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ONN: College Basketball Star Heroically Overcomes Tragic Rape He Committed
02/10/11, 03:00

Change College Basketball to Australian Rugby league, and you could air it on The Footy Show for real.
Meet The Australian Liberal Party Leader
02/09/11, 18:13

Tony Abbot is a dumbass.

"In his 2009 book, Battlelines, Abbott proposed that consideration should be given to a return to an optional at-fault divorce agreement between couples who would like it, similar to the Matrimonial Causes Act, which would require spouses to prove offences like adultery, habitual drunkenness, cruelty, desertion, or a 5 year separation before a divorce would be granted."

"At an October 2009 meeting in the Victorian town of Beaufort, Abbott was reported to have said: "The argument (on climate change) is absolute crap... However, the politics of this are tough for us. 80% of people believe climate change is a real and present danger". On 1 December 2009, when questioned about that statement, he said he had used "a bit of hyperbole" at that meeting rather than it being his "considered position".

"Asked to clarify his views on homosexuality he said: "There is no doubt that challenges, if you like, orthodox notions of the right order of things," he said last night.
He was expanding on comments he made on 60 Minutes on Sunday night, in which he said: "I probably feel a bit threatened (by homosexuality), as so many people do."

As for this particular debacle, I was indifferent but after some discussion have decided the original statement was pretty piss poor. Imagine someone vying to be your manager saying that about a death in your workplace.
I don't believe that he doesn't support Australian soldiers killing brown people.
Now instead of apologising for an insensitive comment, he pulls out a strawman and performs the Abbot Wobble™.
Burglar gets trapped inside bakery
02/03/11, 18:01

I heard he was treated for electric shock when he stepped on a fruit roll and a currant ran up his leg.
They're even kissing in the french way!
02/03/11, 17:46

An electrical cord with male plugs both ends is a good way to get someone killed.
Basketball REFUSES to go through the net
02/02/11, 03:50

The title should be "Strong willed Net fends off violent sexual assault in brutal forced gangbang", you penetrative-centric sexist pig!
Highlights from the Brini Maxwell Show
02/01/11, 08:48

So sassy she would make a furry wet.
What Do You Think Of Premarital Sex?
01/23/11, 07:30

Probably should have put a comma in there somewhere...
What Do You Think Of Premarital Sex?
01/23/11, 07:29

I'd prefer cupping myself.
It is early but we may already have our father of the year
01/22/11, 22:17

Mmmmm, white veal...
Ricky Gervais: Atheism Shouldn't Offend - CNN
01/22/11, 06:56

What? Answering accusations is now considered lecturing?
Ricky Gervais: Atheism Shouldn't Offend - CNN
01/22/11, 04:44

Just before this clip starts they played Ricky's farewell speech from the golden globes, and his last line was "...and I'd like to thank god for making me an atheist", pretty much his least offensive joke of the night.

So this clip basically starts from there. The sneer that erupts from the host in incredulity from Ricky's simple answer to his silly question had me leaping for the submit button. His later pointless grilling of Gervais for answers to about life-after-death was just icing on the cake.
NewsBusted 1/21/11
01/22/11, 03:23

Hmmm, do I donate $10 to the hilariously mentioned flood victims of Brazil, or to NewsBusted? Decisions, decisions...
That second sun you see? It's man made...
01/21/11, 22:04

So god made the sun but man made the second sun but no one but god could have possibly made the first sun so god exists and made the universe and mankind but the devil made man make the second sun and the moon but the devil couldn't have made the universe and the first sun because god.

Totally extreme dudes surf on car, live to ghost ride into the sunset
01/20/11, 23:44

Moments later they were all violently dismembered by a flock of marauding geese...
Supersonic Man (1979) - Trailer
01/16/11, 02:50

Juan Piquer Simón, director of The Pod People, Mystery on Monster Island, Slugs, and of course the ever-so-infamous low-budget slasher classic Pieces, has passed on at the age of 74 after a long battle with lung cancer. Juan Piquer Simón owned his own independent studio in Madrid, Spain, and designed many of his own special effects sequences for his films. He also was the co-director of the Mediterranean Film Festival in Valencia, Spain.

MST3K -303- Pod People (1983)


Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1976)


Mystery on Monster Island (1981)


Sea Devils (1982)

Tea Party Founder embarrasses himself on cable tv
01/14/11, 01:48

2:23 vs 4:46
MST3k - Pod People
01/13/11, 08:12

Rest In Pieces - Juan Piquer Simón
Sarah Palin: 'America's Enduring Strength'
01/12/11, 19:20

3:26 I hope she is not saying that irresponsible public statements could encourage violence!?!

4:02 If men and women were all nice to one another, there would be no sickness, unemployment, accidents or natural disasters.

5:21 If someone is being "evil", verbally threaten to kill them in order to restore good.

6:25 We must protect the legal right of public officials to use unnecessary violent rhetoric (I don't disagree with this). Remember how we failed to do that after 9/11?

May God bless America, because the rest of the world are shaking their heads.
Bill O'Reilly and the Mystery of the Tides
01/07/11, 01:24

They both seem like douchebags, but is sure is interesting that the religious morons that put up signs claiming non-Christians will burn in hell are not questioned on the show for being far more insulting.
Kid Shares Thoughts on Airline Delays
12/29/10, 21:32

How about I come over there and tan your hide, kid?

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