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The Tea Party network
04/19/10, 17:30

When shopping for a mortgage for my house, I ran into a Tea Partier who owned a mortgage company who wanted my business. Instead of talking to me about types of mortgages, what rates I could get, and the fees involved, he decided to go into a random tangent about some march on Washington he was involved in.

To test him, I mentioned that one of the biggest problems as I saw it was the lobbying in washington and how those with a lot of money could buy the votes they needed to pass whatever they wanted. I also posited the thought of congresspeople being punished if they accepted lobbying money and if they did it'd have to go back into the treasury.

He didn't see lobbying as being a problem.

Needless to say, I went with another mortgage company.
Protests in Kyrgyzstan
04/19/10, 17:27

Protesters overthrew the government. It seems 41 people died during this riot. I'm not sure what the further details were though other than the president that was put into power promised things he couldn't deliver on and so they want him out.
Tea Party Poker
04/19/10, 14:45

What's scary is that the right/tea partiers have an entire 'news' network devoted to them yet that's just not conservative enough.
Tea Party Standup
04/19/10, 02:34

I could have a go at this:

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in front of Obama? Teleprompter!

I met a guy who said he hadn't had a thing to say in weeks. So I gave him a teleprompter!

Why did Obama cross the road? To get back to Kenya!

How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Barack Hussein Obama!
A very unlucky individual...
04/19/10, 02:29

Miracles are a bitch.
Little Caesars puppet commercial
04/18/10, 22:28

I remember when Little Ceasers opened up in my area. It became really trendy really fast and then I tried it out one day.

It was the worst I've ever had. And considering we had Dominos, Pizza Hut, and a few other knockoffs in town - this was saying a lot.

They're still around selling the $5 pizzas. Frankly that's about as much as they are worth - if even that.

Thankfully someone opened an authentic NY Style pizza place in my hometown owned by first generation Italian immigrants. Every time I make the 6 hour drive home, I have to stop there. Not only do they know how to make a pie, they know how to cook some real Italian food.

I just wish they had real NY style pizza where I live now.
Only Amiga
04/18/10, 22:23

I'd like to think this is his mating call.

Still, that's a pretty sweet desktop setup for the mid 80s.
Judge Judy - Skeevy dude sues pregnant underage girlfriend for rent
04/17/10, 21:47

This is why Abortions should be perfectly legal in all states with or without parental consent.
Apollo 13 animation showing what would have happened if they screwed their burns to return to Earth
04/16/10, 23:43

Nah. This guy not only has a job, but has probably kept it for several years.
Price is Right: Asshole Fridge
04/16/10, 23:38

Unseen, the butcher block table attacks her.
Tea Bag Tax Protest
04/16/10, 13:26

It's for in case they forget what country they are in.

Do these tea party people donate by the pound? They are awfully fat. And white.
Biker is startled to see a cop.
04/16/10, 12:20

Looks like a guy was filming Mulholland Drive, found a cop sitting there, and thought this would be fun since it's a known bikerdouchebag spot.

Another famous bikerdouchebag spot is US 129 in East TN. People crash there. Often. And it's usually under 25 year olds on crotch rockets. The old timers on Harleys usually never end up in the obituary - at least not from that road.
Aerial footage of the Texas Stadium Implosion
04/13/10, 15:30

What's sad is that two truthers I know used this as evidence that there had to be a controlled demolition in all of the WTC during 9/11.
Debussy, First Arabesque, Piano Solo (animation ver. 2)
04/13/10, 01:19

I can't agree with the association of music to moods/visuals all the time. While some music was composed programatically or with a particular mood in mind (Schumann's Carnival is a shining example), many pieces outside of the Romantic period were not written for a particular mood or scenery. I think we do a disservice by trying to make the mood and music inseparable when clearly they are often independent of each other.
Debussy, First Arabesque, Piano Solo (animation ver. 2)
04/13/10, 01:12

Five for Debussy.

I never thought these 'art' things were particularly useful. The actual notation shows you these sorts of things in a diatonic sense anyway and when you learn to read music well enough you already do these sorts of visualizations in your head.

I think what would be more useful is some sort of visualization along the actual analysis of the piece in terms of overall form, modulation, chord changes, cadences, transitions, etc. Those are the things that music students have trouble hearing because they haven't trained themselves to hear it.
Dad Wants Textbook Banned For Dismissing Creationism As 'Biblical Myth'
04/09/10, 10:42

Fucking hell.

It's Knox County, not Knox City. The city that this is taking place in is called Knoxville. It's been around since 1791, had the World's Fair in 1982 with the Sunsphere and everything. And no, there aren't wigs in there. It's not exactly a small town either as there are 700,000+ people in the surrounding area.

I live in Knoxville and frankly the Knox County School Board is tired of dealing with this guy. They probably aren't even going to do anything about it and have tabled the thing because they have more pressing things to deal with (and I agree with them).

With budget concerns, school closings, etc., the last thing the school board this year or this month wants to deal with is a holier-than-thou 'sundee schewl' teacher who doesn't know anything.
Trumpet Troll
04/08/10, 01:48

Nope. It's just a standard Norwegian parade.

Typically they start in the morning with the fjordwatch, then they climb the rockside to get to the main street through the town. They paint faces red and wave great flags of Norway while they pass around legends of Trolls and Frost Giants across the hillside. Once the last legend is told, they grab the largest Herring, and whilst it is cooking, parade the local brass band through the town followed by their closest lookalikes to Ozzy Osbourne - the Norwegians are crazy about Ozzy.

After the parade they enjoy the herring in great Smorbrods and then partake of more stories about the hillside and the Frost Giants. Once they are full and nourished, they congregate in the evening at the Lutheran church where they then pass stories of Lutefisk's long ago.

This usually happens every Tuesday - except in the Winter, when they save their Norwegian bodies for the weekends where they all go to Holmenkoeller to jump off of things.
Rapping Baby J
04/07/10, 22:08

White Jesus.
Fat Chinese Boy Sings Whitney Houston
04/07/10, 15:09

She wrote the song and was the first person to make it a hit.
Bartender gots SKILLZ
04/06/10, 00:07

There's a video of her on poe somewhere showing how she uses a shaker. She gives a nice concise lecture on how to properly use one, why they are built to ballistic standards, and about the misuse of one.

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