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Dutch candy commercial, early '90s
Cheated of Childhood - Russia
tanuki golf
Man killed by car wheel thrown from window
Without You by Mark Gormley (in HDish format) (Boosted sound)
Cindy Jacobs Dethrones The Powers Of Darkness
SIX The Mark Unleashed
Excerpt from Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults
Fox News: 'Heaven Is For Real'
World's Biggest Harry Potter Fan
Alternate payment plan for Parkway Christian school
Racist Harpy abuses postal worker part 2
Orgasm from god or something
Neanderthal High-Pitched Voice Theory
the sickest defence for a choke there is
Go raw NOW trailer.
Colleen Thomas on How to Survive Operation Black Swan
Ultimatum to Obama and all Hostiles, Surrender or Die!
Judge Joe Brown: 'She Lost'
Devo remember Devo 2.0
Intense Hailstorm in Georgia
NO LIMIT KIDS Movie Trailer
Fox and Friends: Rally to restore Sanity.
Rand Paul Supporters Step On Head of Woman from MoveOn dot Org
A Dad Confronts Abortion Protestors
A Boy in a Watermelon
The physics of the wet dog shake
'Chinese Professor' Political Ad
Gaming in the Clinton Years - Doom (SNES)
The Simpsons - You Don't Win Friends With Salad
Queensland Police Brutality - Constable Benjamin Price- CCTV Footage and News Clips
Shia LaBeouf Courageously Throws Coffee on Paparazzo
Highlights From The Nastiest Debate of 2010
George Wood videogame trivia contest?
Imbeciles Drawn Like Magnets To Pounding Bass Beats.
Hostile moderators join Coons against O'Donnell
The Manitou (trailer)
Lawrence O'Donnell 'interviews' Alvin Greene
Rockhopper penguins hopping
Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster
M (1931) - Peter Lorre's climactic monologue
Sinbad's 'Afros and Bellbottoms'-- VHS full of laughs for only $139.99
Two brothers restore their father's motorbike and surprise him.
Haven't we done enough for you people?
Bacha Bazi
Fox News 'Angry' Over Colbert Testimony
SSF4: Angry Voice Message
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990) - Theatrical Trailer
Kunoichi Ninpo Cho - Vagina Bubbles from Hell
American Movie - Mike Schank Screams
Volvo crashes into a telephone pole, announcer goes bizonkers.
Semi-realistic Simpson Family.
Christine O'Donnell complains about AIDS funding on C-SPAN in 1997
Herding Cats
John Fahey's Desperate Man Blues over Thomas Edison's Humorous Short Film about a Train
The Steaurus 2000
Being a Nigger: day X. Say my name.
Milo and Otis (full movie)
Salsa Dancing Dog
Elisany Silva, a 14-year-old girl is 206 centimeters tall.
Surviving the Economic Collapse
Petkeeping with Marc Morrone, animal danger edition.
Horse playing with a large ball
Videos found while searching POE usernames: Xiphias
Basil Marceaux, Republican Candidate for Tennessee
Standing Ovation trailer
Get Down Horse
thetruthergirls - Win a date with Karen
An interview with conservative comedian Brad Stine
Guy calls cops after finding son had commited suicide
Sportsmanship at it's finest.
Doctor Who - the 96 TV movie
Benny Hill saves a woman from a tree.
Popcorn kittens?
Salma Hayek Is Afraid of a Snake
Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat
Skip Arnold - Punch
BP Blocks Media Access
Minor League manager throws awesome tantrum, gets tossed
8: The Mormon Proposition
Wimpy chick receives tattoo, freaks out
Grateful Dead satanic conspiracy
Teen wolves descend upon San Antonio high schools
Cat attacks babysitter
A trash box and Maru.
Rand Paul on Rachel Maddow
Dallas: 'Conundrum' excerpt (Series Finale)
Scare Tactics: Bigfoot
North Korean Citizens on the Street (Circa 1989)
Justin Bieber Doesnt know what German Is..
Airwolf vs. Airwolf II
Ann McElhinney vs. Avatar
James Van Praagh failing at cold reading
Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Eruptions Show Shockwaves
Trailer - Trancers
Kid In Candy

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