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The 21 Christian Pornstar Commandments
02/19/13, 21:24

The only race of Jesus is the human-shaped deity race.
Adobe CEO refuses to answer Australian pricing questions
02/19/13, 20:12

^^^ poeTV does not like the less than symbol!?!

... less than $1000AU *shipped* from Germany. Subwoofers and Amps are heavy. To buy the same items in Australia (including GST) would have cost over $4000AU. The Subwoofer alone was $1000AU.

Disposable income in $US
US - $42,050,
AUS - $34,952,
Germany - $24,174

At least in Australia we can now often bypass the local distributors by planning ahead and ordering overseas, but unfortunately Adobe et al. still get the money and it is the local businesses that suffer.
Adobe CEO refuses to answer Australian pricing questions
02/19/13, 20:09

The real answer to the question is "Because everyone does it!". The "Australia Tax" (Australian distributors jacking up prices for identical products) is pretty ubiquitous over here. The internet is helping level the playing field and eating into domestic retail, but it is the distributors that create this mess in the first place.

My personal best example is a Denon amp, and 5.1 JBL surround sound speakers (Not HTiaB) purchased for
KELLY from boyfriendwithsmallpenis.com
02/18/13, 19:25

How To Be a Hipster
02/17/13, 20:07

I like Clubroot.
Who is Ashtar Command?
02/17/13, 19:46

These things are not unrelated. :P


I'm glad these guys managed to not commit mass suicide.
Is gang stalking related to internet porography?
02/15/13, 23:33

Augustine doesn.t deliver the goods for me either. But I do get Australian racism.

Dining With the Devil
02/12/13, 20:14

Pale moonlight.
Colorado City and the Underground Railroad
02/12/13, 19:07

This documentary is focused less on personal testimony and more on the police and town politics, and so compliments "Banking on Heaven".

It illustrates the problem of living in a town where young boys are made destitute and homeless, and young girls are forced into polygamist marriages at 16 (The age of consent in Arizona is 18) and impregnated as soon as possible to minimize the risk of them leaving and jeopardizing the husbands ascent into the highest tier of heaven. Since all the cops are polygamists, reporting statuary rape achieves nothing, especially when the rapist is a cop.

Why the Arizona state courts are so slow to respond (if at all) is perhaps something that someone here might be able to elaborate on.
Is Futurama the Best Argument for Transhumanism?
02/10/13, 03:25

The video "Frank Tipler - The Ultimate Future - TEDx Brussels 2010" in the hopper at the moment combines TED, christianity, AND transhumanism. :P
Casey Anthony
02/09/13, 20:31


"Indeed, Anthony's story has struck a chord inside hip-hop culture. Lady, a 22-year-old rapper from Georgia, spoke with The Huffington Post about her personal stake in the case and her track, "Casey Anthony."

"I'm a woman, and [Caylee] was an innocent child," Lady said. "It hit me hard. I don't think justice was served."

"Casey Anthony is a party animal," she said. "Her story is all over the Internet, Facebook, Twitter ... It makes you want to be vocal about it.

"Personally, I think she did it," Lady claimed.

Lady's lyrics touch on the Anthony case, but they also cover a broader discussion about the justice system:

"You bring a bitch with life so they take it to trial/ Then feed the jury all kind of lies 'bout they lifestyle," she rapped in "Casey Anthony."

"Say we the home of the free, but why so many niggas locked up?/ You guilty till you proved different and that's fucked up."

Early on in her murder trial, Anthony was scrutinized by the media for her hard partying. (See photos below) Prosecutors accused her of murdering her daughter so she could continue living a booze-fueled, clubbing lifestyle."
The Moon is Not Real: David Icke
02/09/13, 01:42

Given his understanding to the natural world, I'm beginning to to find his "I'm Jesus" claim more credible.
'Are dinosaurs real?'
02/09/13, 01:38

So not only am I wrong about dinosaurs, but I have also reached incorrect conclusions about the existence of dragons and the loch ness monster. Boy do I feel stupid.
The Brutal Spanking
02/08/13, 22:49

The dad is obviously an android schoolteacher from the year 1999.
Bill Close Hostage Crisis
02/08/13, 01:47

After listening to his possible escape plan and matching that with his physical limitations described in the People Magazine article, I really wish this poeTV entry had an eponymous tag we could link to...

Bill Close Hostage Crisis
02/08/13, 01:29

Wow! RIP Bill.

There is a writeup of the incident here...


"In the sealed studio with the gunman, the hostage and two technicians, Close quickly took charge. A 39-year broadcasting veteran who had lost both legs in a train accident when he was 12 years old, he became the middleman between police and the gunman. Talking by phone with a trained police negotiator, Close spoke cryptically, lulling Gwin into the belief that he was setting up the demanded live broadcast. "Call it stupidity or some kind of sixth sense, but I never thought I would be killed," says Close. "If anything, I thought I would get shot and it would screw up my vacation, which was due to start the next day." "
The Best Songs of 1992
02/08/13, 01:08

This video has fired up my nostalgia as well. 1992 was the year my musical tastes broadened dramatically, with really only late night TV broadcasting on the Australian ABC as a source to find this stuff, as I grew up in a small country town.

With Carter, I had never heard another act so bouncy and yet so political, delivered thick with top tier puns dripping with sarcasm. I still haven't. For those unfamiliar with Carter USM, my personal favourite lyric is from "Shoppers Paradise".


"Babies bottles full of the milk of human kindness.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls"

Running together "Kindness" and "Ladies" makes it sound a lot like "Nestlé"...

The Best Songs of 1992
02/07/13, 23:08

Me too! :P I didn't know who the person in the picture shoving a plush toy up his butt was until years later.

I wonder what percentage of people are actually *discouraged* from purchasing a CD with a warning sticker attached?
The Best Songs of 1992
02/07/13, 21:49

^^^ Referring to Sonic Youth's "Dirty" album.
The Best Songs of 1992
02/07/13, 21:48

^^^ I agree 100%.

Do you have the Bob Flanagan "behind the CD" insert? Look it up (when you are not at work) if you haven't seen it.

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