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Breaking Up With Fossil Fuels is Hard to Do
Australian comic Jim Jefferies on gun control
All The Single Furries
'Let it Go' from Disney's 'The Wrath of the Lich King.'
Freedom Industries' President Speaks To Reporters
'Old-Fashioned Tough Guys' Like Christie Can't Survive in Today's 'Feminized Atmosphere'
Dancing with the Star Wars - Clones & Droids
SSS Warrior Cats: Episode 1, Part 1
Incredibly racist ad for McCutcheon & Hamner law firm
David Barton and Ken Copeland are at it again: PTSD isn't Biblical and you shouldn't have it.
Evangelical 'historian' David Barton: Climate change is caused by abortion.
Pat Robertson opposes the Bible!
Balls of Steel - The Ultimate Nutshot
I'm Obamacare - You Owe Me
Glenn Beck joins in the right wing self-consumption, targets Grover Norquist.
Veterans Scold Sarah Palin
Pat Robertson repeats myth that AIDS came from polio vaccine monkey experiment
360N0$C0P3 T3NN15 $H0T
Have I Got News For You: America's Government Shutdown
A clip from Growing Pains: The Return of the Seavers
Alex Jones As Alien Lizard Explains Obamacare
Jonathan Coulton's 'Flickr.'
Visions: The Christian MMORPG Alpha Trailer for May 2013
Rush: Roll the Bones
Glenn Beck: CNN Interview With Atheist Tornado Survivor Was a Set-Up
Moore, Oklahoma Tornado - May 20, 2013 - H.A.A.R.P - Coincidence?
'God Will Fuck You Up' by John Butler
The Fat Swordsman reviews a survival hatchet
Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Collector's Edition
'Psychic' Sylvia Browne tells Amanda Berry's mother that her daughter is dead on a TV talk show.
Dune movie clip - The Guild Navigator
Bagram Airfield Crash (seven killed)
Blowing up a (dead) cow with tannerite.
Beck: 'The Burden of Proof Is on the Federal Government' To Refute My Conspiracy Theory
Glenn Beck: Saudi National Is An Al Qaeda Recruiter Behind Boston Marathon Bombing
EverQuest II - Behind the Scenes: Bringing back the Meatbeast.
Frankie Boyle on Margaret Thatcher's funeral
The Gmod Idiot Box Episode 11
Glock 50 Round Drums
Needa dispensah heeah - Barbershop scouts.
Man Undergoing a Gay Demon Exorcism
Animatronic Mac Tonight and the Chickens sing 'Shout.'
Atlas Shrugged Part II trailer
Visions: The Christian MMORPG update for 2012
Bob Ross Remixed: Happy Little Clouds
This car wash is a bit too abrasive.
Weebl's 'Unicorn'
'Fox & Friends' only female co-host can't stand her show either and walks out.
PolitiChicks: Are UFOs & Aliens a Government Conspiracy?
My wolf series casting call
Farming Simulator Mad Skill | No Plow | 360 Crop Rotation
Reginald D. Hunter on the subject of death.
Cats Are Assholes
The Turtles sing the theme song to 'It's Garry Shandling's Show'
Badly Animated Man
Twilight: Breaking Dawn trailer reaction
Ctrl-Alt-Del, the animated cartoon, S1E1
Terror Toons Trailer
'Woody' dances to bluegrass music
The Tale of Dirty Renamon
Top Secret: The Ford Pinto scene
Second Life: Birth of Edan, Jr.
Auto Tune de Nieuws (Auto Tune the News, European knock-off)
'The Golden Age of Video' by Ricardo Autobahn
A Black Stallion fantasy. No, not that one...
A singing furry
A furry models his 'dolphin muzzle mask.'
'StarCops' intro and first few minutes of ep. 01
That Mitchell and Webb Look: Godless Comedy
Sewer Cam: Unknown life form
Headcrabs are real. Gordon Freeman needed ASAP.
Proof that prayer doesn't work, in 5 seconds.
'Red Shirts': A Star Trek homage
Up - Meet 'Dug.'
Auto-Tune the News #4
The Right Brothers: 'Bush Was Right.'
How NOT to pour molten aluminum
Cat vs. toy helicopter
Tim Farrell's 'E-mail' cartoon. Beware of internet penis.
Kevin Smith discusses making a film for Prince
Bobby Ray Simmons discovers the joys of Auto Tune
Bomb-bomb-bomb Saddam
Nine Lives
Trailer for 'Angel Wars,' a Christian CG anime thing.
'What Am I?'
Rush Limbaugh 'sings' 'I'm a Nazi.'
'NightVisionPhantom' says there are no stereotypes.
Two angry camels in a car.
'Muppetized' Battlestar Galactica
Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor
Bizkit the 'sleepwalking' dog
The R&D logos from Battlestar Galactica's seasons 1 & 2.
Forklift catastrophe
Socilism: It's like the views of Hitler
What R2D2 was really saying in 'The Phantom Menace.'
The Magic Schoolbus: 'What is THAT?!'
The trailer for the 1990 'Captain America' movie.
Next on Fox: Marvel's 'Generation X.'

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