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You suck.
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Obama Roasts McCain
10/17/08, 03:55

It's a pretty sweet deal- my favored presidential nominee doesn't have great skill at humor, one of the least needed things for the job, but he has the judgment to pick a great comedian to write for him.
Train station hires monkey bouncer
10/14/08, 18:20

Although highly entertaining, it looks to be completely ineffective.
Heart Attack Grill on Dateline
10/14/08, 17:29

Wouldn't it just solve everyone's problem if we just made a new word?

The old, bitter, hideous people who insert catheters can be "nurses", and those pretty young ladies who bring you your burger are "sexnurses".
T is for Terrible
10/14/08, 16:17

The bargain bin.
Say Hebbo!
10/13/08, 04:26

You know, that doesn't sound so bad. By being vague about the whole "Be nice to people" part, that means that you should always be better than the societal norm, meaning that there's no justification to be mean to someone because people were mean to them in the past.

And on top of that, I wasn't mean to octopi in the first place.
more of Obama monkey doll guy
10/13/08, 04:14

Cena, I think you're avoiding the elephant in the room. If there's so many clear, logical things to speak out against Obama and warn the nation with, why are you defending a guy who is going around with a symbol that is very easily seen as racist? Even racism aside, what sort of statement is that supposed to make? This candidate looks like a fictional character that wasn't very smart, likely due to his not being human? McCain sort of looks like Charlie brown, and he was a fuckup.

I think my main point here is that this man is clearly not the sort of McCain supporter you should be proud of. You can be glad his still voting for your candidate, but it's the equivalent of us having supporters that just like Barack because he's black, or good looking, or democrat, as aside from voting for him based on his politics.

This guy wasn't making some sort of intelligent political statement, he was jumping on a bandwagon that's racist just for the fact that they should have known better.
Man with Obama sticker on monkey doll notices he's on camera.
10/12/08, 03:15

To me, this is a beautiful thing. I don't really think ill of the man, but rather I like to think that he was caught up in the support of his candidate, and had been reading all of those funny anti-Obama emails he'd been getting, and thought that it would be a funny thing to bring a curious George doll, and stick the bumper sticker on it, thus getting a laugh out of his friends, family, and fellow supporters.

It was when he noticed the camera was on him, he realized that this could look bad- really bad. It's the turning point from a slightly racist joke between your friends and the bar, and saying something like that on camera.

Really, I wouldn't peg this guy as a KKK member, but rather I would think that this guy is the slightly racist family member that we all have.
'Hardly Working'- Jerry Lewis trailer 1980
10/10/08, 18:47

More fun than a day off? So we're supposed to watch this movie at work?
La Pequeña Hillary Hulk
10/10/08, 18:44

Not knowing any backstory is what makes this great. I understand none of this video. Was the gimp supposed to be bill?
Face painting with Martha Stewart
10/10/08, 07:01

Nah, this is sort of the high point. Most daytime TV is insufferably boring.

Get a job, kids!
Bart The General 4
10/10/08, 06:47

It's a somethingawful thing that's been around for a few years. They fit the SA trend perfectly, as it's an imitation of something that we're used to, such as the poorly animated fan cartoon. Still, the original "Bart the General"s were better.
Japanese animation of the Hiroshima A-bomb
10/10/08, 05:48

The firebombing of Tokyo killed more than Hiroshima, and the idea was that with the option between house-to-house combat with civilians and showing off our new superweapon in order to end the war, the expected loss of life was less between Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together. If anything it's probably best that we saw the true horrors of nuclear warfare on two cities, rather than first see it in mass warfare.

It's not that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were truly justified, or right, but rather that we have learned from what happened, and no nuke has been used in war since.

Obviously, one could bring up the rape on nanking, but then we're just arguing an eye for an eye.
Zero Punctuation - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
10/08/08, 20:34

George Lucas has a daughter that nobody's ever heard of, because he raped her to death as soon as she was born.
Smoke on the Water, Japanese version
10/08/08, 20:23

Fair point. I didn't think that this was the sort of band to go on tour, but you might be right.
Smoke on the Water, Japanese version
10/08/08, 09:04

Four stars simply for the fact that a japanese audience can identify "Smoke on the water" in seven notes. The missing star is because the rendition itself is just okay. But hell, I'm a sucker for covers in conflicting formats.
Monkey waiters in Japanese restaurant
10/08/08, 08:26

I'm with Camonk. I don't care if there is hair in my food, I don't care if the drinks are overpriced and they only serve rotgut liquor. The fact that they have monkey waiters trumps whatever problems they might have, even if those problems are monkey-related.

Normal waiters have an almost zero chance of biting me, but they're also boring.
Fundamentalism Power!
10/07/08, 17:50

Wow, she used the power of the koran to shoot a laser into that girl's ass! I'm learning so much about religion.
Rally Car Rallies into River
10/02/08, 04:37

This is just one of thousands of reasons why WRC is superior to NASCAR. Sure, NASCAR can be potentially lethal, but nobody drowns, or tumbles several hundred feet off a cliff. That's right- NASCAR is for wusses.
Drunk history, volume 4.
10/01/08, 12:38

Happy mother's day!
More from Palin and Couric
10/01/08, 10:47

Thank you for a fantastic mental image. Now I can't stop hearing "Oh, fuck!" in that accent, followed by the rapid clicking of someone running away in heels.

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