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Justin Bieber Doesnt know what German Is..
05/04/10, 22:58

Also, those stars are for making me weep for our future. Thanks again PoE!
Justin Bieber Doesnt know what German Is..
05/04/10, 22:57

I'd wager he's still smarter than Palin.
Philllies Fan Gets Tasered
05/04/10, 21:18

This was very satisfying.

More please.
'Massage and Mother's Milk'
05/04/10, 21:08

The youtube comments.
World of Warcraft Nerd rage.
05/04/10, 21:04

I've never played an MMORPG since Runescape, when it was new.

Glad to see I didn't miss anything.
Simpsons 'tik tok'
05/04/10, 20:59

Funny, I clicked on a link for a Simpsons clip but it feels an awful lot like I just watched a Family Guy clip.
Interstate 24 in Nashville
05/03/10, 20:10

Slow news day, eh TN?
The Girls of Rock and Roll
05/03/10, 18:50

I'm not sure if this is worse than the live action Goofy Movie song or not.
RightNetwork's Right2laugh
05/03/10, 18:43

duppity dupe dupe
The Fifth Element's Diva Dance
05/02/10, 23:21

I don't think any movie from the late 90s has, really.
Romancing the SeaMan
05/02/10, 23:14

Pretty much. Although, just to be clear, I wasn't intending to defend him.
Cat tries to revive dead cat friend
05/02/10, 17:56

God damnit. ;_;
Australia's got talent - Watermelon man
05/02/10, 17:54

Wait, so...in Australia you buzz and then say yes? That's different.

The only way this could have been better is if he was an Aboriginal.
Visit Pyongyang!
05/02/10, 14:51

Tips for Pyongyang Tour

-- The DPRK prohibits American citizens from visiting Pyongyang in protest against the U.S.imposed TWEA (Trade with Enemy Acts) sanction.

-- There is no need of worrying about your having visited south Korea in the past.

-- You should order the DPRK visa three weeks before so that your travel agencies at home can properly arrange your trip schedule.

-- When flying over to the DPRK via China, you have only two flights a week between Beijing and Pyongyang on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You should arrange the flight to Beijing and hotels there by yourself. The costs vary depending on your routes and schedules.

-- You can also enter the DPRK using the international trains from Beijing, which will take some 23 hours to reach Pyongyang.
Romancing the SeaMan
05/02/10, 12:41

I actually know this guy offline. He runs Ebolaworld.com.

He's the only person I've ever met who owns a Panasonic 3DO and an Atari Jaguar.
The Omega Code - Trailer
05/02/10, 10:46

Back in 8th or 9th grade, this was playing in the theater right across the street from our house. My foster parents tried to get me to take my foster siblings to go see this. We went and saw "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" instead and when we got home lied to them and told them how great and inspirational this movie was.

I have a feeling they knew we were lying.
Tim Minchin - Pope Song
05/02/10, 10:17

I feel so dirty for loving this.
Creationism propaganda for children
05/02/10, 10:12

lol I just moved out of Oklahoma a year ago, Southeast Oklahoma (Ada) none the less.

You aren't exaggerating.
Ann McElhinney vs. Avatar
05/02/10, 10:09

The repetitive applause really make this five stars of evil.
TF2 is uber-win!!
05/01/10, 20:40

lol blank screen

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