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Home Movies - I'm a pretty Lady
03/11/09, 00:13

What are you talking about? Mine's heavy because of the booze bottles.
The Crippled Masters - final scene
03/10/09, 21:42

hells yes!
Orson Welles vs. Mike Wallace
03/10/09, 15:07

Oh, Orson, you will always be my favorite cantankerous drunk.
Home Movies - I'm a pretty Lady
03/09/09, 23:27

Minus the garden gnome, pretty much.
Fattest Spider Monkey
03/09/09, 23:15

Someone needs to put Clyde on a diet or at least lay off with the Little Debbies.
03/08/09, 16:43

Or the Adam's Apple.

"Nightmare fuel" tag, please.
The State -- Fast Food
03/08/09, 16:39

Wait, this wasn't already here?
Kids in the hall, Bauer and Kyle's mom
03/07/09, 16:42

And where does one find such documentary? And is he wearing just a towel?
The Petaminx
03/06/09, 23:52

Crip walk on a treadmill....
03/06/09, 19:26

"Hey, why don't you try doing the crip walk on the treadmill?"

"Okay, sure."

Skinny gothic ghoul reads Lord Byron's Darkness
03/06/09, 18:57

For some reason, it doesn't seem to work without a Russian accent. Nice try, though.
KITH - Bass Player
03/05/09, 18:26

A missionary goes to the most remote part of jungle. As soon as he arrives in the village he is to visit, he hears drums beating wildly in the distance. He asks the Chief what the drums mean. The Chief's reply is "Drums play, good. Drums stop, bad." During the missionaries entire month long stay he frequently asks the Chief about the continuous drumming. The Chiefs reply is always the same. "Drums play good. Drums stop bad. Finally as the missionary is leaving he asks the Chief again about the drumming. The Chief says "Drums play, g..." "I know, I know" says the missionary. "Drums play, good. Drums stop, bad. But why is it bad when the drums stop? "The Chief shakes his head and says" Drums stop, bass solo".
Fat man enjoys terrible movies
03/03/09, 18:35

Citizens of POE, I thought hambeast only applied to chicks, while butter golem applied to men.

Did Somebody order the Rape?
03/01/09, 20:13

"Do you need cab money?"

Cybering is always funny.

The second half, the bit with Frau Farbissina, not as much, so -1.
sex education for retards
02/25/09, 23:44

I'm sorry but that dude looks a little too old to not know to lock his door and then have his old man come in and molest him--I mean, have a talk with him.
Freudian Mac Cosmetics Hello Kitty Ad
02/25/09, 14:49

So, wait, Gwen Stefani didn't make a crappy new video?
The Complete Tourette's Guy - Part 1/4
02/23/09, 21:36

And now for parts 2, 3 and 4...
Baby bat eats
02/23/09, 17:00

And, for some reason I kept seeing that as "Baby eats bat"
Baby bat eats
02/23/09, 16:49

OM NOM NOM, indeed.
Jazz music in the year 2049
02/20/09, 20:07

Yay for one man bands!

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