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Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza): Of the End Gameplay Trailer
09/20/10, 08:28

I love the action in the Yakuza games so much because they remind me of the 80s hong kong films where the stuntmen were more or less expendable.

This though....fills me with joy to know that Sega is completely capable of making fun of their own melodramatic material. A Japanese game company that does that gets respect for doing that.
'Single Ladies' from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
04/25/10, 00:03

Five for fluffy's research. I think we'd all do the same thing in David's shoes.
Ninja Power Force: 7/11 Sneak Attack.
04/24/10, 17:08

Why does he walk anywhere if he can just teleport?
The Making Of 'Street Fighter'
03/16/10, 23:44

Dude, Steven De Sousa? The same guy that wrote the screenplay to Die Hard? That screenplay is pretty damn good...holy crap...
The Newgy Robo-pong!
03/16/10, 22:28

Why is it evil for people to waste their own money?
Billy Zane talks about his spirtual side
03/14/10, 22:51

That response he gave made me feel slightly embarrassed.
Don McLeroy: The Creationist in Charge of Education in Texas
03/14/10, 22:42

Allegedly this guy's viewpoints are going into social studies textbooks that are used all over the country. So "Fuck the USA" too?
I Am The Champion of the Ninja.
02/06/10, 23:19

Ninja - The Ninjaning 2.
John McCain Makes a Mistake, is Corrected, and Politely Changes Course
01/20/10, 23:07

The guy in the back at 0:24.

"Here we fuckin' go..."
Spider Crabs at an Aquarium
01/19/10, 17:40

Okay, so Attack of the Killer Spider Crabs would probably be the most terrifying movie ever made.
The Garbage Plate.
01/14/10, 22:40

Honestly, the thing looks terrible but it is delicious.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 'Remastered' - Episode One.
01/04/10, 21:36

The white/green ranger is now doing MMA.

No, seriously.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Mama No
12/28/09, 18:07

Five for Carlton.
Paul Rudd gets his Hong Kong on.
12/28/09, 18:02

If I were one of his friends, I'd never let this go.
Bank Robber Eats Evidence
11/23/09, 17:55

Straight out of a Martin Lawrence film.
Yet More Sarah Palin Book Signing Interviews
11/23/09, 17:51

They had to have hired the guy in the Steelers jacket for...I don't know. I can't think of some reason why but they had to have.
Resident Evil 4 - Hey, it's that dog!
11/17/09, 20:46

Not liking this game is equivalent to not liking to have fun, really.
The Last Dragon: When You Got The Glow
11/17/09, 20:44

Dragons Forever - Jackie Chan
11/15/09, 15:53

I should have been more specific in regards to what I was saying.

I wasn't really referencing his "big stunts" so much as his fight choreography. He's kickboxing and fighting back in a very vicious manner in these fights. Jackie fights like someone killed a relative of his in these fight sequences. He's throwing elbows and knees to the head and smashing guys into railings and slamming them onto escalators.

His fighting style in his hollywood movies have less viciousness to them. That's the part that I'm wondering if it's age related. Like he's gotten less angry over time so he doesn't bring the pain as much to his adversaries now.
Dragons Forever - Jackie Chan
11/15/09, 13:54

His 80s films are so terrifically good. He and his stuntmen set the bar for hand to hand action films and the only person I can think of that's come close to trying to replicate that today is Donnie Yen.

I'm wondering if it's an age thing. Jackie was so much younger in these films and I'm wondering if his point of view (which from what I understand of what little I know of the way his personality was at the time and his harsh peking opera school training) fueled how he directed these action sequences.

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