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Rick Perry is an Ass
12/08/11, 17:15

The Three Stooges 2012
12/07/11, 19:33

I cant wait til Charlie Chaplin gets a gritty, grimdark remake starring Justin Long.
Rick Perry is NOT ASHAMED to be Christian
12/07/11, 19:31

Christmas is just a cheapened Yule anyway. There should be a Pagan uprising trying to take back Christmas from the Judeo-Christ beast. I would love to see how they would react.
Rick Perry is NOT ASHAMED to be Christian
12/07/11, 19:21

Isnt Walmart and the like the epitome of capitalism and rooted in christianity? Perry and his ilk just feel threatened that if you let all them others celebrate their holidays, who are you alienating?
Rick Perry is NOT ASHAMED to be Christian
12/07/11, 19:12

Im not ashamed of being a Christian but there is something wrong with America when people serving in our military arent ashamed of being gay and then something made I made up to get idiots to think their religion is beint attacked. Also, America isnt great because of hardwork and dedication. We just wished it to be good.

WHY I GOTTA WAIT?? - Flynt Flossy ft Yung Humma
12/06/11, 15:34

I think theyve been reading my comments because this is the first time theyve ever been together at the same time in a video. This blew my "they are the same person in wigs and facial hair" theory out the window.

Yet they used the same fat guy twice in different shirts in the same shot. Either way, these men are geniuses.
TokenLibertarianGirl shows off her guns and gives a lesson on the Second Amendment
12/05/11, 16:40

These people are funny. They get so aroused by guns and the constitution but the real motive behind it is they are just paranoid fetishists just waiting to kill someone. Its kind of sick how obsessed they are with defending themselves and just killers in waiting. Like a guy who hears a good comeback but never finds the right time to use it despite how hard he tries to find the right moment so he blows it on something barely related just to do it.
Alternate RE ALL ITY
12/04/11, 18:15

For a bunch of fantasy nerds who make the most uninspired music ever to be about Camelot, they do know a fair amount of pretty good looking and/or large breasted women willing to slum it for a horribly embarassing video. The first girl looked like she could have been hired over craigslist on a fluke but by the second or third girl, I knew these guys couldnt be playing power metal because they had too many women they seem to know.
A Scientist Visits A Creationist Museum
12/04/11, 11:32

Even when faced with irreffutable facts and clearly observable evidence, the atheist's weak and brainwashed mind must cling to it's fantasies and blind faith-based pseudo-religion to comprehend the world around him like an infant gorilla to it's wire mother.
Maddow Finally Figures Out The Herman Cain Campaign
12/04/11, 09:51

Im not really surprised. No one was going to check if his quote came from Pokemon 2000 and most republicans like the idea of non-professionally directed campaign ads because to them it shows hes a real person who is down to earth. The Becky-becky-stan-stan was also good for him because every other candidate who has been more direct and knowledgable about a subject was shooting themselves in the foot by giving an educated opinion on the matter rather than stating some overly simple and uneducated opinion like "gays are satan". Cain showing that hes not afraid to say he doesnt know and then turning it around on the one asking the question plays on his followers' stubborn ignorance and disdain for people who know more than them because they themselves are oblivious to a lot of stuff and become defensive about their own ignorance. Cain was always playing on the republican party's blatant stupidity but the level he did it at is astounding.
Herman Cain suspends campaign, quotes Pokemon
12/03/11, 19:49

The best thing the man has said was quoted from a movie about a child who always loses but learns a lot about himself except how to do basic shit for winning. How appropriate.
Insane Clown Posse - It's All Over music video
12/03/11, 19:40

I work with several Juggleos that are all white trash pieces of shit except for one. That guy is nice, soft spoken and well groomed and clean.
Insane Clown Posse - It's All Over music video
12/03/11, 19:33

Im sure they just watched a Chuggo video and decided they wanted videos to be directed by the same guy.
Buy Me That, Too: A Kid's Survival Guide to TV Advertising
12/01/11, 20:08

This is the cheapest way to learn to be skeptical. The best way is to learn through soul crushing disappointment and gut wrenching rejection. Thats why I dont get excited for stuff or talk to girls.
Chipmunk eating a mouse
12/01/11, 19:58

I guess the economy hit everyone hard
Beck Interviewed by Thurston Moore, 1994
11/26/11, 21:59

I gave Brian Eno his first keyboard. Im the one who told him airports need better music. Youre all just young and wreckless.
Beck Interviewed by Thurston Moore, 1994
11/26/11, 16:48

Hardcore predates thrash metal but heavily influenced the style. Hardcore in the electronica meaning is a style of electronica that is fast, typically aggressive and has a lot of sub genres.

In modern times, hardcore means shitty metalcore or dubstep.
Occupy Bahrain: Saw 7, Let it spread +18
11/26/11, 15:54

The whole thing. Fucking disgusting and not because of the gore.
Beck Interviewed by Thurston Moore, 1994
11/26/11, 15:37

Hardcore never meanth "techno". All computer music is a bunch of bleeps and bloops.
Bad Lieutenant - Interrogation Scene
11/25/11, 17:34

He hasnt been as good as of late. I thought Drive Angry would bring back the old Cage but he barely acted in that movie. He could have saved it from the boring plot, lack of decent dialogue and lackluster violence but all did was whisper "no."

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