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Christian Weston Chandler humps a blowup doll in public
02/25/12, 23:11

Ive done this before
My Little Pony: 'Derpy'
01/22/12, 16:09

Powergirl levels of fan service.
Bear Grylls drinks elephant poop juice
01/21/12, 22:00

I would have died of dehydration. I'd only drink elephant shit juice if it was either that or watch Bear Grylls
Fried Eggs (Parody of Friday by Rebecca Black)
01/21/12, 21:54

He's STILL trying to do this shit? I figured he would have settled in a depressing job at an insurance call center, lost his virginity to a morbidly obese rockabilly scene girl fresh out of high school and trampled on his heart shortly before he was found dead in his moms house after falling on his electric melon baller. Evidence pointed towards suicide or foul play but decided it was a waste of tax payer money to follow up.
Santorum ad - REBELLION
01/21/12, 13:09

Milk drinking
Owning Peter Ceteras records
Having a white guys name
Buying white socks
Owning turtlenecks
Laughing at Jeff Dunham
Thinking about Jake Gyllenhaal at the moment of climax and feeling guilty
Eating mayo
Eating steak with ketchup
Looking like a cartoon exaggeration of a less ridiculous looking man
Treasure Buddies Trailer
01/19/12, 16:27

This reminds me that my stepdad's parents got me Cars 2 for Christmas because they think I'm retarded.
Werner Herzog Listens to Skrillex
01/19/12, 16:18

Oddly enough, Equinox is the least shitty Skrillex song then that muffled jet engine sample he likes to use kicks in.
Rick Perry Endorses Newt Gingrich
01/19/12, 16:07

It would have been better to remind people of that as the Perry Ferry gained steam to see who among them had enough humanity to jump ship and who would stay for the ride.

Wakka wakka.
My First Hardcore Song - by Juliet, 8 years old
01/19/12, 16:02

It's that modern hardcore or tuff guy shit which is like hardcore in the 3rd wave. I actually enjoyed it more than most if what passes as hardcore today mostly because the vocals don't try to be tuff but that's the point of the video and it's adorable.

Also, windmills in the parking lot.
My piercings, all 46 of them!
01/18/12, 20:49

There must be a fair amount of toxins in all that metal on her face because her eyes keep rolling to the back of her head like she's about to stroke out

I dated a girl like this . I killed her.
A Clip From "Johnny Bravo Goes To Bollywood"
01/17/12, 16:11

Adventure time and Regular Show are among the best shows Cartoon network has ever had. Chowder and Flapjack were both great but ran its course. I'd rather them both end than see them end up like Futurama is now.
Drunken football fan is sad her team lost
01/17/12, 16:04

People cosplay as their favorite football character and wear their football costumes as much as anime fans wear their get ups.
Gingrich on Same-Sex Adoption
01/11/12, 21:38

The real surprise here is that this jowly fat fuck is able to string together such a bigoted statement without having to stop and pull out pieces of his own face fat so he doesn't stumble over it as he flaps his hateful mouth. He looks like someone held a lighter up to the face of a wax statue of John Lithgow and punched it in the nose. I bet he has to sleep on his stomach to keep from drowning in a pool of his own loose face skin.
This Girl Scout wants you to boycott Girl Scout cookies
01/11/12, 21:30

I did learn something today. I learned the girl scouts aren't as nearly as bigoted as their male counterpart organization. I have this bigoted Romnet supporter to thank for that.

So yes, annoying people at my work. I will buy those cookies you are strong arming everyone into buying because your yardape is selling them.
What is 'Straight Edge?'
01/11/12, 21:22

Idiots picked up his whole straight edge idea in a similar way skinheads used Guilty of Being White as their anthem until they found out it wasn't a call to white arms.
The 40 Year-Old Virgin (Christian Version)
01/08/12, 02:35

I can just feel and smell this movie. The feeling I get is like early spring and just getting over the flu. It's a little warm and breezy but you're sweating a little bit. Everyone in this movie looks like they smell like they've been walking around sweating all day in club shirts. They skipped the shower and brushing their teeth and have Cheeto stained fingers. Later that smell will mix with the soured day care smell of a non-denominational church basement/fellowship hall
Hoarding: Buried Alive: Roach House
01/08/12, 02:21

She calls herself a hoarder because saying she's just too fat and lazy to clean and now her house is over run with roaches makes it seem like she's to blame for something.
Toddlers and Tiaras: Three Year Old Hooker Dressup!
01/07/12, 18:46

She's wrong. Pretty much everything about these pageants and the mothers who force their kids into then is the reason they get a bad rap. This is just a rare moment where these people feel a line has been crossed and are forced to look at an aspect of their community with a similar disgust that people on the outside look at this horrible shit.
For the Record: Occupy Wall Street
01/04/12, 21:21

I bet when he was doing a connect-the-dots puzzle, he started drawing his own dots and connecting them to the ones that were actually there. Also, he assumes his assumptions on greed are more correct than the fact. Like he thinks the protestors are more greedy than people trying to get more tax breaks for the 1%.

He's always wrong and an asshole and probably supports WBC
Immortals battle scene
01/04/12, 21:01

Apparently that shitty armor gives those guys Viewtiful Joe slo-mo powers.

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