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Obama Looking To Kick Ass
06/09/10, 12:45

I'm still waiting on now Bush would have fixed it, Cena.

Or do you have any more room for any more words that are coming out of your ass?
Sword Training
06/08/10, 23:11

Because penis weights are the same thing as an entire Dong Dojo with specialized equipment including a carved bench tailored to your John Thomasdesu solely dedicated so that middle aged men can more effectively rape women - as if it is some art form passed down through the generations akin to how the Samurai sword was made?

Maybe you think wrestling is real, too?
Someone's Anime Room
06/08/10, 22:20

Sword Training
06/08/10, 22:19

Cena, the word gullible isn't in the dictionary. Try it and see!
Sword Training
06/08/10, 22:18

I guess simply growing a tentacle was out of the question.
Science is Awesome! - A Thunderf00t tribute
06/08/10, 16:26

Well science made people live longer so they could WITNESS THE RAPTURE.

You sank my battleship!
Someone's Anime Room
06/08/10, 16:24

What a waste of money.
Do you know anything about hackers?
06/08/10, 12:01

I bet you've never tibbered with the tesseracts in the tabulets, either, or bibbled in the babbles with the bobbles, or produced the four keys from the watery locket in the mouseroom, or even haggled with the heroine with Tuesday's leftovers.

When you have gemgaggled with the goozies in the northgazer, or freinded the freemackle without the foogiewhatzits, then we can talk.

Until then, I've got to go and liversmack the lunghelmets to Lexington.
Science is Awesome! - A Thunderf00t tribute
06/08/10, 08:43

More like a Bastardization of Bach.
Chris-chan hits local business owner with car, attempts to justify himself
06/07/10, 13:34

So in other words 'at top speed' is more than likely 35mph.
pruane gets punched in the head
06/07/10, 13:28

This needs the white people tag.
Drill Baby Drill
06/07/10, 12:48

Camonk, I realize your desire to turn off your 'thinkin' brain' and just laugh at fart jokes, but Poe has always been a site where there are jokes AND there is serious discussion. I'm sorry that you don't like it, but there are sites like 4chan which might be able to accommodate you.

I do see how solar panels could operate hybrids, but battery technology isn't to the level where electronic cars will have a large enough range to be used for any real distance driving. Hybrids will still need gasoline and oil.

As for Nevada, there are parts of the state that don't get that hot due to the elevation and could still be used. While southern parts of NV are getting around 110F today, northern parts are only getting into the low 70s for highs. Plus, there's a lot of open land out there and we might as well use it for something.
Drill Baby Drill
06/07/10, 10:50

I'd hate to be the only logical person in this train wreck of a discussion, but I for one want to see the human race survive and I want to see it improve and last a long time. No one is going to save us from ourselves, so why don't we save us from ourselves?

As for wind, wind isn't the best alternative, but solar is. They are working on nanotechnology as we speak to improve efficiency of solar panels by 500% within the next 10 years, and the Sun is the largest source of energy we have. We'd be foolish not to put up a very large solar farm in Nevada or somewhere out West where there is little environmental risk.

Nuclear is a good option for now - but we can't drive our cars on nuclear energy. We'll still have to use oil - and the best way to make sure we have plenty of oil for the next few generations is to CONSERVE it.

We frankly don't have the reserves on our own soil to produce the oil we need, and drilling more just puts it out on the open market. We can't drill here and say that the oil we drill is only going to be used for US consumption. It's a fungible good. Even if we do increase offshore drilling, it would only give us about 2 - 3% more oil.

The way to make oil last is to not use so much of it. How? Because 71% of our oil consumption is through transportation. Only a small fraction of it is used for energy and even a smaller fraction than that is used for manufacturing. If we shifted most of our freight to rail and used trucks for local shipments only - we would reduce our consumption through transportation enormously. If we improved passenger rail such that high speed rail was throughout the entire US and through all major populated corridors, it would reduce the need for any domenstic air travel and long distance driving - which reduces consumption further. Add in metro transit and your reduce the need for commuting every day to work in major cities.

By those changes above, you could knock down 2/3 of the consumption that we use for transportation and we wouldn't have to worry about drilling more.

We can't get away from the manufacture of goods that require petroleum - but with recycling and conservation we will be alright.

Once you move most of transportation and energy production off of oil, you will have solved the oil problem for the US.
Inchworm commercial
06/06/10, 17:07

Strange how commercials in the 70s (and even the early 80s) used music that was made with acoustic instruments most of the time. Now, kids today can't even tell the difference between a synth and a real instrument.
There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow!
06/05/10, 09:12

Walt loved progress? He was a NAZI!
Canadian junior high school principal takes out the trash!!!
06/04/10, 14:24

Can Big Girls Fly?
06/04/10, 07:17

Why the flat-earth theory wasn't dumb.
06/04/10, 07:16

So by his logic denying the moon landing is okay because they are 'on the right track' and will eventually figure it out?
Matt Simmons: 'Theres another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away'
06/03/10, 06:30

I'm skeptical of this claim. If there was even a modicum of evidence for it, it would be all over the news but I haven't heard of it. It could be possible but until I see some actual support besides testimony I won't buy it.

The only way another leak 6 miles away could have happened would be if the blowout preventer failure caused enough back pressure to rupture another leak somewhere - and I don't think that's possible.

Their conclusion is that it has to look like another leak is going on - but have nothing to really support it.

I do, however, think that the original leak is enough to cause the oil spill and the underwater plumes.
The best motorcycle trick
06/02/10, 10:28

He was probably the guy on the bike.

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