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I, Psychopath
12/31/09, 21:30

Yep, but now that you do I forgive you. :)
Cat Drag Massage
12/31/09, 21:29

Static electricity cat coming your way.
I, Psychopath
12/31/09, 21:01

Yeah I only work with this field for a living, but yeah just making shit up...
I, Psychopath
12/31/09, 20:58

Okay remaining two stars are for the doc. but the subject is still a twat. How could it not be obvious that he was trying to manipulate him. Guess I'm around it to much.

The temper tantrums were because of a feeling of loss of control, being told what to do instead of leading or guiding the other person. I'm glad the interviewer did not back down to much.
I, Psychopath
12/31/09, 20:12

I, Twat. Self proclaimed psychopath? Okay, could be that it's true but I'm thinking that perhaps he should have an actual mental health work up. There is something on board, but I can't tell what.

I also like the disatchment to himself. And the rags to riches bit could be BiPolar/Manic Depressive, and a type two personality which he does display.

Withholding remaining stars until I see the rest.
Pope Benedict Attacked By 'Unstable' Woman at Midnight Mass
12/26/09, 22:04

What he needs is the Burrowing Bishop!
RC Plane Under Fire
12/26/09, 21:59

Hell yeah, I love how the controller strafes the children. There simply isn't enough of that in the world. Also kick ass song.
Finally Tonight...Jesus!
12/23/09, 19:33

And these people want to be in charge. I'm just glad I never stopped drinking.
Family Confessions
12/23/09, 19:08

happy christmas now I'm scarred
Rachel Maddow-Atheist under fire for (lack of) beliefs
12/17/09, 22:52

Wow this really pisses me off. I mean honestly, so he doesn't believe in a magic sky fairy. SO FUCKING WHAT!!! I really hope that someone tries to enforce this, and then anouther someone takes the American Constitution and beats them with it...alot.
Diaper Lover on Tyra Show
12/17/09, 22:31

This girl has had some metal trauma in her past, probably was either raped, or beat or both.

Either way there is a serious issue at work here. Just look at her mannerisms. She can barely make eye contact, and is developmenatly stunted.
screen clean
12/17/09, 21:55

Screen clean? Must have one!
MacGyver Cat Intro
12/11/09, 00:24

5 stars for you adventure cat!
Thai commercial for eyeglasses.
12/05/09, 18:52

Dupe, but five anyway.
Chis-chan attempts parkour
12/05/09, 18:35

Oh so that's what it was attached to. Nice to see he's getting out from time to time.
Why Cecco Beppe Does Not Die
12/05/09, 18:25

The smell of victory. Yeah I get that from my little cat quite often.
Literally, the Safety Dance
12/05/09, 18:17

It's an improvement on the song, and now I will only hear this if it plays. Which I hope it doesn't
Grooming Sequoia
12/05/09, 18:12

Much better attitude than my fluffy cat. She tries to scratch youre eyes out.

5 for totalaly cute ball of fluffy love.
Santa Claus Is A Fat Bitch
12/05/09, 18:00

I lived next to a bunch of these idiots. My god. I think they all had a combined I.Q. of 50, that said it does piss me off that I found myself actually having to not get into the rhythm. Oh well.
Police Squad! starring Chris-chan
12/05/09, 17:50

WTF was that camera attached to?

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