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Prickly Pete

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Gilbert Gottfried: Video game voiceover reel
05/19/14, 10:55

I could watch him do this for hours. Many sequels need to be made. I could use some House Of The Dead in the mix.
HowToBasic has completely lost his mind.
05/19/14, 09:26

History will not look kindly on HowToBasic's subscribers for not hunting him down and encapturing him before he has the opportunity to slaughter dozens of children.
Fox News on Hillary's Head Injury - 2012 vs. 2014
05/16/14, 10:26

I think only Hannity shows up* I should say. The point being, this isn't really a great example of flip flopping per say. "Fox News" isn't just one person so multiple people on the network saying contradicting things isn't really proof of anything. Realistically we all know they're all working together to push a specific agenda, but this video isn't particularly damnable is it?
Fox News on Hillary's Head Injury - 2012 vs. 2014
05/16/14, 10:18

In their defense, for the most part it's not the same specific people getting caught up in the double talk. I think Hannity shows up in both halves of the video. Someone (not me, but some jackass) COULD make the (flimsy) argument that this just proves that Fox News shows both sides of an issue: Hillary would be an unfit president because she faked a head injury vs. Hillary would be an unfit president because she had a trauamtic head injury. You know, both sides...
manhunt's final level and ending cutscene
05/15/14, 09:55

Tedius my ass! I love this game! One of THE greatest single player expierences to be had! Then again, I have particular tastes. I don't play that queer Elder Scroll's bullshit!
Miley Cyrus Fan Learns That Show Is Cancelled
05/14/14, 17:48

In her defense, she's probably retarded. Not because she's a Miley fan, I just get that vibe from her. Is it just me? Do I have particularly attuned tardy-sense?
look out here comes my piss lol
05/05/14, 13:39

My piss doesn't shoot out in spurts like that. Am I wrong or is he wrong??
Do You Wanna Be My Girlfriend?
05/05/14, 13:37

You blew it, lady. You coulda been dating the next Tim and/or Eric.
Police Say No SEMEN found in cupcakes shared by California teen at school
05/05/14, 10:52

I feel bad for a town in which "NO semen in cupcakes!" is news.
Nothing Can Go Wrong in Homer's Playground from 'Brick Like Me' | THE SIMPSONS | ANIMATION on FOX
05/03/14, 20:07

Gosh, the look on Homer's face just exudes, "This sausage is going inside somebody".
Shirtless Man Asks Reporter Out During Wildfire.
05/02/14, 03:25

I envy that man's balls. No really, I do.
A grown man loses at Street Fighter and throws his controller on the ground
05/01/14, 14:14

Give him a break, this was a tournament. It's not as if he was just playing against the cpu at his house or something.
Ottawa man arrested for exposing himself in a park
05/01/14, 11:56

If you're using an adblocker, try disabling it. Worked for me. And worth it!
Polybius: Fact or Fiction?
04/30/14, 12:56

It's one of the "flashback" ones for today where they link to older article. Idk when it was written but it was "X video game urban legends that turned out to be true," or something like that. Polybius was #1. I had never even heard of it until today and then right after reading that I see this video on poetv.
CodeBabes.com will teach you how to code. Apparently this is real.
04/30/14, 10:14

If breast implants depress you then you are a fragile boy.
Polybius: Fact or Fiction?
04/30/14, 10:05

Inifinite zest: QUESTION! Did you investigate this game because you saw it featured in one of today's "flashback" articles on cracked.com? Or is this just a coincidence?
Sarah Palin: Waterboarding is how we'd baptize terrorists
04/27/14, 17:36

She must've written "hold for applause" right in her script.
MattyB covers Notorious B.I.G.'s Juicy
04/27/14, 12:52

Infinite zest: another reason you shouldn't be ashamed of that because it's totally awesome. Do you remember any of the lyrics??
Just ask this Scientician.
04/26/14, 13:34

Are you gonna marry a carrot??
Firebirds (full movie)
04/26/14, 13:34

Am I crazy or does Nick Cage look strikingly similar to Trey Parker here?

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