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Prickly Pete

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Guy tells cop 'God bless you,' cop loses it
10/30/14, 00:05

"Next time a cop tells you to stick 3 fingers into the rectum of a cashier at McDonald's, DON'T THINK, COMPLY."

The half-assed "point" you're trying to make here falls apart because 9,999 times out of 10,000, a cop isn't going to ask you to do anything that outrageous. You can't draw a distinction between "don't smart off to cops" and "SODOMIZE UPON REQUEST!"? We're not robots; there's a thing called "common sense" that tells you where the line is. It's not a matter of, "Well if you DON'T smart off to cops then next thing you know they're gonna be asking you to strangle animals to death!" I assure you, they won't. But if it makes you feel better we can hold off on this debate until the next time you get pulled over and I'll make you a deal: DON'T be a dick to him, and let's see if he asks you to anally rape someone. If he does then I'll admit I was wrong.
Guy tells cop 'God bless you,' cop loses it
10/29/14, 22:06

Attention all dumb asses: DON'T GIVE THE COPS A REASON. Why is this such a hard concept to understand? Cops are assholes. They have been since the beginning of time. There are still dipshits out there who haven't got the memo? Yes sir. No sir. Thank you. Sure, you could NOT do that just out of some stupid ass principle that nobody gives a fuck about except you, or you could just, you know, get over yourself and try to get on with your day. Sorry if you have to swallow your pride for 10 seconds and it costs you a video you could upload onto youtube you narcissistic asshole.
TMNT: Turtle Tracks
10/29/14, 04:16

Good god, way to completely miss the point. Fine, if not Mad Men then insert any show that you do like there. All I'm saying is that TMNT doesn't even crack the top 100 when it comes to shows you want to check out but haven't/shows you already like and would like to watch again. I can't read your fuckin mind, idk if you like Mad Men or not. The placeholder there was inconsequential. What is wrong with peoples' reading comprehension these days?
TMNT: Turtle Tracks
10/29/14, 01:04

Entire series on YouTube eh? Who gives a shit. I mean seriously, we all have fond memories of it growing up, but is anyone going to watch that now in the age of Netflix and DVR's? Are you really gonna rehash a show from the 80s that we've all seen a million times when you could watch, like, idk, Mad Men or something? This concludes today's unnecessary indignation...
Cow Tits!
10/28/14, 03:21

Sometimes I call my nads bon bons.
Alpha House - Trailer
10/28/14, 00:57

How did this get made? No, seriously, I'm fascinated to know how this works. Do things like this actually turn a profit somehow? Or is it some sort of tax deduction? It's clearly a racket of some kind.
The incomprehensible ending to Rob Zombie's 'The Lords Of Salem'
10/27/14, 22:11

Excellent cinematography? Well then my theory is that I was watching a faux widescreen version that cropped off the top and bottom of a full screen version because the one I saw on tv looked like ass.
'Don't ask me if I'm a guy or a girl!'
10/27/14, 22:09

Is it offensive to say if you have a dick you're a man and if you have a vag you're a woman? That seems like a fair distinction to me. Am I out of touch? I don't see what's inappropriate about that system.
The incomprehensible ending to Rob Zombie's 'The Lords Of Salem'
10/27/14, 20:17

I like House Of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects a lot, so it's not even as if Rob Zombie fans should like this movie. It has more in common with Manos The Hands Of Fate than those movies. I know Zombie is a big fan of vintage b-horror but even if it's supposed to be an homage to that it fails. It just fails so hard at everything. I am definitely still looking forward to his next movie though.
Guy Fieri Eating In Slow Motion To Killing Me Softly
10/27/14, 18:13

I believe he won some sort of Food Network version of "American Idol". Did we learn nothing from Jesse Camp?? We can't be trusted with that power!
Avengers: Age of Ultron Official Trailer #1 (2015)
10/23/14, 20:03

I feel like we just did this. Couldn't we have waited until we got some more properties into the mix before rushing this out?
TYLER PERRY'S MADEA'S TOUGH LOVE Official Trailer- Look For It On DVD 1/20
10/23/14, 17:16

There are words, but they are unpronounceable by human tongue.
A dumb Conan bit turns into impromptu Radiohead cover during dress rehearsal
10/22/14, 19:10

It is, he said so before pitching to it. If having the guitar handy is what's throwing you, it should be noted that he's noodling on the guitar during most of the dress rehearsal clips.
Elvira does the Monster Rap
10/18/14, 15:16

"Chucky's just a living doll/ The 50 foot woman is awfully tall"

Good... real good...
Hans Mole Man
10/16/14, 16:02

This has to be some kind of avant garde performance art, right? It's too great not to be. "Hand Mole Man"!?
The Guy who Survived on Pizza for 25 Years
10/13/14, 23:23

You're putting too much focus on one throw away line I had in there about not being able to get a date. That's just an amusing aside, don't let it detract from the point. The point is how damaged are these people that they keep settling for things like this? That would stand whether I had zero dates or 10,000 dates so let's move away from that aspect of it, I was just trying to be funny. But in a marketplace where every little quirk can get you a tv show, where's a show called "My Insane Spouse," or something? I wanna know these peoples' back stories damn it! WHO HURT YOU, MADELINE??
The Guy who Survived on Pizza for 25 Years
10/13/14, 19:24

I find something very aurally pleasing about the way he says "pizza". Fortunately for me he says it 10,000 times.

More to the point, allow me to go on a tangent: I watch a lot of "My Strange Addiction," "My Crazy Obsession," "Freaky Eaters," "Obsessed," things of that nature, and the victim (and yes they are victims even if they don't think so) ALWAYS has a significant other. Meanwhile I can't even get a date! I'm not gonna dwell on that point cause I'm not gonna go all TFL over here, but look at pizza boy's fiance! That's a cute, young, seemingly intelligent enough chick: surely there's a non-pizza eating person out there somewhere who can make her happy! So I ask you, what happened to her/the other spouses out there? Pizza boy and the like can't help it; they're mentally ill. But from the boyfriends/girlfriends/fiances, I always sense some kind of trauma. Have some self worth, people! Ok he seems like a nice guy but as I understand it, relationships entail a lot of give and take. You've gotta pick your battles and I don't think "Stop eating pizza every fucking day" is an outrageous demand. If he's not willing to do something about it or even show a desire to do something about it then she doesn't need that shit. That's a deal breaker ladies!

Sorry, indignant outrage over minutia is one of my favorite hobbies...
Fedsmoker goes to the Mayor
10/13/14, 18:47

Sounds to be a close relative to Ken Kaniff from the Eminem albums.
Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun
09/27/14, 07:15

Oh no shit! I haven't thought about this in like a decade. What a blast from the past.
BNV14 Finals - Los Angeles 'Rape Joke'
09/22/14, 16:27

My thought as I was watching: "I agree with the sentiment, but the delivery is annoying. Still, those women are performing their asses off, can't deny that!"

Then I hit "Oh shit, musta been a ghost then!" and I now reverse my "delivery is annoying" part. That was awesome.

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