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Suspension through: 0000-00-00
Vote stuffing with duplicate account
Twilight Review
11/29/08, 13:24

i highly doubt they actually have girlfriends. maybe they're each others girlfriends?

Phelps Family Sued
11/29/08, 10:05

If I sued I wouldve asked to be paid in gold medals regardless of them not being related to michael.
Doctor Who: The Master Can't Decide
11/27/08, 08:20

tennant coming out of the tent reminded me of some lecherous old man trying to watch the girls in their bikinis at a beach
Bo Burnham - Welcome to Youtube
11/27/08, 08:09

Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey - While others killed behind her
11/22/08, 19:10

Im nauseous.
The Kitty & The Mirror
11/14/08, 01:43

i'll give someone 5 bucks to make that even more hilarious.
Yakety Sax-Workplace Safety:Chef
11/14/08, 01:42

her face.....her face
Yakety Sax-Texas Chainsaw Massacre
11/13/08, 13:15

I saw this movie last night, I was left dumbstruck at the end.
Eels song
11/12/08, 19:20

Dear England,
My hair is in no way ironic, its kind of greasy tho but I guess that's because I haven't showered. I had a busy day today, ah well. Yeah, don't worry I can take 'em for you. See ya' saturday.

Best Wishes,
i am about to have a panic attack
11/11/08, 20:20

Make a video about it then I'll believe you.
Keith Olbermann's 'Worst Person in the World' list for Nov. 5th
11/10/08, 19:53

I'm ok with Keith, I didn't vote either.
Cat takes a dump in the toilet
11/10/08, 19:00

haha cat fell.
Joe Scarborough says 'F*** You' Live on Morning Joe
11/10/08, 18:59

damn, that was supposed to be a response to thatonegirl.
Joe Scarborough says 'F*** You' Live on Morning Joe
11/10/08, 18:58

yeah, what muddy said.
New Obama song and dance
11/10/08, 14:33

haha little black kids are funny....until they start to gloat.
Streets of rage
11/10/08, 14:13

Fat ppl are not attractive.
11/09/08, 12:25

Im not looking at anything sir =( sorry
Abominable Obama
11/08/08, 22:00

Anyone who likes the jonas brothers should have their mouth sewn shut and be reversed to a fetus and be aborted.

Dramatic Capumunk
11/07/08, 15:42

can yall stop being dicks and enjoy the creepiest thing ive seen today?
she is high-larious..
O-Town at Miss America 2000
11/06/08, 17:31

I'm their liquid dream


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