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Daughter Angry at Mother
12/13/09, 14:19

If I had any stars left, they'd be for you.
The Final Events of Bible Prophecy
12/13/09, 14:18

Wasn't this all supposed to happen back in 2000?
The End of the World Bus Tour
12/13/09, 14:16

It's good to know the United States isn't the only place full of these people.

Wait, no, that's awful to know.
Waiting for Armageddon - trailer
12/13/09, 14:13

"I was hoping one of Saddam's missiles would find it's way over to the dome..."

Five stars for evil.
Daughter Angry at Mother
12/12/09, 22:50

Everywhere I've lived (including Los Angeles) this girl would of at least gotten an acknowledgment, a whole lot of stares, and after the first minute of that shit a "shut the fuck up", at the very least.

I never, ever want to go to New York. Ever.
Anime Club
12/12/09, 22:46

Back in my high school freshman days, all I had to do was mention an anime title that wasn't Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon and they were all amazed.

I actually miss the days when anime was something obscure of the mainstream, rather than being the only thing left on tv for kids to watch.
Why Asians Have To Be The One Cosplaying Anime Characters
12/12/09, 19:40

I like how anime characters almost never even look remotely Japanese.

However reading that diatribe they typed up convinces me that this is a troll.
TFL: Why Our School System Is So Fucked Up
12/12/09, 19:36

I can't even understand him well enough aside of "fucking fuck fuck sick fuck" to know what he's talking about.

Five stars for evil because that accent is fucking torture.
Anime Club
12/12/09, 19:34

What the hell do you do in anime club meetings anyway? Talk about how kawaii Sephiroth and Tuxedo Mask are? I've never understood the purpose of an anime club or how such a thing could consistently exist.

Five stars for the sheer horror of the closeups and the imitation of a giddy anime schoolgirl...ugh.
Sex Trek
12/10/09, 19:03

After watching this far into it I don't see how anyone could find this erotic over flat out hilarious.

That being said, I just noticed instead of the little fleet emblems on their shirts, it's condoms. Nice.
Chris-chan: Family Gay
12/10/09, 19:00

I actually wouldn't be that surprised if Chris-Chan or his "ideas" appeared on Family Guy. They actually have featured a lot of YouTube/Negrounds/4chan stuff in recent seasons.

Really, that's just how desperate they are for material to reference...err "parody" now. That, and they've realized just how easy to please their primary audience is.
Mega64 - FFXIII American Debut Trailer
12/06/09, 10:09

You just say that because it was made by Americans. :p

Even though it's probably true.
Mega64 - FFXIII American Debut Trailer
12/06/09, 09:51

I think XIII may at last be the game to make me quit the Final Fantasy series.

It keeps getting progressively worse and now it's totally alienating it's fanbase, yet I still run out and buy each new installment then put 60 to 100 hours into it.
The Complete Guide to the Future
12/01/09, 21:54


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