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Scared Stiff (1987) - A vehicular accident
Lifeline - The telephone service that helps save people
Miss Debbie - "2 Fat For Me"
Cheese Mites (1903)
The Jesus Trip - Man Alive - 1971
Are You Going to Heaven, poeTV?
Louis Farrakhan on Interracial Relationships & White Genetic Annihilation
Are Differences in IQ Demoralizing for Blacks?
Muhammad Ali - Racial Integration
Catch a SATANS BAPHOMET aní put it in your pocket
Miss Utah Gives an Insightful Answer on Gender Inequality in America
Shepherding Your Sons Sexually
Africa Investigates - The spell of the Albino (2011)
疾走の追跡(Miniature car chase)
Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her For Protesting
Radium City (1987)
Brave Turkish police provoked into dealing with experienced street thug
Go For The Glow
Kathy Bush and the Case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
Edge of Evil - The Rise of Satanism in America
Vincent Simmons offered forgiveness by Karen and Sharon Sanders
The Farm: Angola, USA (1998) - Parole Hearing of Vincent Simmons
[NSFW] Eurotika - The Diabolical Mr. Franco: The Films of Jess Franco
Topical UK football chant
KeyFax Teletext Commercial (1984)
The Most Logical RAPTURE Theory! [Power Packed Version] - UNDENIABLE Signs In The Heavens!
Russell Simmons Says Illuminati Doesn't Exist and You're a Loser If You Think They Do
Don't You Want to Save Our Planet?
'Alien Mattress' attacks Chemtrail
Future Shock (1994) - Baby I'm Gonna Rock Your World
Egyptian Cleric Rasmi 'Ajlan explains the scientific process for enhancing your child's intelligence
The 21 Christian Pornstar Commandments
Understanding the Mind of the Oppressor in Satan's System of Slavery
Egyptian Cleric Abu Islam has an opinion on Christian women who go to Tahrir Square
Home Depot, L.A. Terrorists Tactic: Deprive the TI of the Item You Want to Purchase
Colorado City and the Underground Railroad
Connecting chemtrails to transhumanism. Is this what its all about?
Casey Anthony
After the Watershed (Early Learning The Hard Way)Not Rated
That Ain't BadNot Rated
Accidently Kelly Street
Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity - Lew Keilar
Mound by Allison Schulnik
Rabbi Daniel Lapin has an opinion on retirement
Princely Toys (1976)
Banking on Heaven (2005) - Trailer
Does the Bible contain errors?
Atheist Experience - Caller verbalizes reason why the christian god allows child rape
Hi there. I am stuck in a pair of handcuffs.
A cat has been detained in jail in Brazil with contraband goods for prisoners strapped to its body.
Showgirls - The 'Digital Bra' TV Version
Lucky Mormon children get extra week of Chistmas holidays
Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (1991)
Connecticut Shooting . Illuminati ,Freemason ,Satan Ritual Killing.
Lawless America interviews Targeted Individuals - Eileen Wu
morgellons extreme surgery
Barber: Almost Half of Gay Men Were Sexually Assaulted by Pedophiles as Children
ANUNNAKI: Could they have looked like this?
Overtaking in Russia
Overcoming Aging (Levitation & Gravity)
Ariel Winter 18 = 9 Abyss | Occultscience101
And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine
Mirror Images [Lampshades Ministry] (2012) trailor
Maxell VP-100 poeTV cleaner
Horror Europa with Mark Gatiss (2012)
Rick Joyner - Satan Is Using Gays & Other Useful Idiots to Bring America Down
Hollow Earth, Sinkhole or Impact Crater Leaked Footage
VENUS IsNot VENUS! ItIs AMEN-NIBIRU, The Return of His Imperial Majesty! H.I.M.
Don't believe Nibiru? Just look what happening to the moons rotation!
You In Me
THE SKY IS PINK by Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team
Gasland (2010)
Illuminati Aliens. Bohemian Grove. All World Rulers are Alien Demon Puppets
Francisco Gallardo congratulates teammate Josť Antonio Reyes for scoring a goal
Aliens . Demons. Illuminati Reptilian Infection. North Korea to Area 51
Obama Begs Satan For Reelection
Marjoe (1972)
The Fatwa - Salman's Story (2012)
Rope (1948) - Strangulation Day!
Decomposition (navel ants)
Shiites in London Commemorate the Day Prophet Muhammad's Wife Aisha Passed Away
The Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1895)
Gang Stalking Satanic Scum
Big fight and chase on the russian road
What is worse than getting hit by a car in Russia?
Stewart Lee: What's Wrong With Blasphemy? (2006)
California Games (c64) - Easter Egg
Stalags: Holocaust & Pornograhy in Israel (2008) - SFW ExcerptsNot Rated
Neil Armstrong's Lunar Landing Research Vehicle crash
Chambers of Shaolin (Amiga) - Test of the stick - Easter egg
What happens if you put the Apple II floppy of Karateka in upside down?
Pussy Riot: Opposition saints or spawn of Satan?
Australian bandit taunted police on facebook
Black Power Salute
efant045 has something to say to his gangstalkers
Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011)
Husband and Wife Childless Because of Demons

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