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Michael Keaton as Batman 'You wanna get nuts?!'
Jeb Bush Confronts Black Lives Matter
Nipple piercing gone wrong. Turned into abscess.
Trump protester punches man and gets instantly sprayed with mace
God Of War - Alternate costumes
Bunny tries to make love to balloons
Animals enjoy being vacuumed
Killer Instinct: Orchid and Spinal Revealed
The Dramatic Dog
Animals like Hair Dryers
Baby vs Talking Tom Cat
Cat gets scared
Vacuuming my Duck
Duckling Snoring
I Are Cute Duckling AWW
Kitten and Duckling VS Sticky Paper
waseem rayasat
Cats vs Rice cooker
Funny cat loves only fresh milk
Kitten goes crazy for milk
Cat wants to eat in private
The Apple Tree Learning Nook
Angry talking cat
Polite cat asks to be left alone
Welcome to Lodoss Island
Funny cat gets stuck
Cat vs Trash can
Funny parrots imitating
Puppies vs Cat
Cat massage
Cat and Duck
Cats vs Printers
Probably the cutest cat
Smart and Funny Dogs
Fat Cat Stuck
Funny cat vs Reflection
TURBO Hamsters
Cats are smart. EPIC
Funny Room
Super Dingo vs the Hippies
Al-Houla Massacre in Syria
Soul Reaver ending
'I've had an absolute C*nt of a day...'
Tim And Eric - Don't Get The Bite
One Hit Wonder
Ricky Gervais Rapes Hollywood, January 16th, 2011
The Origins of Patrick Star?
Chris Hedges on 'Empire of Illusion'
The Cat Puke Song
redneck kungfu
Beavis and Butthead - Trouble Urinating
Beavis and Butthead - Hip Like Junk
The Universe with Dr. Jimes Tooper and Dr. Donna Gust
Jude Law - Poker Face
Pregnet chick jacks off sum guy at best buy
The Master of Disguise - Turtle Club
New 3 minute Mass Effect 2 Trailer
Star Wars with a Laughtrack.
Sexy Xenergy Advert - Probably NSFW
Ethan Phillips (Neelix) on what was wrong with Voyager aliens
Zero Punctuation: Demon's Souls
Tim and Eric - Discount Prices
The door war has only just begun.
'The Yes Men' get called out
Vegas Elevator Sex Compilation
How to get a blowjob
Shootout in Ohio bar! HQ
Gus Frerotte Headbutts Wall
The Truman Show
The Bottle of Wine Glass
Bill Cosby's Alcohol Routine
How are muslims treated in the US? (ABC experiment)
2012: The Most Over The Top Movie Ever
Stoner chick apple commercial
If I were a bro
Public healthcare critic asks Weiner why he's not on Medicare
You're too stupid to be an Atheist!
Sharks doing it
Batman hates skeletons.
man gets hit by bus
Jay Leno on Top Gear
Glenn Beck torn apart on The View
Maria Bamford - The Office
Oh, My God!
The Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer
Beastie Boys on Japanese TV 1987
Depression Cooking
Sandra Lee - Look at that!
Female Driver
Town hall erupts over Obama's citizenship
The Biggest Douche of Baseball
Living with Michael Jackson, man he's weird.
Not Gonna Work

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