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07/15/15, 18:12

One goat. One goat.
What Iraq Was Like In the 1950s
06/13/15, 18:10

Oh yes. Iraq. Peaceful post WWII Iraq. A few minor coups leading to a civil war between the British and rebels against the WWI Hashemite kings. The British had to occupy Iraq twice. Resentment against the Anglo-backed Hashemites helped fuel the rise of the Baath Party and then just a few more coups. And then Saddam.
Oh the lazy hazy days of Ancient Timeless Iraq.
Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983) - Final Scene
06/09/15, 22:43

This entire movie is pure gold. If that Gold is a ray shooting from someone's hand and making them explode and only leaving the bones.
YOR Hunter From The Future - Help Me Cut The Choice Meats!
05/30/15, 16:39

Mantra for Healing Personal and National Economies
05/12/15, 12:50

Make that Elizabeth Clare. Oops.
Confusing my Germainian gurus.
Mantra for Healing Personal and National Economies
05/12/15, 12:50

Oh Mary Clare Prophet. The Late Mary Clare Prophet. Her followers are well-armed living in underground bunkers just outside of Yellowstone Park.
Thor - Knock 'Em Down (1985)
04/27/15, 18:37

This is serious metal, produced by the allowance of the son of Morris Glickman, DDS, and selling some mom's pills on the side.
WBF Championship 1991 Recap
03/07/15, 21:59

Comparatively, just under ten years later, Vince lost 35 million dollars on the XFL. And that's not including between that time, the debacle of WWF Times Square.
WBF Championship 1991 Recap
03/07/15, 21:57

"I'll just add some catchy character packages and a little presentation zazz to work up an even slender fan base, cross it over with famous wrestlers. Good production and PR, steal the talent, and I can't lose." It lasted a year and a half and Vince lost 15 million dollars.
BBC: The Great Contemporary Art Bubble
06/13/13, 14:37

Spontaneous Human Combustion ~ Ever Wondered...How ???
06/10/13, 01:00

Man, all this time, I've had a near complete secrets of the Powers that Be in a short box sitting in my closet. I best not sell it, or the Templars will eat my soul before I combust. Or something.
05/04/13, 18:23

We're Conspiracy Theory Theorists. I like knowing what conspiracies I am a part of.. since I am a servant of the Elders of Zion, which crosses with my crossbreed Reptoid blood from my Ashkenazi/Khazarian false Hebraic roots, a member of the Pinko Secular Humanists, a card-carrier in the Homosexual Agenda, and American Imperialist PigDog. Its a warm-fuzzy feeling of belonging. Really.
Barber: Almost Half of Gay Men Were Sexually Assaulted by Pedophiles as Children
12/13/12, 04:11

As a gay humanist, I follow the Right Wing Watch channel because it empowers me. I mean these conservatives and Christians sure think I am a menacing member of a powerful set of political cultures. It makes me feel better this Christmas, the holiday from which there is no escape.
World Bodybuilding Federation: Jim Quinn
11/25/12, 01:20

You know, if those are rumors are true, just above every reason why I like the WWE as a gay man now make sense. Yeah. I'll blame it on this. Yeah.
1001 Retailing Nights (Software Etc. Training Video)
09/25/12, 04:14

Funny story with Software Etc. actually. It was the computer retail spin-off of the (also now defunct) B. Dalton Booksellers, a fine mall-based literary salon. Then Software Etc. broke away and bought Babbage's (another mall-based computer retail chain) The combined chains went tits up not long after that, and tried to sell the company off with no success and the stores were about to all be closed when an investor rode to the rescue who then turned Babbages Inc into the chain gamers know and love, GameStop. Gamestop was bought by Barnes & Noble, who had bought B. Dalton Booksellers earlier, and Gamestop broke away from Barnes & Noble, casting aside the last named Software Inc. And this is the abridged version of this retail epic. And I sing you this Mall Skald.
04/18/12, 21:48

It is amazing what a wide variety of nimrods use the whole Yahuwah/Jehovah thing. In the Torah, the name of God is represented by a two Hebrew characters, the double Yod. But this name cannot actually be pronounced. When the Torah is read, the reader used Hashem or Elohim. So boy are they making God unhappy using the double Yod. Go figure.
The Three Stooges on a wrestling show
04/11/12, 21:09

Under no circumstances, even under armed force, go see The Three Stooges. Let us just say someone does that job where they check your bags and take your phones before the free preview screening has seen this. Said person cannot wipe the stain from his comedic soul from the never-ending mirror universe of anything resembling the least bit funny. For the love of the Gods, tell everyone before its too late!
YouTube's #1 most subscribed attacks Ron Paul and his supporters
02/10/12, 06:16

Actually, that's close. Schmutz is like dirt or filth, but usually it is used to mean a spot or smudge that should be cleaned off. This guy is like that. Another smear of noise, a skid mark on the already soiled underwear of the internet. Mark Dice. You are schmutz. Long may you shart.
YouTube's #1 most subscribed attacks Ron Paul and his supporters
02/09/12, 18:37

I correct myself from my comment on his other video. He is not a shmuck. He's a putz AND a shmuck.
Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time Show Symbolism Explained - Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A
02/08/12, 00:04

People often ask me.. what does shmuck mean? This, dear friends, is a shmuck.


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