay is selling out your country in the same sentence.

You know I'm glad this Tea party crap is out in the open so people can see it for what it really is. I just wish that there'd be more scrutiny of it in the major news networks.
Prayer Day Debate Continues (4.16.10)
04/23/10, 16:32

It's sad when an actual Reverend has to school a talking head on religion and not the other way around.
This is Alabama. We speak English.
04/23/10, 16:17

I'm Tim James. I don't like brown people.
One of Chris-chan's most disturbing videos: thoughts 'on how [he] can pleasure' women
04/22/10, 06:41

Christ. Where the hell do you even begin with this.
Giant Walking Stick Insect
04/21/10, 17:53

I found a few of these things in the woods growing up. They're harmless.
Daily Show – Bernie Goldberg Fires Back
04/21/10, 17:51

I love how conservatives think:

People are too sensitive, yet are the first ones to complain.
That it's okay for a 'fair and balanced' network to be biased, but not okay for a comedy show to be biased.

I could go on but why bother.

I also think it's quaint that they think they know what humor is - but are about as bland as a Norwegian breakfast.

The End of Religious Freedom in America
04/21/10, 06:28

No specifics - just a lot of fear mongering to people who won't even bother to do their own research.

Although I do wish something could have been done about the Mormon management at my last job. But now I make more than they do anyway.
Tax Day Tea Party 2010.
04/20/10, 20:07

This will be interesting. For the first time in I don't know how long, we have an entire political movement based out of fear and voting against your own self interests. It's the most self-destructive movement I've ever seen. Not only that, but you have the vultures like Romney and Palin and Brown leeching them dry for every vote they can muster out of them.

Only the Republican party could take the worst part of white people and make it work for them.
Nike Air 2015 Kicks
04/19/10, 17:35

I think in the director's commentary on the DVD, they mentioned that whenever a movie tries to predict the future it's always wrong. So to try to prevent people from expecting power laces and dust repellant paper in 2015 they decided to make the future as ridiculous and kitchy as possible and to just have fun with it. They didn't care about potential inaccuracies.

Still, it's hard for me to accept that 2015 is just 5 years away and that we still don't have flying cars.
The Tea Party network
04/19/10, 17:30

When shopping for a mortgage for my house, I ran into a Tea Partier who owned a mortgage company who wanted my business. Instead of talking to me about types of mortgages, what rates I could get, and the fees involved, he decided to go into a random tangent about some march on Washington he was involved in.

To test him, I mentioned that one of the biggest problems as I saw it was the lobbying in washington and how those with a lot of money could buy the votes they needed to pass whatever they wanted. I also posited the thought of congresspeople being punished if they accepted lobbying money and if they did it'd have to go back into the treasury.

He didn't see lobbying as being a problem.

Needless to say, I went with another mortgage company.
Protests in Kyrgyzstan
04/19/10, 17:27

Protesters overthrew the government. It seems 41 people died during this riot. I'm not sure what the further details were though other than the president that was put into power promised things he couldn't deliver on and so they want him out.
Tea Party Poker
04/19/10, 14:45

What's scary is that the right/tea partiers have an entire 'news' network devoted to them yet that's just not conservative enough.
Tea Party Standup
04/19/10, 02:34

I could have a go at this:

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in front of Obama? Teleprompter!

I met a guy who said he hadn't had a thing to say in weeks. So I gave him a teleprompter!

Why did Obama cross the road? To get back to Kenya!

How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Barack Hussein Obama!
A very unlucky individual...
04/19/10, 02:29

Miracles are a bitch.

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