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We Are Douchebags.
Edarem arrested for accessing the Internet
Extremely personal mobile home commercial
Scientology spokesman has a hissy fit and leaves when asked about Xenu
Anvil shoot goes wrong
61 things on a cat
Cakey! The Cake From Outer Space: Superhero
Cat in a Coat Can't Get Up
Lying About The Katana: a rebuttal to lindybeige
Brownie Gun
The Vagina
Macro Video of a Sub-Adult Female Phidippus putnami Jumping Spider
Macro Video of an Adult Male Phidippus mystaceus Jumping Spider
Bear walks into a Subway store
Zombies are born to be alive
9 year old hockey phenom scores amazing goal on breakaway shootout
Russian Pimp My Ride isnt going so well.
Balloon Boy did this for the show.
Stop Resisting
Just another day in Saudi Arabia
Autotune The News #9
Girlfriend gets revenge for a face full of blended dog shit.
Man displays sign outside bar claiming Obama is N***er Riggin Healthcare
Caroline in tights + Heart,
Blame it on the alcohol
French candid camera prank gone awry
Kids gets his ass beat by insane loser
The perils of local interest Rock n Roll.
Kite assisted snowboarding in Algeria
Watermelon-eating face paint
I've discovered something amazing!
Flapjack sings some songs
guy running into a stop sign
Horrible Nose-less Batman Kid.
Kid tries hot sauce
Lilo & Stitch hijack a 747
St. Bernard Facepaint
Paula Dean feeds her show crasher.
Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy trailer
I'm Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage
Listen to overpaid celebrities
Sniper Attack On Japanese Comedians
Driver Soaks Kids at the Bottom of a Hill
Alien Mothership Visits Moscow
Idiot Kicks Flaming Basketball
Interview with a man who was 'forced' to give a bank robber a ride.
Small child tells it like it is.
Gun fight at Toledo Ohio bar - Security Camera Footage
The best boyfriend competition is over.
There is no high fiving at NASA
RE: How to speak with a British accent
Shepard Smith Outraged By The Bacon Cheese Donut Burger?
Moments with Baxter
Slow Motion bullet impacts
How to steal a botnet and what can happen when you do
5 Second Films: The Man Who Knows Everything There Is To Know About Women
To the 'experimenting' jackass
Launch of LCROSS: NASA's mission to bomb the moon this Friday
Fat Guys Screams for McDonald's Chicken
Teenage girl beatboxing
2012: The Most Over The Top Movie Ever
An action setpiece from Ecks vs Sever
Insane Conspiracy Theorist Calls Telemarketer
Horrible Maxi-pad video
5 second films: Never Switch a Switcher
Riiight, You Are Brushing Your Teeth. Riiight.
Rally car goes for a spin
Skier caught in an avalanche, first-person view
Unveiling the Katana
Glenn Beck Crying for a Photoshoot
Jim Morrison's Ex-Girlfriends speak out
Jack in the Box
I Live On Clay Street
Famous person does thing, is scolded because they are famous
Kids In The Hall: Disturbing Mail
Death scene from Gundam
Rush Limbaugh: We need segregated buses again!
Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat
Quicksand fetish in Nightmare on Elm Street 4
High Five NYC
DS9 - Root beer
Free Will (and a little rant on racism)
Grant Morrison on Deconstruction
Richard Dawkins tells Ben Stein that life was intelligently designed
Turkey attacks Indians
Kill Bill Parts I & II, in one minute, in one take.
Armadillo Cam
28 Days Later in One Minute in One Take
budget cuts
The Gunpowder Plot - Exploding the Legend
Turkeys Attack Indian People
Katie Couric Asks Glenn Beck To Define 'White Culture'

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