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Louis Theroux meets fans of female body builders - BBC
08/24/10, 03:08

Not sure which episodes you're watching but I think you must not have been paying attention. The whole conceit is that he absolutely hides his true feelings to these people. He plays the role of the dummy in just about every single one. A dude that's interested in whatever subculture he's documenting, and possibly interested in participating himself. His narration talks about his true feelings and towards the end of most episodes he calls the subjects out on their bullshit or asks them to clarify their insanity. We, as an audience, are aware that he thinks the subjects are generally batshit nuts but the subjects aren't. And we're really only aware because he's narrating and they're selectively cutting away to reaction shots of him that reflect somewhat how he is dealing with the interactions. His entire series of documentaries are like a treasure to me and I am incredibly hopeful he can move back to doing more light-hearted fare than he's been doing as of late(crime, prison, pedophilia, etc). Watch the rap episode of Weird Weekeds and tell me that's not a perfect documentary and summation of that entire subculture, at least how it was when he documented it. If you disagree, I don't know what to say. The man's brilliant.
Winnebago Man - The Documentary
05/20/10, 16:14

Pretty simplistic view of things. I guess you're discounting Werner Herzog entirely as well as Louis Theroux and Jon Ronson. Need I go on?
Back to the Future outtakes
04/19/10, 11:55

I fucking love this. I swear not a week goes by where I don't quote "Son of a bitch, she's cheating mang! HEY BITCH!"
Rockafire Explosion - Hips Don't Lie
04/16/10, 11:59

I was just thinking about this today actually. This is made by the guy who designed the Rockafire Explosion, not Chris Thrash. There's a whole sequence in the movie dedicated to its production. The guy who designed the band does all the voices and he got the girl who did the voice of Mitzi to come in to perform this. It's pretty amazing actually. I saw the movie a few months back in New York and I thought it was really good. Pretty sure the DVD is for sale on the website now
Something's Happening
11/19/09, 15:27

He's a crazy person who thinks that mucus is "death from the mouth" and proceeds to burn it with a blowtorch to prove his point. I don't think there's an explanation that would suffice for any of it.
Something's Happening
11/19/09, 12:36

"Ya gotta believe me, the world is bein' killed by this stuff."

Say no more, sir. I'm on board.
Hilarious Harassment in the Workplace
11/11/09, 14:05

Sounds like jerk. Pretty amazing line reading.

I also enjoy the gentleman who loves the shark show. Sounds insane to me, too.
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Was a Documentary Filmed in Real Time
10/26/09, 14:15

Thanks man, I always quote the documentary line but can never remember what it's from.

And yeah, not the funniest thing in the world. But I like that these poor actors had to pretend to be superheroes even in a behind the scenes video. I also dig how much emphasis was clearly put on talking about junkfood, ya know, because kids.
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Was a Documentary Filmed in Real Time
10/26/09, 13:57

It would be really cool to have a girlfriend...
An Appointment with Dr. Rape-Murder
10/21/09, 23:13

Yep, totally. Doesn't matter who was doing it first (FFF has been around for 5 years actually but TV Carnage has everyone beat by decades so they win by that measure). But yes, competition is good for everyone. More found footage weirdness = good for Earth.
God Makes Your Dick Hard at the Most Inopportune Times
10/21/09, 11:53

They're not Everything is Terrible wannabes by any stretch, the Found Footage Festival has been around and touring nationally with their live show for 5 years. And found VHS footage as comedy has been around since the 80s in video mixtape form and TV Carnage, etc. Trust me, nobody's ripping anybody off. It's all fair game.

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