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Why the katana is not the 'bestest sword evar'
SALTATIO MORTIS - Frher war alles besser
Yamaha AR100 Organ 'Stranger in Paradise'
Robotix: The Series (1985)
BraveStarr The Legend The Movie
Robot Jox
Getting Drunk on God
The Dark Side Of The Swat Kats
Scorpions - Live In Tokyo 1984 (live Concert)
Jackofficers - An Hawaiian Christmas Song
DoE researchers can now make crude oil from algae in an hour.
Best sex toy ever Tenga - Deep Throat Cup
Yamaha DX7 - the 32 classic factory patches
Roland JD-800 - the 64 classic factory patches
Megyn Kelly discusses her comments regarding Santa's complexion.
Congo Bongo commercial
Windows 8 product demo
Vice: Experiencing Psychosis with Digital LSD
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show A Hit Among People Who Don't Know That Pornography Exists
Simmons Electronic Drum Solo 1991
The Christmas Song Technics F5 Organ
You want to see the Lambada?
Bad Ass Crossbow vs. Zombie Go Boom Ivan Head!
Stoned Kids
Julian Assange in conversation with Slavoj Zizek (2011)
ASK A SLAVE S2EP5: House & Field
Paul Rudd and Jason Segel show up to an interview stoned.
Dating Advice: Internet Dating Help
Vice: The Last HI-NRG Ravers in Mexico
The Computer And Manned Space Flight
AV live commentary? drunk moar.
Princess Pooflower looking for a girl to edate.
The Effects of Emasculation
Monsters Crash the Pajama Party (full movie)
Billy Howard - Disco Cops
Progress? (1971)
The Romp (1971)
Aliens In UFO - The Earth Investigation (1975)
Past And Future - Journey In Time (1977)
Ninja: The Final Duel (dubbed theatrical cut)
Steampunk Slingshot: See it, Like it, Win it!
Pootie Tang duet with Missy ElliotNot Rated
A Theory About Sharks
ASK A SLAVE S2Ep3: What About the Indians?
Emotional Maturity (1957)
Social Acceptability (1957)
Lindybeige on gender roles.
Introducing 'The Rambone': A Jrg Sprave Mass Production Slingshot
How to Quit Drinking Alcohol And Drugs For Real - What Is Rehab Like
Woman Drowning in her SUV is Miraculously Saved
Why is the World so Unfair? Why can't I enjoy the Luxury Goods I Deserve and Love?
Jello Biafra answers some questions in France, October 2013.
World's 1st Rifled Slingshot
Mr. Show: sovereign nation
Dimebag Darrell - Randall Clinic - 06-03-1993
Pantera Racisim Interview - Vinnie Paul and Phil Anselmo
10-Man Genie In The Lamp Ladder Match - CHW Backyard Wrestling
Misfits - Bullet (Channel Club, Boston 1983)
Harry Reid Pushes Major Senate Filibuster Rules Change
Weird butt guy at Coachella
Sai - The Best Video on the secret Deadly Weapon
ASK A SLAVE S2Ep2: Caught in the Web
The Biggest Ass in Brazil
Joerg and a Norwegian guest smash a Nissan with a 100 pound hammer
Sylvester - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Promo Clip)
Cerrone live in Paris, 1978
Quad Videotape Transfer: WBZ-TV Opens and Promos 1980
Toilet Kids longplay
Lazy Y-Gen Turds - Laziest Turds I have ever seen
Abbey Road Medley
Norbit: deleted scenes
Prisoners don't have infinite rights
Manga Mad (full documentary)
Really good 80s commercial compilation
Taco Bell 1979 TV ad
The Jin-Men-Ken (Human-Faced Dog) end credits
JOHN LENNON - The Biggest Hypocrite and Liar (Archieluxury)
White supremacist Craig Cobb finds out hes 14% African on national television
Linda Hamilton 3d screensaver
Some points about spiked armour
A scene from Cheech & Chong's Corsican Brothers
Cheech and Chong's The Corsican Brothers (full movie)
A design for a fantasy weapon
Please listen to me, and then disagree
A point about 'Braveheart' and FREEDOM!
A clarification about an earlier point about drawing swords that goes a bit adrift
Crunk For ChristNot Rated
Siskel & Ebert - Worst of 1993
Siskel & Ebert - Lambada
The birth of Petey Wheatstraw
WSBK TV38 Boston 'We Don't Knock' Complete Show 1985
Zamfir CD Commercial 1990
YANNI - If I Could Tell You (Album Promo - TV commercial, 2000)
The Horrible Dr. Bones (trailer, 2000)
The Coogi Conspiracy
Banshee's Lament [For Halloween]

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