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Paul Shaffer is in a Cult That Worships Jazz Fusion
Nighttime Vancouver Riot Footage
Man Licking Shoes on Subway
Promo Vid for Movie About Struggling Vancouver Comedians
Freestyle Russian Guitar Jam
Ice Fishing Noises
Pot smoking survivalist dads in knife throwing practice.
Miniature Robot Man Dances on Piano (1946)
The Three Stooges Play Golf
Important PSA from Max Weinberg
Giant Clam Eats Batboy
Robocup 2009 - Japanese Battle Robots
Woody Allen Escapes From Prison
Harpo and Chico Attempt a Break-in
How to Make Your Cellphone Ring More Annoying
Les Escargots
Striking City Worker Dumps Garbage in Front of Child
Japanese Beetle Fight #2
Japanese Beetle Fight #1
Best of Gong Show Clips (#2)
Best of Gong Show Clips (#1)
Shadow of a Doubt - Speech (skip to 3:20)

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