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two plus two is four
02/25/12, 19:28

I'm sure the Guantanamo inmates beat us to viewing this clip.
1994, a gloomy year in contrast to 1993, til I made my OWN FUN!!!
02/25/12, 19:25

But he didn't dare measure arms in 1994!?!
Geraftaar - How to save a lady from being crushed by a mining truck
02/25/12, 03:57

I wondered why this video came up as a dupe when I tried to post it. The clip matching the hopper title of this clip, before I fixed my mistake, is in the hopper.
Children at the Wheel
02/25/12, 02:53

My uncle owns a farm near the country town I grew up in, and when my family gathered there last christmas his 10yo grand-kid took my young nieces for a drive around the farm in her personal automobile. An old bright pink rustbucket with a cheerful mouse painted on the bonnet. It was named the "pink-squeak".

They were driving about 1/4rd the speed of these kids though...
Jon Ronson's Escape and Control: Jon vs. Jon
02/24/12, 22:39

Every Face Punch in Road House
02/21/12, 00:22

No face left unpunched.
My Monkey Baby - intro
02/14/12, 02:14

Every poeTVer needs to acquire the full documentary by hook or by crook. It is amazing.
My Monkey Baby - intro
02/14/12, 02:12

Well, since most of these people are empty nesters wanting an infant that never "grows up" and leaves them, these monkeys have a high chance of outliving their owners, thereby being orphaned twice. Anyone want the buy a 15yo orphan monkey, with lipstick and a lace dress, that is utterly incapable of living in it's natural habitat?
Whitney Houston is dead and so is America.
02/13/12, 03:07

I like how he mentions Rosa Parks just to imply she's ugly.
Whitney Houston talks about drugs with Diane Sawyer
02/13/12, 02:17

No being a substantial user of crack, I may be wrong in imagining that asking the dealer on the corner for a receipt might not be such a hot idea.
Is this video of a woolly mammoth in Siberia?
02/11/12, 18:55

How not to use the breakdown lane
02/05/12, 20:08

The idiots car only clips the vehicle broken down on the side of the road, and the video description mentions survivors, not fatalities.

Fuckwits who value a few minutes of their time over the health and safety of everyone around them are perfect candidates for this site.
What a Reptillian really looks like (Reptillian Revealed #1)
02/05/12, 19:47

Also, from the YT comments

"...Truth is scattered through films and tv though, the film Super Mario Bros the movie, predicted 9.11, features elites trying to dumb down society and the main villain is an evolved humanoid reptile... typical American elite based movie, nothing like the real Mario Bros."
~ Insightfulprojection
What a Reptillian really looks like (Reptillian Revealed #1)
02/05/12, 19:43

=====Text in this video====
Using Newt Gingrich's wife as an example I have tried my best to render her as I believe she would look without the masking/shapeshifting.

1. I switched her left eye socket over to the right so you could get a good representation of the true eyes (I didn't edit over these, this is as it looked in the video).

2. Using the first footage of the side shot, and the other footage of her from the front (The one I edited over the picture with) you can see the hair is just an anomaly and isn't really there. Underneath this I believe she has no hair, watch the videos if you need reassurance.

3. I may be off on the skin colour but I smoothed over the skin adding any wrinkles and lines based from the original, her nose blurs up so you can see it is not her real nose.

4. Her mouth is too elongated and reptile to be human, even in homunculi form. I am now however not even sure she is a reptillian as she looks like what you would get out of a regular ET movie, I don't know if this is my imagination playing with me or not.

There you have it, what a reptillian/alien really looks like.

The videos I derived this from are the hottest bit of reptillian proof this month and some of the best reptillian evidence ever uploaded.
Jodi Miller (newsbusted anchor) stand up routine
02/03/12, 18:30

Is It Possible That The Sun Could Be Cold Instead Of Hot?
02/02/12, 20:38

Anyone who has ever climbed a mountain knows that it gets cooler the closer to the sun you climb. The only exception is when the mountain is an erupting volcano. This scientific conspiracy is bigger than climate change!
illuminati mocking jesus with hek bitter food blockers and saturn worship
02/01/12, 12:35

I want to start a fund to pay for this gentleman to study Chinese, Korean and Japanese writing styles.
01/31/12, 20:01

It's only the altered DNA in your tongue making you criticize this video!
Kirk Cameron gazes thoughtfully, contemplates God and America
01/30/12, 22:36

I'm sure all the families with same sex parents are grateful that Kirk thinks they are worth fighting for.
Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take? (trailer)
01/29/12, 19:50


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