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Mayor Bloomberg squashes, insults dissenter
05/30/09, 01:06

looks like extending term limits is going to be voted on by the people in a referendum, don't really see what the camera holders got against that.
Bar Fight Scene from Dirty Work
05/25/09, 16:21

This movie was awesome...

If you think it sucks you're either gay or old.
Meet our son
05/13/09, 23:49

andy samberg is shit

Im still bitter about watching Hot Rod... goddamn that movie is awful
Fluid sculpture
05/12/09, 23:52


Id love to buy a giant one some day.
Fox News Mocks Canada's Military
03/18/09, 21:11

I want to see one of these fuckers with the studio makeup laughing it up in a bar filled with canucks up here, saying the same stupid shit.

Rick Santelli rants on the trading floor
02/22/09, 02:17

Hes right.
Young man dances to Bon Jovi on the Jumbotron at a Celtics game
02/14/09, 23:11

redneck bit by shark
02/14/09, 16:52

Yeah, this is great narrating.
Pizza rolls challenge
02/11/09, 13:41

I like how he sips a smirnoff ice at the end.
Etta James is going to whip Beyonce's ass
02/08/09, 00:41

what is this, PEOPLE magazine?
Vancouver Hockey Riot '94
02/06/09, 03:28

just wait till the Vancouver Olympic Riot 2010 when we lose the gold medal in curling.
Randal's Girlfriends
02/04/09, 19:44

its shit!
Star Trek TNG: It's Not Lupus
02/01/09, 18:34

episode 12 is really funny.
Christopher Elf - Dance With Me Video
02/01/09, 03:47

haha, god damn this is terrible.
Late Show - The Unseen Bill Hicks Stand-Up Act
02/01/09, 03:44

thanks for the pro-canadian link.
Ladies, don't enter the bathroom with the Koran...
01/30/09, 17:08

I was hoping for it to get up and walk towards the camera and really creep me out..
Mystery hexagon in Saturn's clouds
01/22/09, 02:16

man thats fascinating... very strange.
Jersey Guidos On Road Trip Cosplay.
01/21/09, 18:09

ahaha the original vid is the best thing I've ever seen on youtube.
Verne Troyer drunk and hitting on La Toya Jackson
01/17/09, 23:27

Verne Troyer is awesome, I remember a couple years ago when he crashed into a wall on his scooter thing and pissed all over it.
Watchmen - Japanese Trailer
01/15/09, 15:42

I'm not gay about movie trailers, but that looks sweet.

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