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Happy Sexgiving
08/18/11, 11:05

The song is pretty bad and not in a funny way but the lyrics aren't clever or subtle. The video itself is amazing though. Yung Humma's trademark angry rape stare, the awkward, bad dancing and the overall look of the video seems to be progressing Yung Humma into superstar status.
Christine O'Donnell Walks out of CNN Interview
08/18/11, 10:54

I'd really like to practice witchcraft with her and have pagan orgies with her.

5 for her not being able to come up with a good excuse to leave and "mysterious man" blocking the camera as if he were saying "You've seen enough"
Chris Chan's Tomgirl Make-Up Tips!
08/17/11, 21:23

That's not the only time. Remember when Hank and Peggy went out of town and Dale and Bill broke into their home to prove it could be broken into and then dressed like them to make potential robbers think there was somebody home? Bill dressed like Peggy. Sure, one of them had to be but I think Bill's choice was due to his underlying obsession with Peggy. Bill has problems. He used to be a bad ass football player ladies man until the army experimented on him with placebos and fucked his world up.
Chris Chan's Tomgirl Make-Up Tips!
08/17/11, 13:29

This whole ordeal Tyson said makes me think back to the video Chris made about how girls shouldn't date other girls. Maybe he thinks this will assure him he can no longer be told by girls that they aren't attracted to men.
Chris Chan's Tomgirl Make-Up Tips!
08/17/11, 11:05

I'm pretty sure Chris is going to find that finding a boyfriend that likes him is just as fucking painful as finding a girl. Considering that text message he got was extremely staged, I'd say he's lost the approval of everyone around him that was supposed to love him unconditionally.

Also, has anyone ever figured out why his camera turns everything a different color of a second, giving it that super creepy "I found this old, warped VHS in the attic of an abandoned house" vibe?
25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Films
08/16/11, 17:00

Some of the improvisations seem to be on there because the creator of this liked those movies or re simply filler and were very small, unimportant additions to the script. I thought Indiana Jones shooting crazy sword guy was improvised and all of Rick Moranis's food for his house party walkthrough was improvised. Both were better and more elaborate that the most annoying noise.
Manchester Police serve up some cold hard justice.
08/15/11, 13:22

Police decide to get a big dick when they suit up in their riot costumes.
Tiny Fuppets: Party Pals
08/11/11, 15:00

Each guest will be amused and/or glad.
08/11/11, 14:17

I really, really like this video a lot. It's fun and has great voice acting on the bad guy's part and it was just a lot of fun to watch.

The thing I didn't like was the message I took away from it. Is it implied that the bad guy is a money hungry type who wants to get rid of the old style of games in favor of generic shooters and HD games? And aren't 8bit games becoming more and more popular with the whole "retro" thing that's been going on?
Dragonforce in 10 seconds
08/09/11, 21:53

Actually, Dragonforce in 10 seconds can be accomplished by SO FAR AWAY and a load of double bass and noodly as butts guitar work stretched out to 6 minutes and that song is played over and over again for an entire album and that album is re-released every few years under a new name. This 10 second clip is actually the only song that Dragonforce has ever written and recorded. They just pro tools this out to multiple CDs.

Good work, Jerry. Now the whole world can hear Dragonforce's untouched work.
5 Second Films: Emo Cowboys
08/09/11, 15:01

Shouldn't the "emo" cowboy have been wearing black and smoking a clove cigarette? Either way, these seem to have less charm than they used to.
Comet Elenin Matches 'Deep Impact' Events Happening Now
08/08/11, 22:34

I saw this movie as a kid and I can't remember who is in it but I always feel like William H Macy is in it. I know he's not but it feels like he is.
Cyberbully - Can't Get the Cap Off
08/07/11, 11:36

That's the problem with these prescription suicide meds. I try to always get mine in those awesome blister packages.
How I Got A Lugnut Cover For A Dildo
08/05/11, 22:43

I wonder if she is aware the Transformers movies were garbage.
Food Court Proposal Gone Bad
08/05/11, 18:42


08/05/11, 14:06

Isn't this the same crazy lady from months back who lashed out against schools teaching racial equality and how white people are "losing their heritage" because I reckon they aren't being taught that Jim Crow laws were right?
Malcolm In The Middle-Hal Roller Skates To Queen
08/05/11, 14:00

This is one of those shows I hated but always watched because of a couple of characters. Almost all of Hal's moments were well worth putting up with the annoying main character and the bitchy mom.
real n* sh*
08/05/11, 10:46

I'm fairly positive he read my San Andreas erotic fanfic where CJ goes back to his old hood to bury his mom and all of his friends just try to have sex with him and lick his asshole.
Stay Alive board game
08/04/11, 21:12

I had hoped this was a board game about Countess Bathory that would later be turned into a movie starring Frankie Muniz and Sophia Bush.
The Creation Store
08/04/11, 20:18

Uh-huh. According to these dino-drawings, dinosaurs never died out, they just all circle-pitted to Heaven to escape the flood. If you look at the remains of a Stegasaurus, it's easy to see they were created by God on the 3rd day. Speaking of Third Day, we have their new Christmas album in stock so that might be something to check out. It's in the CD section. Funny thing about CDs and computers; they are really complex and are like our brains so clearly God made us like we made computer chips.

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