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Comic-con zombies attack deaf family in car
07/29/14, 09:51

"The driver was stopped by police a few blocks away. He spoke to an officer using sign language because he is deaf.

10News contacted certified sign language interpreter Amanda Briggs to tell us what he said. Briggs could only see part of the conversation. The man said he was in a hurry to get home, and felt bad about the woman who was injured.

"I feel awful about it, but really people wouldn't get out of the way. Everyone kept coming in front of my car. I didn't know what to do," Briggs said."
Comic-con zombies attack deaf family in car
07/28/14, 20:54

Anyone who drives in downtown San Diego during Comic Con on a Saturday and then becomes impatient at having to wait is a stupid asshole. There are signs around for miles warning drivers, so it's not like it's a surprise. Fuck this guy.

That being said, also fuck the dumbass who jumped on the hood. Not a zombie or even a Comic Con attendee, just a dumbshit.
Norm Macdonald Mangrate Supercut
01/08/14, 00:06

Norm just said on Twitter that he'd bring it back if his son's show on YouTube gets 1.5k subscribers by 4pm Pst Thursday:

Fireman saves kitten
09/26/13, 01:48

It died :(

Welsh farmer digs sheep out of 5ft snow drifts
09/13/13, 18:21

Aw, that's so sad that they froze before they could be slaughtered and eaten.
Dirtbike trap
07/12/13, 18:53

Uh, congratulations? You a bouncer too?
Tropes vs Women in Video Games, Episode 1: Damsel in Distress
03/08/13, 14:29

Same here. Floating over things was awesome.
Tropes vs Women in Video Games, Episode 1: Damsel in Distress
03/08/13, 11:34

Help me!
Aussie Weatherman Goes on a Plane Ride
02/22/13, 00:37

Keep squeezing. Keep squeezing.
Nellie the Otter stacking cups
08/22/12, 01:16

Nein, das ist nein stackencupen!
Daniel Songer Comedy Act 221
07/26/12, 17:38

His wife's PoETV profile for anyone curious:

Daniel Songer Comedy Act 221
07/26/12, 15:22

Toto! Foot fetish!
Daniel Songer Comedy Act 221
07/26/12, 15:21

Absolutely amazing. I didn't see the terrorist punch line coming.
One scoop, or two?
10/15/11, 23:32

It was akin to Data meeting Lore.
A Comic-Con Proposal
08/22/11, 02:48

Last week my mom paid $90.00 US to get Patrick Stewart's autograph at the Star Trek convention in Vegas. There was a huge line, and they were not allowed to talk to Sir Patrick (she did anyway).
Tour of The Toilets at my Grandparents Home
07/13/11, 02:27

I bet Bob Rehahn would like to hear more about this kid.
Daniel Songer has come out of retirement again
07/13/11, 02:24

Didn't his wife comment on his videos a few times on here calling him a shitty dad who doesn't take care of his kids? I'm too lazy to look it up.
04/17/11, 02:55

Martha Stewart fully endorses this piece of shit as a "pet expert." I haven't watched this clip, but in another one a monkey bites a cockatiel's head and Marc Morrone bemoans the fact that it was a "fifty dollar bird."

Selfish assholes like this shouldn't be allowed to own pets, much less have a show and be presented as an expert.

Sorry to be all pissy, this guy just really upsets me.
Atheist Experience - Ray Comfort Interview
03/30/11, 22:25

This was the first Atheist Experience we actually watched live on UStream. I read their blog and Ray Comfort had been lying on his own blog about how the Atheist Experience wouldn't let them on their show so they extended an invitation for like the fifth time.

I thought he'd cancel at the last minute and was surprised when he actually came on the show.
Woman detests eating spaghetti on the subway.
03/21/11, 19:34

That middle age lady totally ruined the spaghetti day.

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