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Dog floats away on balloons
12/03/09, 00:20

"dog floats away on balloons PETA stupid dumbass chink dead balloon ties thirty"
Dana Perino: We did not have a terrorist attack during Bush's presidency.
12/02/09, 23:31

Mother fucker!
Alex Jones' Y2K broadcast
12/02/09, 13:26

They gotta have a serious emergency to shut down a plant.

Everybody panic!
Jacob, Get off the Xbox
12/02/09, 02:42

Such cinematography!
Short and sweet judo accident
11/26/09, 18:15

I don't think that lacking the knowledge of what Fast and the Furious sequels Vin Diesel was in makes someone a retard. In fact, it may mean the opposite.
Al Gore on weekend update
11/24/09, 03:27

Hulu 5 star.
Yet More Sarah Palin Book Signing Interviews
11/24/09, 03:06

Yeah, that chick was not conducive to me watching this video.

The intonation of the woman at 4:45 saying "the Other people" sounded like how we discuss Edward Said in literary theory.

Paula Deen Catches a Ham With Her Face.
11/24/09, 02:10

"Watch as celebrity chef Paula Deen gets hit in the face by a ham while handing out food at Hosea Feed The Hungry."

CBS Atlanta knows what people want to see. Bravo for making it short and sweet.
Smoking PSA
11/20/09, 15:46

1980's Summer Glau, no!
Automatic chicken coop door opener.
11/20/09, 15:39

The little box made me think that Japanese people were going to start reacting to the chickens.

Seconding BIRDegory, and recommending a "better animals" tag.
11/20/09, 15:35

I would say skip to :40 rather than 1:00, unless you want to miss John Stamos being butthurt.
Sarah Palin's New Book 'Going Rogue'
11/20/09, 02:25

I added a star for Maddow.
Sarah Palin Admits it All on Oprah!
11/19/09, 15:05

Would be five stars, but whoever put it up decided to cut out Conan in the beginning. Fuck that noise.
Gimmie dat Christian side hug
11/19/09, 02:14

Putting the E in PoETV.
Chav Gets Arrested
11/19/09, 00:23

Don't hassle the Hoff.
Cat vs Screen Door
11/18/09, 00:24

I was going to give this three stars because the cat doesn't do anything particularly amusing, but your insight has swayed my vote.

Also, simon666 displaying La Loco's asinine and trite comments for all to see was also great.
A Fish What's Deep Fried Alive?!
11/18/09, 00:16

Five stars for baumer and five stars for all the little offended bitches too.
TFL: Why Women Do Not Belong As Ceo's Or In Any Political Positions
11/17/09, 05:53

Could he have a form of CP? I see a cane in the background, which was particularly ironic on his video regarding women being lazy bitches because they can't do as much manual labor.
MW2 terrorist attack level set to Yackety Sax
11/17/09, 04:59

I can't wait for our Elite to get back from Microsoft so that I can play this.
TFL: Why Women Do Not Belong As Ceo's Or In Any Political Positions
11/17/09, 02:24

I watched some of his other videos, and this guy is mind-bogglingly stupid. Is he tarded, or is it just a speech impediment?

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