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Gozu opening scene.
12/22/09, 23:20

Every once in awhile I forget why I love Takashi Miike...and then Sho Aikawa shows up and reminds me.
TED - Cindy Gallop: Make love, not porn
12/12/09, 02:06

To citrusmirakel:

Man, who does this cunt think she is? Telling men what she does and does not like in bed, what a fucking controlling hag. And having preferences for a certain type of man? BITCH.

I suggest we gang rape some sense into her, and then cum on her face.

In response to the video, she's not really saying anything new...but that doesn't mean it's not worth saying again. A lot of people do treat porn as sexual education. I can't count how many guys have told me that they are better lovers because of porn. In my personal experiences, the more into porn a guy is is inversely related to how good he is in bed.
Garden State trailer
11/19/09, 03:20

Jesus Christ, I hated absolutely everything about this stupid goddamned movie.

Its power to engage people whose opinions I once trusted is undeniably evil, however, so...5 stars.

Zach Braff will never not be 5 stars worth of evil. Ugh.
Drugs Make You Do Terrible Things
10/10/09, 14:00

Okay, this video is down and I never got to see it. My stars are for all the Google ads about anal fissure treatment.
Hey Hey It's Saturday Reunion - Blackface Incident
10/09/09, 18:57

You don't know very much about Texas, do you?
Take the stairs. It's fun.
10/08/09, 22:53

White people love anything that reminds us of the movie "Big".
a fan video for the who
10/08/09, 00:36

Five stars because I'm pretty sure I've had this idea, but never bothered to make it happen.
School Answering Machine
10/08/09, 00:28

Party pooper.

I really wanted to believe this was real, and the last bit wasn't even a dead giveaway for me...if there's one thing POETV has taught me, it is that Australia is Alabama of the world.
Norway vs. Texas
09/29/09, 18:52

Well put, dicklick.

As a Texan, I actually wish Texas were more like this...particularly the part with Lorenzo Lamas cleaning his gun.
The Jerk - Tonight You Belong To Me
09/29/09, 18:44

...i actually have had sex while watching this scene. Well, I wasn't really watching the movie at that point.
Senor Chang, why do -you- teach Spanish?
09/29/09, 18:35


At least, I think it is, I haven't seen the show yet.
YouTube 1000lb Women
09/26/09, 23:03

...it's really hard for me not to watch this over and over again. And I'm not sure why.
Lester's Possum Park
09/20/09, 03:17

Oh...I remember now =/
Lester's Possum Park
09/20/09, 03:14

Absolutely...can't remember exactly why, though. I guess I should watch it again?
Ninja BEAR
09/09/09, 19:23

"...definitely a McLeod"

That is what he said, right?

Odd Scandanavian hot dog commercial
08/23/09, 19:27

To Randroid: please, stop being.

And wow, the accent on standing stereotype is all over the damn place.
Blue Hawaii - Almost Always True
08/23/09, 19:21

Poop & Romance
08/21/09, 13:42

Have you ever spoken to a woman before?
Hell, most of them have been dead on the inside for years
07/27/09, 13:39

Some of these stars are for Menudo.

This was actually a lot more depressing than i thought it would be, but I was still quite surprised to see it was made by an anti-porn organization...including all the deaths that had seemingly nothing to do with any lifestyle choices (ie, brain cancer) didn't really help their cause. It would have been more compelling, albeit shorter if they stuck to deaths that could at least sort of be attributed to being a drugged-up sex worker.

But...it's my understanding that Pink Cross was founded, if not completely run by ex-porn stars, so maybe that's accidentally smart--appearing in porn can not only kill you, it can also severely impair your ability to construct a strong argument.
Dave Foley discusses Canada on MadTV
07/26/09, 21:39

My elementary school served us milk in bags =(

It was in Texas, though.

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