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Space Helicopter

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Is Obama Really Osama
02/02/09, 09:17

See, I don't see why people call George W. Bush dumb. He was able to mastermind 9/11 yet still come off as some Aspergian good ol' boy. He's a criminal genius.
Family Feud SNES abuse
01/30/09, 23:58

Nobody ever obeys my 'No Stealing Pornography' sign.
Bush's farewell address set to jazz piano
01/30/09, 22:52

This guy needs to do the same for any of Obama's speeches. It would sound so sweet on its own.
Michael Savage is apoplectic over Joseph Lowery.
01/30/09, 09:52

Hooper: Thanx. Damn, I've been reading too much NYPost.
Scott Pollard Public Service Announcement
01/26/09, 09:59

Done and done.

What, I did it twice.
Diving Dog pool rescue saves baby
01/25/09, 21:28

Too bad the baby was dead already.
Stains the dog
01/25/09, 14:09

Sore Loser
01/23/09, 01:40

I think a valuable lesson is:

"Don't slap the guy who beat you at arm wrestling."
The Obama's Love Life
01/23/09, 01:38

I'm here to help!
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew-the original Dr. Weird
01/21/09, 22:46

John Hodgman's long-lost uncle?
Epic Robot Battle
01/21/09, 22:40

I will so crunch those necks.
John smokes salvia, convulses on the floor, comes out a schizophrenic
01/14/09, 14:24

Keep it legal!
Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly Disagree
01/10/09, 14:37

Wow, you win then.
The Obama Campaign just like..the NAZI CAMPAIGN
01/10/09, 02:18

You oughtta write for TV.
Obama is starting a draft
01/10/09, 00:34

Those bridges will fix themselves.
The Obama Campaign just like..the NAZI CAMPAIGN
01/10/09, 00:31

Really, that's all it was.

With activities like "Searching your neighbor's attic" and "Spotting hooked noses from across the street"
Dick Cheney makes Barack Obama President
01/10/09, 00:28


Cuz he's making them.
Two Rats One Cat
01/09/09, 09:34

Why is my best friend so tasty?
01/07/09, 12:07

Goddamn, it is like a giant beefy lava shower.
01/07/09, 12:00

If she's not allowed to talk about this stuff, why is she talking?

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