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A Line from Digimon
04/04/10, 21:37

It's great to see the Japanese are still producing QUALITY ANIMATION!

I mean, not even Disney can touch this shit.
Philip Pullman responds to a question about the title of his new book
04/04/10, 10:00

Isn't this the guy who wrote The Golden Compass?

God that made a terrible movie.
Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of - BMX Ninja
04/03/10, 23:06

I blame this kind of shit on AVN and Yahtzee. But more on AVN.
Don Rickles Verbally Annihillates Black Jewish Man
04/03/10, 19:26

I wasn't even alive and I miss these guys.
Child Endangerment EXTRAVAGANZA!
04/02/10, 20:22

...I am. :(
CNN report on the 'RapeLay' videogame.
04/01/10, 20:33

Fuck these bitches.

Never change Japan.
Frat Boys Get 53 Glenn Beck Fans' Cars Towed
04/01/10, 20:25

That's what happens when he's not pre-recorded then edited down to an hour.
Democrats' Rainbows and Unicorns
04/01/10, 20:22

Rage? Where?
04/01/10, 20:19

lol, white people
Zero Punctuation - Final Fantasy XIII
04/01/10, 20:15

Wait, so he's admitting that he only played five hours of the game and he already has a pre-disposed hatred of Japanese RPGs...

I must just lack the required sense of "humor" to appreciate this guy.

Furthermore, I played Final Fantasy XIII for 60 hours and loved every minute of it.

Also, fuck your mother.
Marine's Dad Must Pay Phelps Protesters' Fees
04/01/10, 20:09

Pure fucking evil.
Democrats' Rainbows and Unicorns
04/01/10, 20:05

I love how dems and repubs always conveniently forget what their own party did when they're bitching about the other doing the same thing.
3 Year old desperatly in love with Justin Bieber
03/30/10, 22:02

Ladies and Gentlemen, the future.
Two finalists for 'Worst Human Being Ever' title duke it out verbally
03/29/10, 23:02

I do what I can.
Animaniacs fans invited to Warner Bros studio (1995)
03/29/10, 22:55

Five stars for that link.

What a thumping, horrifically good read.
Man Gets 6 Years for Cooking Dog
03/29/10, 22:28


Sure is 4chan in here.
Two finalists for 'Worst Human Being Ever' title duke it out verbally
03/29/10, 22:24

lol pro-lifers
Center Stage (2000): The Way You Make Me Feel
03/29/10, 22:20

I thought this was just another case of a youtuber swapping audio out of boredom, but apparently this is actually in the film like this.

I remember the ads for this film when I was in 9th grade I think, and a really horrible Mandy Moore song that got played from it on the radio all the time.
Philippines Got Talent Contestant
03/29/10, 22:16

That was wonderful.
katy perry gets slimed
03/29/10, 22:12

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