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Prickly Pete

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Google employee shouts down San Francisco protester Update: It's a fake.
12/09/13, 13:42

That guy rocks
VGC: The VideoGamer Shopping Channel
12/08/13, 03:23

If anyone doesn't know (idk how big of a story this was), this is alluding to the guy who spend 750 pounds or something on what turned out to be a photo of an XBox One.
Demons Caught by Courtroom Camera
12/08/13, 03:22

I was skeptical at first, but there's definitely SOMETHING up with the guy at 0:43. I can't put my finger on it but I just don't trust that guy...
Grand Theft Auto 5 - Risk Assessment
12/07/13, 05:48

Bs. It says right in the description that it was submitted for the first 2 minutes.
Curt Hennig- Rap is crap
12/07/13, 05:45

He must've been spinning in his grave when Macho Man put a tribute song for him on his rap album.
Grand Theft Auto 5 - Risk Assessment
12/06/13, 15:09

I actually think 4 is awesome and this one isn't so great, but I seem to be in the minority on that. At least the bs missions in 4 gave you some kind of incentive for doing them, whereas this one is just packed with things that give you no tangible benefit. This is made exponentially worse by the fact that you don't even need to do the main story missions to complete them when failing them 3 times gives you the option to "skip". The whole mess kind of makes it all more like an interactive movie than a video game, which is still pretty sweet for what it is. It's still fun but the EXTRAORDINARILY easy difficulty has made it what I call the candy flavored cigarettes of video games: they insist that it's not for children, but yeah, it's totally for children. I like 4 better, but San Andreas is still king.

For these and more of my thoughts on the Grand Theft Auto series, please enter the door that leads into my brain ala "Being John Malkovich".
Don't wake daddy
12/06/13, 02:12

That story rocked. I don't know if you think that's one of those "You had to be there" moments, but I wasn't there and that story almost made me laugh to tears for some reason. It tickled me just right.
Reason Today - Coffeecare
12/05/13, 06:54

They're two totally different concepts. Of course if you flip flop how you shop for them it's not going to make sense. When I shop for pants, I try them on. When I shop for apples, I don't bite into a few different ones. But what if I bought APPLES the way I bought PANTS?? That wouldn't work! Therefor I shouldn't try on pants.
Reason Today - Coffeecare
12/05/13, 06:52

And there's a fucking difference between coffee and health care. I don't know why our society is obsessed with making these false comparisons and thinking they hold up to any kind of logic. This is akin to saying, "What if we had to buy boats the way we buy Fritos? A LOAN PAYMENT on FRITOS?? That would be BONKERS! Therefor the boating market is broken."
Reason Today - Coffeecare
12/05/13, 06:46

Where's the guy who needs coffee to live but couldn't get it? I feel like he was passively mentioned somewhere in that mess, and then quickly brushed off.
Don't wake daddy
12/05/13, 04:08

I need more information. Was this on purpose? Like was the Don't Wake Daddy/ Turtle van part of what got him off, or were they just civilian casualties?
Incredibly racist ad for McCutcheon & Hamner law firm
12/04/13, 12:43

I imagine he was an Asian who quickly disappeared off the scene, much like the black engineer who was recording "Franklin Comes Alive".
The PS4 Launch in Germany
12/04/13, 12:42

That's the one. But if "speedy and decisive woman" sounds like an oxymoron to you, you might notice that a dude in white hands it off to her before she takes off...
The PS4 Launch in Germany
12/04/13, 10:12

There was a hot chick in there. How do I know she's hot? Who gives a shit, she has a Playstation 4.
12/04/13, 08:51

The correct response was "It's starting to look like a triple Jeep!" or equivalent.
NBA 2014 featuring Kinect Support! (Technical Foul)
12/04/13, 03:30

I don't think the military has technical fouls.
Pimp My Ride - All of Xzibit's Entrances
12/04/13, 03:14

I like to imagine there's no editing here and this is just how Xzibit walks everywhere.
Pimp My Ride - All of Xzibit's Entrances
12/04/13, 03:12

You mean your X TO THE Z wife.
Louis CK discusses Pootie Tang on Howard Stern.
11/28/13, 07:55

Pootie Tang is awesome.
A NightMare Clown - Somebody That I Used To Know
11/26/13, 14:42

This combines all of my fetishes into one efficient video! Try to spot them all!

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