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Prickly Pete

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Garfield Animation Collab
04/09/14, 13:09

1:46. That will replace the giant squid in my nightmares.
Bill & Ted for DOS
04/05/14, 16:06

Does "boner" submit things without a description sometimes JUST to screw with me? At first glance does it not always look like the description is "boner"?
David Letterman Announces His Retirement
04/04/14, 20:42

I'm fairly certain that CBS has the money to write a check that would make TBS shart themselves.
Gary Busy for Amazon Fire TV
04/04/14, 05:17

Is it? Or was his life threatening head injury a blessing?
Greatest Shred of All Time
04/03/14, 09:13

Why is turning the amp on first bad? I mean, of course I know, but just to make sure YOU know why don't YOU explain it to ME as if I don't know...
Kenshiro doesn't like Chicken Killers
03/31/14, 20:42

So that's what happens if you punch someone with chicken in their mouth? I never knew that!
Norm Macdonald: 'I don't really believe in DNA'
03/31/14, 18:39

Idk how aware of this you guys are, but Norm is a full blown mad man. Fortunately it doesn't manifest itself in his comedy, which I respect, but he has said things on twitter that genuinely make me concerned that he's on drugs. I mean he's a little older, it's perfectly plausible that he's on prescriptions that make him a bit loopy, but SOMETHING is going on with that guy.

Also, this doesn't matter that much to me because he's entitled to his opinions, but fyi: he is MAJORLY against abortion rights. Just throwing that out there.
Bad Johnson - trailer
03/25/14, 12:11

Oh Lord, also according to IMDB (not sure if it mentioned this in the trailer) the main character is named "Rich Johnson". Oh it is too clever!
Bad Johnson - trailer
03/25/14, 12:10

Is that Nick Thune? Yes, yes it is. He's kind of a mad man, if you couldn't tell from his starring as a personified penis.
Norm MacDonald Hosts (or something) the YouTube Live Show (or something)
03/23/14, 13:23

He has never changed in the decades he has been on tv. God bless that man.
Hannibal At The Gathering
03/23/14, 08:38

You're just trolling. You must be. I know you are. If we were face to face I'd shut you down on everything you said, and you know this. Just take my word for it and acknowledge you're wrong because I've been a Juggalo for over a decade and I know what we are about. They could not be less about white supremacy or ANY kind of supremacy, I promise you. The lyrics you cited make no kind of any sense out of context, and even out out context you'd be hard pressed to make a white supremacist argument. Does "Gold Jewelers" say Jewish to you? That's on you, guy. I'd hate you if I weren't SO so sure you're just trolling.
Degrassi High - Wheels Gets Molested
03/23/14, 06:48

Man, he wasted an opportunity and gave me a great idea should I become a molester: Molest the kid while you're driving! Cause then where's he gonna go? Nowhere to run in a moving car! Drive with one hand and grab his balls with the other!
Hannibal At The Gathering
03/22/14, 16:50

Both of those are preposterous arguments. I suspect you know that already so I won't bother combating them unless you really, really need me to, but it would just be a waste of everyone's time because that logic is clearly gobledeegook.
Hannibal At The Gathering
03/22/14, 13:28

Wow man whoever reported that is just straight up lying. There's no song, even a tongue-in-cheek one, that says anything close to "Fuck the fags and the Jews". Maybe you were reading a satirical article? I can't explain that, but I can tell you that that song doesn't exist. I can't even imagine what they would've taken so blatantly out of context as to come to an interpretation like that, but there are 0 songs that has the message of "ICP is the master race". Obviously it's no surprise that somebody would make that up just to make Juggalos look bad but I can assure you and everyone else that it's not true. I've been listening to ICP for 15 years and have quite literally heard every song they've ever made AT LEAST dozens of times. I know what I'm talking about.
I'm Going Away for a While...
03/22/14, 13:23

I don't know who this person is and I have no reason to. First impression after 1 minute is that she is a dipshit. Yes, you "hate" the internet so much that you're posting a video all about it on the internet. I'm so fuckin sure. If she really felt what she's saying she'd just walk away and find a new hobby instead of making a big deal about "HEY LOOK AT ME LEAVING EVERYONE! I'M LEAVING NOW! ARE YOU SORRY YET? LEAVING NOW!"

Idk what her principles or beliefs are or anything so it's not that I disagree with those per se, I just disagree with her blatant attention whoring. You're not fuckin upset lady, quit lying.
Hannibal At The Gathering
03/22/14, 06:03

Anti-racism is without a doubt one of--if not THE--biggest theme of ICP music. "Redneck Hoe," "Chicken Huntin," "Piggy Pie," "The Dirt Ball," "Joker's Wild," and "Terrible" just off the top of my head have strong anti-racism message. Where did you get your info? I fucking defy you to prove me wrong on this, because you can't.
Hannibal At The Gathering
03/22/14, 06:01

Wow dude WHAT? Early Insane Clown Posse? You mean like their first fucking album as Insane Clown Posse, "Carnival Of Carnage" from 1992 that features the song "Your Rebel Flag" that constantly says "Fuck Your Rebel Flag" and is about how horrible racism is? Or the song of their second lp, "Ringmaster," that has the song "Mr Johnson's Head" about killing a teacher because he's a racist? You're a mad man. Antisemitic? What in God's name are you referring to there? Homophobic, ok yah they say fag more times than I care for, but it's in the sense that all dumbass kids use it, certainly nothing like "Kill all the gays!"
Cream-pie video has unsettling twist ending
03/21/14, 16:26

The genius is that the guy has already got off by then, so it's afterwards when he's in his refractory period and cleaning up while the video rolls on and then he sees that. That's the kind of thing that makes you question life choices.
Belinda Bedekovic - Airplane Improvisation
03/21/14, 16:20

I don't know who Belinda is, but I want her to be my bride.
Hannibal At The Gathering
03/21/14, 14:21

Glad he appeared to have a good time.

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