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Prickly Pete

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Louis CK - Jizanthapus
03/02/14, 05:32

Which special is this? I've seen all of Louis's specials so much they run together I guess, and I don't specifically remember this bit. That means I need to watch whichever this special is again! Help me out here.
Porno Plot Twist
03/02/14, 05:30

Wow, you could write for Family Guy. And I'm being sincere, because I love Family Guy... Sue me!
Two atrocious creatures from The Escapist discuss the relative merits of Breaking Bad and Dexter
02/27/14, 11:29

For some reason up until starting the video I kept reading that as "Dexter's Lab," which would have been an even more surreal discussion.
Animaniacs - Katie Ka-Boom
02/26/14, 15:29

Buttons and Mindy for sure. Katie Kaboom was worth it just for the title sequence, because it had a better premise than the actual bit. She should've just friggin exploded instead of turning into a monster.
Seth MacFarlane sings 'Joey Joey Joey' on BBC Proms 2012
02/25/14, 12:40

Joey Joe Joe Jr... Shabadoo?
OFFICIAL Epic Wedding Ceremony Battle (Batman, Iron Man & More)
02/24/14, 13:53

This is horrible and everyone involved is horrible. Except Jimmy Hart. Shit, that's really him isn't it?
Jimmy Kimmel cons the media again.
02/23/14, 15:59

I'm not 100% sure I understand what Jimmy's point is. What was their crime? Not flying all the way to Sochi to try and find the wolf personally before reporting on it? He even shows what lengths he went to to make it look convincing and then acts like their dumb for being convinced by it? I think his comment is muddied by the story being something that no rational human would have any great reason to doubt. Even the best reporter in the world wouldn't look at that and say "This SEEMS legit, but this COULD just be the work of an eccentric millionaire recreating a perfect copy of an Olympic dormitory and then asking an Olympian to tweet it out just to fool me!"
Guardians of the Galaxy - trailer
02/19/14, 15:32

Does the raccoon talk? If the raccoon doesn't talk then maybe I can deal with it. Anthropomorphic raccoon at all though makes this a rental at best. Let's just hurray up and fart all these out until they pay off in Avengers 2 just like all the phase 1 movies before Avengers.
Full House without Michelle
02/19/14, 03:15

My perception exactly. Need more!
Jay Leno is Leaving the Tonight Show
02/07/14, 16:45

Tangent: Jay Leno is an annoying, no talent hack. Conan is hilarious, innovative, has a voice, and charisma. Having said that, Leno is really the one who got screwed over that whole thing. People forget the part where Conan voluntarily left and Leno was forced out. Professionally, ethically, and creatively I think it was a bad idea for Leno to accept the show back so fuck him anyway, but Conan plays the victim card a little too much for not having been the victim in that scenario. Discuss. Or don't, idc.
Oklahoma restaurant won’t serve ‘freaks,’ ‘f*ggots,’ the disabled and welfare recipients
02/07/14, 16:05

My home state, ladies and gentlemen.
Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed
02/07/14, 09:54

I'm not sure that's the role of the doctor. I called you to fix the monkey who already fell off the bad, not to give me parenting advice.
Peggy's Massage
01/30/14, 13:44

Amazing. Why are these not an Adult Swim show yet?
Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammys
01/29/14, 10:06

Addendum: if anyone thinks the Shin Shoryuken is superior to the Shinryuken, I will fight you... at Street Fighter...
Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammys
01/29/14, 10:02

Ryu I'ma let you finish, but Ken has the best Shoryuken of all time! Of all time!
Clark the Cub 'Crisis'
01/28/14, 15:46

Or marriage.
Freestyle Finger Snapping
01/23/14, 11:50

At 0:57 I was sure was going to say "fuck yourself with it".
Taxi: The XXX parody
01/23/14, 11:48

Wow, when I read the description my first thought was, "It has to be Bridget The Midget. Who else could it be but Bridget The Midget?" The real answer was so much less inspired...
Loveline - Adam Carolla unabashedly humilates fake tv handyman Ty Pennington
01/16/14, 20:22

Loveline is still on, but this particular clip is many, many years old. Carolla left in something like 2005 ish.
Loveline - Adam Carolla unabashedly humilates fake tv handyman Ty Pennington
01/16/14, 09:56

You're just lucky I decided against tagging "huge areolas" as well.

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