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Discover the John Birch Society
07/07/16, 20:52

You just don't get Old School Cranks like this, the serious old men filming lectures and talks with books behind them. These are the original Paleo-Nationalists.
06/12/16, 02:27

The tone matches the man who includes a 10 foot Jesus punching Baphomet in the face in his animated introduction.
Bizarre Opening Ceremony For Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland
06/05/16, 03:03

Cirque De Oy Vey. Featuring Son/Daughter of Zardoz.
Slavery by Consent - Part 1 - Opener
03/31/16, 18:20

I should suck it up and finally watch the rest of the ten-part series. But this.. what one of my friends called the world's worst Terrence Malick production.. I feel like I should go no further. But I will. I always will.
Superman, The Devil's Replacement for Jesus Christ
12/15/15, 20:12

For some reference, this is the spokesmonk for the group that gave us this fine video.
Big Head Scientist - General Monk Monk
11/27/15, 18:40

This is spread across the gamut of Nation of Islam, Afro-Kemetism, Moorish Science, and the influence of New Age and UFO cults on black seperatists/extremists. Fun Fact: Jordan of Spirit Science and BHS share a common belief. Jews came from space.
Smug idiot sings a song about the rapture.
11/06/15, 19:02

He's bogged down some in his material. He was seriously hashing the Papal Visit for awhile. He's gone to really just playing for his groupies.. Who yes, he does have. Some of his "discoveries" are being fed to him by trolls, because he believes everything sent to him by email apparently. But mad props to the Third Eagle. He can die having graced us with too many penises in the Denver Intl. Airport.
Obama, Is Once Again Lying!
10/05/15, 18:56

I wonder of the cure to American extremism is regularityl with a healthy fiber diet. Guys like this really look like they have failed to have a good BM.
Norm MacDonald is the new Colonel Sanders
08/25/15, 21:03

P.S. Darrel Hammond that last SNL actor to get the first shot was considered to southern shmaltzy and overly caricature. I loved those tho.
Norm MacDonald is the new Colonel Sanders
08/25/15, 20:59

The ad agency that had ejected the unloved last comedian to rebirth the Colonel picked McDonald because they are going for sheer viral hate. The head of the agency responded to how the newest Colonel was hated by 1 in 6 test viewers with something along the lines of "Well thats one person paying attention using social media."
Extraterrestrial Mathematics | Xeno-Mathematics
08/19/15, 19:04

Once you Big Head Scientist. You are in the Big Head Scientist. You will know the danger of Yakub and understand your nefarious graftation.
Jesus Christ Eatin' on a Chicken Wing - Clownvis Presley
08/17/15, 13:21

Dred Zeppelin had a better Elvis impersonator though.
Jim Bakker Sells Bulk Soup for End Times
08/13/15, 12:22

He basically started back up after prison as a Christian Prepper source, couched as "donations." Then when the cash rolled in, he's been inviting guests from the fringiest fringe to ramp up the fear and push more product. RWW also has his finest work on the Dessert package.
The FINAL DAY- THE FINAL HOUR Concave Earth Calendar
08/09/15, 23:18

And to think SOMEONE else who posts here on PoE thought this masterpiece was too long. Ahem.
07/15/15, 18:12

One goat. One goat.
What Iraq Was Like In the 1950s
06/13/15, 18:10

Oh yes. Iraq. Peaceful post WWII Iraq. A few minor coups leading to a civil war between the British and rebels against the WWI Hashemite kings. The British had to occupy Iraq twice. Resentment against the Anglo-backed Hashemites helped fuel the rise of the Baath Party and then just a few more coups. And then Saddam.
Oh the lazy hazy days of Ancient Timeless Iraq.
Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983) - Final Scene
06/09/15, 22:43

This entire movie is pure gold. If that Gold is a ray shooting from someone's hand and making them explode and only leaving the bones.
YOR Hunter From The Future - Help Me Cut The Choice Meats!
05/30/15, 16:39

Mantra for Healing Personal and National Economies
05/12/15, 12:50

Make that Elizabeth Clare. Oops.
Confusing my Germainian gurus.
Mantra for Healing Personal and National Economies
05/12/15, 12:50

Oh Mary Clare Prophet. The Late Mary Clare Prophet. Her followers are well-armed living in underground bunkers just outside of Yellowstone Park.


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