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Spider-Man saves the day!
05/05/14, 15:44

The devs took your advice to heart.
Hammond cop 'allegedly' abuses K-9 partner
05/04/14, 22:15

You really took that and ran with it.
Titanic: The OTHER animated movie
01/09/10, 16:32

Awesome production values at 4:51.
Andrew WK on the Paradox of Partying
11/22/09, 02:53

That was just painful.
Ebert & Roeper review Freddy Got Fingered
09/13/09, 21:08

If someone's set up as a comedy target, then you can do anything to them! Lessons in morality from everyone's favorite film critic.
Sonic 2010 - teaser trailer
09/10/09, 02:45

They have no respect for their audience. Not that said fans actually deserve it.
08/26/09, 16:05

Not even batshit crazy gramma could prepare me for the vomit-inducing lawyer at the end.
Mameshiba - Edamame
08/24/09, 01:22

There's 10 of these things. I'd only seen the peanut one before.
[Blizzcon 2009] Diablo 3 New Class: Monk.
08/23/09, 21:46

Never look back.
Peek Preview Of Dildo Tank Demo
08/22/09, 14:57

Not the Pinball sound effect!
How To Beat Home Video Games (1982) - Yar's Revenge
08/13/09, 14:43

Five stars for cognitivedissonance, both the name and the comment.
A Day in the Life of Joe Republican
08/13/09, 05:46

Would have been a five without the poorly conceived and executed changes in the guy's tone of voice. Ruined it for me.
Sumo's Winning Ways: The Enigma of the 82 Kimarite
08/09/09, 23:33

"[His] good looks made him a favorite with the female fans. But so did his magnificent techniques. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss these techniques, so here's some sumo wrestling instead."
The Adventures of Tintin
08/09/09, 19:25

God I loved this when I was a kid.
Want a couple of hot dogs and a Coke at 4:30 in the morning?
08/09/09, 19:18

Oh Einstein, you sellout.
Ractalfece trolling the metaphysical-science flower lady
08/08/09, 19:08

Argh, I gotta stop hitting the reply button just because I was inspired by a previous comment...
Ractalfece trolling the metaphysical-science flower lady
08/08/09, 19:05

I, being a good American -- that is, a Republican -- will instead opt to buy an assault rifle and kill things.

Which reminds me, is hippie-hating a purely American tradition, or is it as popular with the conservative masses of other nations as well?
Master of Orion 2 - Losing cinematic
08/08/09, 18:55

What Cheese said.
Flapjack-Gone Wishin'
08/07/09, 23:38

Wow that was surprisingly good.
Johnny Cage's Vag Buster Fatality
08/07/09, 00:19



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