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Prickly Pete

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Man spends a week eating only frozen ready meals
05/01/15, 13:04

Thanks for asking, cause I was gonna get into that but didn't want to ramble TOO much. Anyway, I'm fat in the stomach, but with clothes on nobody would ever know. I'm kinda scrawny everywhere else but I drank so much for so many years that I gained a wicked gut. But since late 2012 I've been much more conscious about what I eat and wouldn't you know it, since then I have lost 40+ pounds (which nobody can tell, because it's all in my gut. All non-gut areas appear as they always did...). Who would've guessed that the secret to losing weight is to eat a balanced diet? I'm 6' and 180 pounds so I'm definitely not America fat, but thanks to my remaining gut poundage I'm still probably, like, France fat.
Man spends a week eating only frozen ready meals
05/01/15, 10:01

Brings back bad memories. Growing up, my single parent dad never cooked, so I was eating fast food for dinner every day for years. More power to him, at least he was feeding us, but it was always a matter of him calling on his way home from work and asking where we wanted him to get food. So naturally when I went to college I knew nothing of nutrition and literally survived on a diet of fast food, lunch meat, hot dogs, ramen noodles, and frozen dinners. So many frozen dinners. Particularly Hot Pockets. I would buy Hot Pockets by the big ass box. I never had a fruit or vegetable, save for an occasional glass of orange juice and the lettuce/tomato that comes on drive thru hamburgers. After I graduated I started being more careful about what I ate, but until about 3 years ago I was still doing a pretty half assed job. But since then I've probably reduced my fast food intake by at least 80%, eat fruits and vegetables on the reg, and I'm damn sure never eating another hot pocket in my life.
The Great Satan At Large - Banned Public Access Show 1993
05/01/15, 09:34

Is he a legit mad man or a genius? Sincere question, I wanna know.
V/H/S 2 - Alien Abduction Slumber Party
04/26/15, 20:18

Very good.
Obsessed: The Sixth Spice Girl
04/26/15, 15:45

Fuck it, this woman is the shit in my opinion. She fuckin loves the Spice Girls, more power to her. I feel badly for her that the Spice Girls don't make music anymore, do they? It must suck to only have 3 or 4 albums to bump whenever you're in a Spice Girls mood (which I'm presuming for her is always).
McDonalds 'Clean it' training video featuring a fake Michael Jackson
04/26/15, 15:42

I've lost all ability to discern between what I think is genuinely amazing and what I think is ironically amazing.
Richie Rich - Official Trailer - Netflix Kids Originals
04/26/15, 07:29

I'm assuming the original written dialogue at 0:29 was "kills my boner".
Fantastic Four trailer (2015)
04/25/15, 16:25

A 12-year-old playing Mr. Fantastic. Bold strategy, let's see if it pays off.
FULL HD VIDEO: Indiana Westfield High School Stage Collapses Caught on Tape Multiple Injured!
04/24/15, 16:40

Somewhere in the audience, at least one adult felt super guilty for wishing so hard that that would happen.
'Little Boy' Trailer
04/24/15, 16:36

I'm going to point out the obvious and say that if this really happened, that kid would be instantly destroyed by the government. And rightfully so, I might add.
The Hammer Lift Competition
04/23/15, 18:15

For me, the fact that it's silly isn't what's bothering me, it's that it's a Goddamn waste of time. Is the movie going to be 4 hours long if there's shit like this in it?
The Hammer Lift Competition
04/23/15, 15:34

Jesus Christ, this isn't going to be in the movie is it?
Man rubs metal sticks for two minutes
04/21/15, 14:12

Some of the notes sound out of tune? Maybe it's supposed to sound like that.
Experience the horror of Big Mouth Masks
04/20/15, 16:27

We need things like this to remind us how fucking bored we are in America. And I mean that in a positive way.
A French baker opens a bundle full of natural levain (sourdough starter)
04/19/15, 13:39

What's neat, at least what I'm seeing, is that if you hover your cursor over the 1:02/1:03 ish mark, the thumbnail is RIGHT at the point of explosion.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Trailer #2
04/16/15, 18:24

Everyone knows that Chewie died a hero's death: getting hit by a car.
Pat Roberson Says Something About Hillary Clinton
04/16/15, 10:21

Yes, Hillary wants to take us back to the past, when women presidents were all the rage.
Jimmy Nutron Orders Pizza With His Dad
04/15/15, 10:54

Well that... that's just fine.
Parks and Rec: Very Good Building commercial
04/13/15, 09:16

Ron Swanson lost any and all depth that season.
ICP vs. Sharon Osbourne on Howard Stern circa 1999 (part 1 of 3)
04/12/15, 19:12

Yeah that's pretty rough. Well I asked for an example of them backing down from a fight and you provided one. Can't argue with that.

As far as Coalchamber, I think it's just as ICP said; Coalchamber wasn't moving any tickets. I would like to say that they are getting better about the homophobia though. On a recent release Violent J said "faggot" and they self censored it. Homophobic enough to say it, progressive enough to censor it. I agree, I wish they'd cool it on that. They are but a product of their generation.

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