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VENUS IsNot VENUS! ItIs AMEN-NIBIRU, The Return of His Imperial Majesty! H.I.M.
Don't believe Nibiru? Just look what happening to the moons rotation!
You In Me
THE SKY IS PINK by Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team
Gasland (2010)
Illuminati Aliens. Bohemian Grove. All World Rulers are Alien Demon Puppets
Francisco Gallardo congratulates teammate José Antonio Reyes for scoring a goal
Aliens . Demons. Illuminati Reptilian Infection. North Korea to Area 51
Obama Begs Satan For Reelection
Marjoe (1972)
The Fatwa - Salman's Story (2012)
Rope (1948) - Strangulation Day!
Decomposition (navel ants)
Stalked in Walmart: What Happens When Organized Stalkers Know Where I'm Going
Shiites in London Commemorate the Day Prophet Muhammad's Wife Aisha Passed Away
The Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1895)
Gang Stalking Satanic Scum
Big fight and chase on the russian road
What is worse than getting hit by a car in Russia?
Stewart Lee: What's Wrong With Blasphemy? (2006)
California Games (c64) - Easter Egg
Stalags: Holocaust & Pornograhy in Israel (2008) - SFW ExcerptsNot Rated
Neil Armstrong's Lunar Landing Research Vehicle crash
Chambers of Shaolin (Amiga) - Test of the stick - Easter egg
What happens if you put the Apple II floppy of Karateka in upside down?
Pussy Riot: Opposition saints or spawn of Satan?
Australian bandit taunted police on facebook
Black Power Salute
efant045 has something to say to his gangstalkers
Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011)
Husband and Wife Childless Because of Demons
Comfortable Christians EASY Victims for Satan
Scientology - Narconon TR Expose
Inside a Scientology Marriage
Extreme Demonic Possession - Wise Man Daniel - NSFW
Lady Eating Sand For 15 Years FREED!
Welcome to the Bohemian Grove, Illuminati scumbag!
If Christians Shop @ stores supporting Filth, then they Support it as well
Annual Pastors conference in Beaverton, Alabama
Time Cube shines light on fake jesus
Satanist Discovers That Jesus Christ Always Renders Satan Powerless!
Sherman's March (1986) - Creeping Psychosexual Despair
Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale (2000) - NSFW
Beware when urinating
Atheist author S.E. Cupp exposes 'Unapologetic Bigotry' on CBN
Nyanko The Movie 2 (2007) - Nana is a spiking machine!
Real GNOMES / Duende / GOBLINS caught on film
List of Real Vampires, Hybrids, Reptilians: Brotherhood of the Snake
Romney Apologizes For 'Hijinks'
The Elvira Show - Unaired Pilot
Gay Marriage is Treason!
VICE Presents 003 : Kittens in Silly Outfits
Timothytrespas: building Faraday shielding against mind control signal (remote neural monitoring)
Timothytrespas: an hour of 'ice cream truck' music gets ann
Drunk in Public (2011) - Trailer
In Search Of The Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo!
Clown TV: Wish a Little Wish for Me
Q&A - Cardinal George Pell on early Jewish intellectualism
Are they changing our DNA?
A subtle Titanic metaphor
Man attacked by Moon???? Alien Abduction? Bizarre!
Cover your mouth when you yawn
Stewart Lee Live at Pestival
Justice for Sergei (2010)
Teens taught lesson about religious persecution
Just What Is It With These Ribbons Anyway?
Mameshiba - The complete collection
Three Little Kittens (bizarre 1933 Van Beuren cartoon classic)
IMMOVABLE EARTH: Geocentric Bible
Jon Ronson's Escape and Control - JON VS JON Part 2
ARe We Already Dead?
Targeted individual gangstalked by nano fibre
Jon Ronson's Escape and Control - Patrice Wilson follow-up
Creepies 2 - KingSpider vs the Mecha-Destructor (2005)
Walt Disney Television presents... Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland
spiderman piñata
Geraftaar - Our hero celebrates taking out 3 ne'er-do-wells with one kick
Geraftaar - How to save a lady from being crushed by a mining truck
Judge Judy - Christian School Kept Boy in the Closet
Young rivals menace a wild gelada monkey patriarch in Ethiopia
My Monkey Baby - intro
Woman enters courthouse with concealed weapon on her person
Japanese Zoo Captures Dangerous Rhino
How not to use the breakdown lane
What a Reptillian really looks like (Reptillian Revealed #1)
Christian Video on Pleasuring God w/Your Mouth
Rexella Van Impe explains the rapture
Serving Satan ~ ALL MILITARY & COPS work for Satan & Queen of England
Jon Ronson's Escape and Control - The Search for Omer Gershon
Victim shot in face treated as suspicious by police
Bill Gates No $ for Morgellons Research
A message to poeTV from aReaganDesignee
I Poop on Perps - Stasi Artificially Inflates Gas Prices in the U.S.

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