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Prickly Pete

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Firebirds (full movie)
04/26/14, 13:34

Am I crazy or does Nick Cage look strikingly similar to Trey Parker here?
Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty
04/25/14, 09:53

Finally, a way to make yourself go deaf without the trouble of shoving forks in your ears.
Pizza Hut Employee Caught Peeing in Kitchen Sink
04/24/14, 16:58

That'd be a sweet idea for a movie. A Pizza Hut surveillance camera that records your worst fears! THEN BRINGS THEM TO LIFE!
Are You Afraid of the Dark? supercut
04/21/14, 16:43

Frankly I was most excited to see Eric Matthews from "Boy Meets World" at 1:00
Are You Afraid of the Dark? supercut
04/21/14, 15:19

Was I the only one expecting "Herbs an be very powerful... if you just lighten up."
Kids Interview Bands - Insane Clown Posse
04/20/14, 06:18

Just to restate the obvious: J has gotta be stoned out of his mind. Just look at him, haha.
Sarah Silverman - Orbit Gum Ad
04/18/14, 05:19

Frankly I find calling her a "girl" to be sexist. She's not 12, she's a full grown woman.
Massive Boobs on This Morning - Philip Schofield Chelsea Charms
04/16/14, 14:52

George Jefferson learns an important lesson about intolerance toward Whites.
04/13/14, 15:00

Doesn't seem to me like George really learned anything at all. He still seems pretty pissed off by the end of this clip.
Rush Limbaugh: 'CBS Has Declared War On The Heartland Of America' By Giving Colbert Letterman's Show
04/12/14, 15:30

We're all completely clear that he's doing a character too, yes?
The Big Bang Theory: PS4 vs XB1
04/11/14, 12:13

So he can't decide between a Playstation 4 and Xbox One? Damn it, I will forever remain the only person in the world with a Wii U... We'll see who's laughing when the new Smash Bros comes out, Sheldon!
Jamboni Brothers Pizza Animated Comic #1
04/11/14, 03:23

Is that Jesus?
Garfield Animation Collab
04/09/14, 16:15

Oh good Christ, I guess I had missed the point of this because I didn't realize that was a real strip. For anyone who is as naive as I was, PROOF!: http://images.ucomics.com/comics/ga/2010/ga100108.gif Wow, Garfield and Odie are pervs.
Garfield Animation Collab
04/09/14, 13:09

1:46. That will replace the giant squid in my nightmares.
Bill & Ted for DOS
04/05/14, 16:06

Does "boner" submit things without a description sometimes JUST to screw with me? At first glance does it not always look like the description is "boner"?
David Letterman Announces His Retirement
04/04/14, 20:42

I'm fairly certain that CBS has the money to write a check that would make TBS shart themselves.
Gary Busy for Amazon Fire TV
04/04/14, 05:17

Is it? Or was his life threatening head injury a blessing?
Greatest Shred of All Time
04/03/14, 09:13

Why is turning the amp on first bad? I mean, of course I know, but just to make sure YOU know why don't YOU explain it to ME as if I don't know...
Kenshiro doesn't like Chicken Killers
03/31/14, 20:42

So that's what happens if you punch someone with chicken in their mouth? I never knew that!
Norm Macdonald: 'I don't really believe in DNA'
03/31/14, 18:39

Idk how aware of this you guys are, but Norm is a full blown mad man. Fortunately it doesn't manifest itself in his comedy, which I respect, but he has said things on twitter that genuinely make me concerned that he's on drugs. I mean he's a little older, it's perfectly plausible that he's on prescriptions that make him a bit loopy, but SOMETHING is going on with that guy.

Also, this doesn't matter that much to me because he's entitled to his opinions, but fyi: he is MAJORLY against abortion rights. Just throwing that out there.

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