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Prickly Pete

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New 128 lives glitch discovered in original Super Mario Bros. 30 years later.
06/18/14, 10:32

If I had to guess I'd say you're thinking of this: http://youtu.be/5-DNt_erbL4?t=14s Which raises the question, this doesn't HAVE to be beatles for the glitch here to work, does it? Wouldn't it work with the original turtles?
Dumb and Dumber To (Trailer)
06/15/14, 12:29

Going for an R rating seems like a mistake to me. Should've tried to recapture the tone of the original, I think. Either way I'm gonna think it's hilarious, I've already decided.
Cat Scares Reporter Out Of Her Shoe And Ruins A Live Shot
06/09/14, 11:59

Fun fact: You may recognize the anchor who pitches to the reporter from THIS classic! http://youtu.be/Jj2ucnfoQ0s
MTV's Catfish: Artis finally gets to meet blond bombshell 'Jess'
06/08/14, 14:21

Never in the history of failed relationships has anyone ever "won" a breakup as hard as this Artis fella's ex girlfriend the moment she sees this on tv.
McDonald's vs. Burguer King in 3D!!!!
06/08/14, 13:07

Two things: One, the Burger King (or Burguer King) says "Burry King", and also the McDonald's (or "MacDonald's) has the Apple Logo on its sign. So, there's that.
Sir Mix-a-Lot Performs 'Baby Got Back' with the Seattle Symphony
06/08/14, 13:03

The chick in the black dress is the only one taking full advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.
50 Cent in Malefiftycent
06/07/14, 12:22

Well that... that's just fine.
Dads recreate an episode of iCarly
06/07/14, 12:15

13:54 - Couldn't be bothered to do a second take, eh? This is brilliant.
Dads recreate an episode of iCarly
06/07/14, 12:14

Somewhere Tim & Eric are kicking themselves for not thinking of creating this first.
If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say
06/07/14, 12:13

I've never heard any white person say any of these things.
Losing One Of My Giant Legs - Documentary
05/27/14, 10:13

I hate to be this guy, but I'm gonna go there: I acknowledge and appreciate that reference!
Paris For President
05/22/14, 15:15

1:00) But if if you're gay just make sure you don't consummate it because you probably have AIDS! Google "paris hilton gay aids" for reference point...

1:15) what is it that's "a vocabulary don't"? Is that something backmasked? What could possibly need to be censored in a Paris Hilton video? Or am I just not able to make it out?

2:05) Hahaha WOW how are you going to have a song packed with complete fluff and then slip something like "water boarding is torture" in there?? Where the fuck did THAT come from?
Paris For President
05/22/14, 15:04

I'ma let you finish but James K. Polk was the greatest president of all time! OF ALL TIME!

(note: I know nothing about the history of my own country, so if Polk was a shitty president then replace that with someone good. I assume there were some good ones in there)
You Want To See a Picture of My Boy?
05/22/14, 03:42

Reminds me of Trevor from GTA5.
When WIll The Bass Drop?
05/21/14, 09:39

The joke is a take on people who get way over excited for DJ's who don't do all that much work. Need things explained to you much?
The Best Guy Ever Tells a Joke About the Coffee!
05/20/14, 18:00

I thought it was legitimately funny. It's in the same vein as one of my fantasies which is to replace wine in an expensive bottle with Franzia and see who at a party can really tell the fucking difference.
The Pee Mart
05/19/14, 15:32

What does the P stand for?
Gilbert Gottfried: Video game voiceover reel
05/19/14, 10:55

I could watch him do this for hours. Many sequels need to be made. I could use some House Of The Dead in the mix.
HowToBasic has completely lost his mind.
05/19/14, 09:26

History will not look kindly on HowToBasic's subscribers for not hunting him down and encapturing him before he has the opportunity to slaughter dozens of children.
Fox News on Hillary's Head Injury - 2012 vs. 2014
05/16/14, 10:26

I think only Hannity shows up* I should say. The point being, this isn't really a great example of flip flopping per say. "Fox News" isn't just one person so multiple people on the network saying contradicting things isn't really proof of anything. Realistically we all know they're all working together to push a specific agenda, but this video isn't particularly damnable is it?

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