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James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince
The Sonics - Boss Hoss
Blackalicious - Powers
"Proof evolution is an evil lie from Satan (the devil)."
Black Out Band - Video Games
Melvins - Revolve
Highlights from the Iron Sheik's 2007 shoot interview
Simpsons: Franzen Vs. Chabon
Meadowlark Lemon demonstrates the possibilities of the Burger King Whopper
Winky Dink and You: complete episode (1954)
Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues
Ice Cube's St. Ides commercial
Gunther can't stay awake
Fridays - Andy Kaufman's Infamous "Marijuana" Sketch
Nitro - Freight Train
"Pissed Off Fangirls" take on Evil Livejournal Fascist Pigcops.
Legends of Wrestling PPV - Jake "The Snake" Roberts' drunken promo.
Henry Rollins: How I Protest the War
IWA: Cactus Jack promos (King of the Deathmatch, 1995)
Cactus Jack cuts a promo on Terry Funk (IWA, 1995)
ECW: Cactus Jack "anti-hardcore" promos, 1995
ECW: Tyler Fullington's 7th Birthday Party (1996)
Wolf: The Animated Feature
GLOW - Soul Patrol vs. The Housewives
Saitama Pro Wrestling: Survival Tobita vs. Mokujin Ken
"Rug kitten" at Shea Stadium
Lush Deluxe
Battle of Kruger
GWAR - Have You Seen Me?
"We Soaked Our Two Helly Hansen Downjackets"
Parasitic cordyceps fungi attack
Mudbath In Star Trek Uniform.
Messy in the River
Manowar sword-guitar
The Birthday Party: "Junkyard"
CHiPs: Ponch sings "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang
Dead Kennedys: "Holiday in Cambodia" (live, 1980)
Jools Holland interviews Jello Biafra at Oki Dogs, 1980 or so
Don West sells ridiculous sports memorabilia
Water balloon not popping in slow motion
Family Guy - A-Ha
AHT Hurka Gyurka
Roommate revenge - buttered floor
Arrested Development - Godzilla
Bar X The Rocking M
Calvin & Hobbes
The cursed videotape from the original 'Ring'
1970s Cleveland Wrestling Riot
Hillary Clinton wants YOU to pick her campaign song
Bret Hart anti-smoking PSA
Queen & David Bowie vs. Vanilla Ice - Under Ice
Ultimate Warrior vs. Cigarettes (resub)
Bart Vs. The White Stripes
Triple Six Wrestling: Tag team match
Black Ninja, The Watermellon Cartel
Let's Stay Together
Face-Off: Does God Exist?
cat and turtle
Mr. Show---East Coast/West Coast Ventriloquism Wars
Amazing Grace
The Landlord
Tortoise vs. Tomato
Jesse Jackson on Sesame Street: "I Am Somebody" (early 70s)
They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll - Robert Johnson
ABCDEF Cookie Monster (Resubmit)
Marvel Comics' Float
Makes Me Wanna Die
Teenangels Cyberbullies
How to irrigate your nasal passages
Captain Hook the Christian Pirate - Opening Narration
CSI: Miami - Worst Divorce Ever
The Count and Cookie Monster cooperate via a plate of cookies.
PoE favourite "TEDJESUSCHRISTGOD" Haircare update
PROOF that micro$oft and $atan are NEW WORLD ORDER EVIL
Creepy Breastfeeding English People
Die Hard 2: the TBS edited-for-TV dub
Wilkinson's Family Restaurant
The Making of the Dr. Who Theme
Black Kid White Parents Paternity Test
Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Worst Cover Ever
Batgirl Vs. Sexism
Den Harrow- A Taste of Love
"The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase vignettes (1989)
KMFDM - drug against war (resub)
Chester The Pug And His Fantastic Snack
Kitty Attack!
Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) resubmit
Ancient Chinese Pantomime
The Black Hole - Killer Robot
Rigged USA Elections 2004 exposed
Olbermann points out Giuliani's douchebaggery
CMLL: Ultimo Guerrero apologizes to Kemonito
CMLL: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Kemonito
Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock
"The Exorcist" (original [rejected?] trailer)
Galaxie 500 -When Will You Come Home-
JER-Z KNIGHTS (Satanicide 'documentary')
Tired Kitties
Plague Dogs (Uncut)

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