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Prickly Pete

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Street Fighter 4 'Wild Costumes' DLC
03/11/15, 13:27

It would be fun if I weren't 100% sure people were jacking off to it.
Net Neutrality Spy Planes Government Control of the Web
03/08/15, 08:33

Harrison Ford, how could you??
Ask A Porn Star: Porn Stars Describe Their Weirdest Scene
03/08/15, 08:29

Out of sheer curiosity and nothing else (I swear), I looked up the April O'Neil video with the girl scout and the devil. I'm here to tell you that unfortunately, the devil is 100% NOT a guy in red makeup with a cape and pitchfork. It's just some hot blonde chick in a corset and tiny devil horns. Rip off!
President Obama: Do you really love America?
03/06/15, 13:41

Is there any field other than politics where a 12 year old's opinion holds as much weight as a grown adult's? If a 12 year old told you you had lime disease you'd probably say, "Oh, ok, that's cute, but you probably no idea what you're talking about since you're fucking 12." (When I say "you" here I'm referring to the conservative base, not "you" as in you, cause I'm sure everyone here can agree that the kid is full of it/ heavily brainwashed)
Gilbert Gottfried entertains some juggalos
03/06/15, 05:07

@ Hamm: There has never been a Juggalo stabbing there. "But someone got stabbed there just a few years ago!" you might say. Fact: That was between two vendors who weren't even Juggalos. They were fuckin hot dog salesmen or some shit like that.

@ Homer: Obviously I'm biased, but I'd say her being a well established attention seeker hurts her credibility. But again I'm not saying it did or didn't happen, I'm just saying if I were a Juggalo lawyer I'd demand pics or it didn't happen! She was definitely hit with garbage/rocks/chased out of the venue though...
Gilbert Gottfried entertains some juggalos
03/06/15, 04:47

I suggest this, cause it's exactly what happened: Andrew WK didn't fuckin sing any Goddamn songs. He just talked on and on and on about bullshit. Which is fine if you're at one of AWK's amazing speaking functions, but he was there to play music. Though weirdly enough, he did kinda seem like he enjoyed having garbage thrown at him. Go figure. It bums me out cause I'm the only person I know who really loves AWK's music so it's a drag that he'll surely never be invited back, haha. He's cool though, he was a guest on ICP's tv show "ICP Theater" about a year ago, so no hard feelings I guess. Then again, so was Tom Green. Incidentally, so was Gilbert Gottfried. But I digress.
Gilbert Gottfried entertains some juggalos
03/05/15, 20:37

Accounts of Tila getting literal shit thrown at her are purely anecdotal! Not saying it did or it didn't happen, just saying we have plausible deniability! I wasn't there tho so I can't speak on it either way. But yes, she was taunting Juggalos via twitter before the Gathering even started. Here's what often goes under the radar: knowing that an attack was eminent, ICP told her what to expect, told her she could back out, and paid her regardless. She chose to go on; she architectured that whole thing, then claimed she was set up. Not exactly shocking given that her whole career is based on "Hey pay attention to me even though I have no discernible skill!"

If anyone ever has any ICP/Juggalo related queries, don't trust the media or hearsay. I have all the answers! p.s., be sure and pick up the new ICP album coming April 28...
Gilbert Gottfried entertains some juggalos
03/05/15, 17:12

It has been said that the Juggalos are a tough audience, but look at this. They're trying to entertain him just as much as he's trying to entertain them. Every artist who agrees to be there automatically starts in the plus column for Juggalos. We're just happy that someone would take the time to come perform for us. Everyone who has had a bad experience there did something to lose the good will. We don't have secret meetings where we just draw names out of a hat and arbitrarily decide who to boo off stage.
Gilbert Gottfried entertains some juggalos
03/05/15, 17:03

Wow, this is the first I'm seeing this video and when I started listening to ICP over 15 years ago, I never thought I'd hear a crowd of Juggalos chanting "FUCK STEVE ALLEN!"
Gilbert Gottfried entertains some juggalos
03/05/15, 17:00

Gilbert's cool; everyone's true colors come out after they get paid and Gilbert Gottfried is one of the ones who came back and still said he had a fun time. We can't say the same for Tom Green who recently referred to Juggalos as "the town retards," but if I had to defend Tom I'd say that he did see Juggalos at, arguable, our worst: the Tila Tequila incident.
Um Jammer Lammy - Stage 5 COOL
03/04/15, 07:20

If someone were listening to that in their car they would look like a crazy person.
The worst guy
03/03/15, 10:15

It's as if John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell fused into one person. Except that that one person would actually be the best guy.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time - Neon Nightriders
03/02/15, 07:53

People, can we ALL please recognize that Krang was the brain contained within the robot?? Krang was never bigger than the Statue of Liberty or saw eye to eye with Shredder! Krang is not the robot!
Southwest Pilot Rants About 'Grannies' and 'Fags' on Air Traffic Channel
03/01/15, 09:40

For this very reason.
SNL 40th - Melissa McCarthy plays Matt Foley
03/01/15, 05:17

I think the resident fat woman cast member, Aidy Bryant, could've done a much more enthusiastic rendition of this. Though I'm guessing nobody here still watches the show enough to know who that is.
Unfriended Trailer
02/22/15, 11:13

1:21 "Who would hack into a dead girl's account?" Right, that goes against the internet's Geneva Conventions! Nobody who uses the internet would do something THAT caraaaaazy!
Comedy Bang! Bang! - Harris's Foam Corner
02/21/15, 06:48

Bullshit! You didn't like Jack Sjunior and the lumberyard? Creek. Slam. Sit. A pox on you!
A bullet attachment that could save lives?
02/18/15, 00:37

I saw this story about a month ago and, no bullshit, the argument I read against it was that if we start using these then cops will be encouraged to use them in situations where they wouldn't have shot otherwise. Yeah, no fucking shit. We shouldn't have them cause if we do then we, gasp, might use them?? OF COURSE they're going to use them in situations where they wouldn't have shot. That's the entire fucking point. That's why they were invented. But we're living in this society now where every side is treated just as validly. Nothing can objectively be a good idea anymore.
Adult Swim's Fishcenter Live
02/13/15, 19:03

I could be wrong but is the voice of Harris Wittels in there? If so I may actually have to watch this whole stupid damn thing.
Joe Biden Gives A Shout Out
02/12/15, 20:48

iz: Is this where we are in society? Apologizing for liking things? Just do you bro! YOLO!

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