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Fox News: cutting minimum wage better for workers
12/15/09, 16:34

I guess they think that job creation is okay if you can pay them 10 cents an hour.
Alan Grayson Has A Message For Dick Cheney
12/15/09, 16:30

Grayson 2016.
Morning workout
12/14/09, 17:32

I'm off to the gym.
Craigs Faygo Shower
12/14/09, 06:35

Here we witness a pack of feral humans which refer to themselves as 'Juggalos'. This is a special occasion for them, as one of their bretheren has fallen and they wish to celebrate his honor by dousing themselves with carbonated beverage.

One interesting thing to note is that this particular feral tribe has little in the way of assets and is unable to celebrate anywhere but outside (as they are not aware of the concept of money or property ownership).

This is a stark contrast to tribes in other parts of the world such as Papua New Guinea or West Africa where the tribe is self-reliant, teaches its young how to build shelter and houses, and where feats of strength or and the honor of elders are widely prevalent.

The reason for this, anthropologists suppose, is that the Juggalo's are not capable of producing healthy offspring which can survive past infancy, and that they are typically what is left behind through the crack in lower to middle class suburbia.

While those in truly destitute urban areas have reasons to rebel (due to crime, a lack of a stable family, drugs), these feral humans do not, and so to feel unique they invent their own alternate reality where they can unite under one banner and invent strange tribal paint and unorthodox rituals and rites of passage so that they can feel misunderstood - when the reality is that most people understand them all too well.

Are they on the endangered species list you ask? Strangely enough, this is the one species that is not considered remotely important enough by any biologist or anthropologist to put on the list. As a consequence, they are simply expected to die off within 30 years.
Identity, Ritual, and Task: Examining Louisiana Through NFL Fandom
12/13/09, 14:30

To be fair, that's a shitty TV.
Emma Peel 'Queen of the Hellfire Club'
12/13/09, 13:36

I love the carriage scene - the backdrop shows them almost breaking Mach 1.
Andy Kaufman in Memphis News Report
12/08/09, 12:53

I'm interested in the Troublesome Chips.
Climate Science Debate on BBC
12/08/09, 00:18

What's striking to me is how conservatives and the far right kept saying there was no consensus in climate science on AGW.

And now they've almost immediately switched to admitting there is a consensus, but now the consensus has to be wrong.

I really wonder who's pulling the levers and blowing the smoke behind the curtains on this one.
Loathesome douchebag responds to Potholer54 on the email 'scandal'
12/06/09, 03:08

You know, this 'climategate' is really bringing the McExperts out of the woodwork. The good side of this is that the deniers are now even more obliviously using the same arguments over and over again - so it makes them look pretty silly.

This yet another McExpert who has no idea what he's talking about.

This video almost needs a Jump to Conclusions mat.
Happy in Paraguay
12/05/09, 01:03

Those people are just like Graham Chapman's Colonel in Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Five stars.
Rachel Maddow: U.S. Ties to Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill
12/03/09, 00:36

So you wish to send her where she will be killed because she's gay. It sounds like you have a problem with gays to me.

I watch her regularly and I also listen to conservative talk radio when I need to be aware that my BS meter still works.

She doesn't lie about the republican party - she merely shows them for being what they are.

She also doesn't support all of Obama's policies either.

By the way, public roads and medicare and social security are socialism - so I guess you may want to avoid them if you can.
Rachel Maddow: U.S. Ties to Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill
12/02/09, 22:42

* You wish to send Rachel Maddow to Uganda
* Rachel Maddow is gay
* If you want policies to be used, then you support them

That is a clear support of the policies in Uganda as well as a clear case of bigotry towards gays.
Ella Ellastika Swallows the moon!
12/02/09, 22:38

Dana Perino: We did not have a terrorist attack during Bush's presidency.
12/02/09, 22:19

Why would they? Once you say anything against Obama you get a 'get out of jail free' card for anything you say after that.

I wonder how far someone could push this. I do know on shows like Limbaugh and Boortz it takes some serious crackpottery to get them to correct a caller after they know the caller is conservative.

It's the rule of the far right. Question that democrats even breathe air and live on the same planet - but conservatives are a-okay even if they seem to actually be from another planet that is completely out of the scope of reality.
Rachel Maddow: U.S. Ties to Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill
12/02/09, 22:09

Yeah, I mean she doesn't paint her face black or hate gays or anything normal people are supposed to do.

I would add more, but your comment pretty much sums up who you are without me having to add much else.
Patrick Stewart on violence against women
11/30/09, 19:23

Hot Voodoo
11/30/09, 18:20

There's also a reference to this in The Dreamers - which is a good rent if you want to see every square inch of Eva Green.
Romy Schneider in test footatge for unmade film 'Inferno'
11/30/09, 15:35

What rolls down pairs, all over her hairs,
and makes a slinkity sound?
Sex Madness
11/30/09, 15:31

Imagine the musicians who sat down to a recording session and found at the top of their scores "SEX MADNESS". I wonder what thoughts went through their heads.
How to Write a Fugue
11/28/09, 20:32

I had found this months ago but forgot to submit it to the hopper. Thanks!

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