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Prickly Pete

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Friday the 13th part 2
03/26/15, 05:27

I wouldn't mind seeing Jason go back to the burlap sack for a TBT. Or TBF13, as it were.
Friday the 13th part 2
03/26/15, 05:24

The best is Jason punching a dude's head the fuck off from part 8.

OZ: Sleeping bag death is from Jason X during the simulator scene, so I don't know if it REALLY counts! Unless he's done it more than once, which is entirely possible.
Always Wear a Seatbelt
03/19/15, 16:05

Is it uncouth to ask for a description of what happens? I don't wanna see it but I'd still like to know what happens. I want it all!
Speed Bag_Punchdrumming to theme from Titanic remix
03/19/15, 16:04

If you take out the bag and put glow sticks in his hands he'd be a hit at raves.
National Poetry Slam 2014 Finals: 'Friend Zone'
03/17/15, 17:53

Oh holy shit, I forgot about that. Good lookin out.
National Poetry Slam 2014 Finals: 'Friend Zone'
03/17/15, 12:15

That dude's just trying to fuck her.
Bryan Fischer uses the tower of Babel myth as evidence of gods wrath upon America
03/16/15, 17:15

Why do you say tower of Babel "myth," btw? Is there some evidence that that never happened? Obviously the burden of proof is on the side saying that it did happen and all that, but I'm just genuinely interested in things like that. Do we have some reason to be certain it never happened? I'm asking from the point of view of ignorance, not someone trying to push any type of agenda.
Press Your Luck - The Whammies
03/14/15, 18:02

Aaaaaaand in 15 minutes this video has summed up the only reason anyone ever watched this show.
ICP - F the World live, Woodstock 99
03/14/15, 05:19

Oh, well early 2000s sure. That's coming off of 2 platinum albums, but like I said there was a sharp drop off at around that time. As best I know they have scaled back since then. I've seen pictures of their current office and it's a pretty nondescript looking warehouse on the outside. Looks nice on the inside though. I've never been there personally of course. That's the dream!
ICP - F the World live, Woodstock 99
03/13/15, 20:55

As best as I know (which is more than a layman but less than Violent J and Shaggy themselves), that $10 million figure is total bullshit. They've been asked about it in interviews and they say they don't know where that comes from. I get the part where "oh of course they're gonna say that because of their image" blah blah blah, but I do know that Psychopathic laid off about a dozen-ish employees in the last year or so because of money, so it seems like hogwash to me. A lot of the vendors at the 2013 Gathering didn't get paid because Psychopathic's checks were bouncing. I don't say this to suggest they're about to go bankrupt by any means--that all sounds like relatively mundane stuff for a small business to go through--but I'm just saying they aren't pulling in Jay-Z money.

"Jay-Z is worth roughly half a billion dollars, although most of that is from being a producer and music executive, not a rapper." True but as far as I know most of Psychopathic's profits come from merchandise and not record sales, but don't quote me on that. "I've heard that they're the best selling band who gets no mainstream radio play" That I can certainly believe, though with the music landscape changing so much now I'm sure that title will eventually be passed on.

Sorry if I'm long winded. I have a problem with not being able to not talk about ICP if anyone around me is engaging in it. I could talk about ICP all day to anyone who will listen.
ICP - F the World live, Woodstock 99
03/13/15, 15:26

Most financially successful rap artists of all time? By what measure? Are you suggesting they've made more money than Jay-Z? That would be egregious poppycock so I must be misunderstanding. I'm certainly not saying they're unsuccessful by any means though. Heavens no.
ICP - F the World live, Woodstock 99
03/13/15, 11:27

During that small window when people thought ICP could actually fit in at a big industry festival. This album went platinum. The very next year, their next album barely broke 200,000.
Hornets fan gets hit in face by basketball
03/12/15, 03:14

I'd like to point out that the woman on the phone doesn't look up until well after the fact.
GTA V: Scaring a Cat
03/12/15, 03:11

I don't like GTA 5 because of stuff like this either, but for a different reason. It's because they spent so much time on stupid little details like this and not enough on making the missions fun.
Street Fighter 4 'Wild Costumes' DLC
03/11/15, 18:30

This has the added vibe of being created with the intention of being jacked off to. This has gotta be a way to extract easy money from furries, right? It's a trend I'm sure we'll see in more video games to come. For an extra $5 you can have all the characters in (insert game where) dress like fuck animals to enjoy in your camper off in which you are whacking.
Street Fighter 4 'Wild Costumes' DLC
03/11/15, 13:27

It would be fun if I weren't 100% sure people were jacking off to it.
Net Neutrality Spy Planes Government Control of the Web
03/08/15, 08:33

Harrison Ford, how could you??
Ask A Porn Star: Porn Stars Describe Their Weirdest Scene
03/08/15, 08:29

Out of sheer curiosity and nothing else (I swear), I looked up the April O'Neil video with the girl scout and the devil. I'm here to tell you that unfortunately, the devil is 100% NOT a guy in red makeup with a cape and pitchfork. It's just some hot blonde chick in a corset and tiny devil horns. Rip off!
President Obama: Do you really love America?
03/06/15, 13:41

Is there any field other than politics where a 12 year old's opinion holds as much weight as a grown adult's? If a 12 year old told you you had lime disease you'd probably say, "Oh, ok, that's cute, but you probably no idea what you're talking about since you're fucking 12." (When I say "you" here I'm referring to the conservative base, not "you" as in you, cause I'm sure everyone here can agree that the kid is full of it/ heavily brainwashed)
Gilbert Gottfried entertains some juggalos
03/06/15, 05:07

@ Hamm: There has never been a Juggalo stabbing there. "But someone got stabbed there just a few years ago!" you might say. Fact: That was between two vendors who weren't even Juggalos. They were fuckin hot dog salesmen or some shit like that.

@ Homer: Obviously I'm biased, but I'd say her being a well established attention seeker hurts her credibility. But again I'm not saying it did or didn't happen, I'm just saying if I were a Juggalo lawyer I'd demand pics or it didn't happen! She was definitely hit with garbage/rocks/chased out of the venue though...

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