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Celebrity Chef Ted Allen Cooks His Favorite Pretentious Foodie Bullshit Meal
11/09/11, 16:36

Its hard to find a career choice more pointless than making pretentious foodie bullshit. Modeling, investment banker, fashion designer, coast guard, making as seen on tv products and being a socialite are all horribly pointless jobs on the same level.
Drunk, possibly retarded Finnish man laughs and blathers terrifyingly.
11/08/11, 19:01

You and I are a lot alike, buddy.
Rudy Giuliani to Occupy Wallstreet 'How about you Occupy a job?'
11/08/11, 18:58

Im still open to people occupying my crawlspace. Nobody hit me up on that but Rudey here might.
Costume designer and his husband get married on TV
11/06/11, 15:24

Any celebrity in Hollywood and he chose that guy? For my gay wedding, I want H. Jon Benjamin to perform the ceremony, Casper van Dean as the flowerboy, Ryan Reynolds to hold the rings, Ian McKellen to give me away and I want to marry Neil Patrick Harris.

5 for destroying marriage
Oklahoma Earthquake
11/06/11, 14:08

What a great reaction. He seems like a nice guy.
Fatty in Prius vs. Country Family
11/06/11, 14:01

I bet she works for HR for some kind of office where everybody is pretty well behaved so she takes it upon herself to go apeshit and militant over people who leave half drunk bottles of soda in the breakroom fridge. She likes to think of herself as a champion of the cause so no crime is too small to flip out and be a massive hambitch over.
Herman Cain Knows His Place: It's in the Oval Office
11/06/11, 09:59

One small statement by one person on MSNBC set this off? It looked like it even made the interviewer uncomfortable. So are right wingers really nitpicking this hard over one or two statements when the majority of the tea party was calling Obama a "nigger" and saying his healthcare policies were African tribal witch doctor healing? Cain is a man with awful political ideas, shakey convictions and an idea that if everyone would just work hard, everybody would be rich. It seems right wing media is using Cain not just to try and convince the world they arent racist but to also now put everyone else under a microscope and call them racist.

And only white people watch this show
Sissy Boy Doll Dressies Cleaning
11/06/11, 00:36

Im going to start submitting videos of everyone elses fetishes now.
GTA 5 trailer set in San Andreas.
11/05/11, 23:38

It sounds like we would work great together.
YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy
11/05/11, 23:19

That's a real man's Halloween. Basically what I do for Samhain.
GTA 5 trailer set in San Andreas.
11/05/11, 23:13

I wrote an entire fanfic about CJ going back to his hood in GTA:SA only to be greeted by Big Smoke and Ryder wanting to lick his butthole and cum in his face in hopes that when the franchise went back to Los Santos that CJ would be the main character. What the FUCK, Rockstar. I know you read it.
Stanford guy table jump fail
11/04/11, 22:37

Er, use of "fail". Whatever's free.
Stanford guy table jump fail
11/04/11, 22:36

That exact moment when the guy genuinely stops caring about looking cool and prays he doesnt beef it like The Squid and break his back.

Even makes up for the lack of "fail"
Proof of 9/11 inside job using snow towers
11/04/11, 21:42

Well if terrorists hadnt done it, global warming would have.
Tim Tebow Becomes First Bad Quarterback To Lead 4th Quarter Comeback
11/04/11, 17:28

Panda Express
11/04/11, 16:38

God damn I fucking hate pandas. They claim to eat bamboo but live in regions where there is typically little to no bamboo but that is all they fucking do. They cant fight off poachers like a real god damn bear and they are too stupid to fuck to save their species so their dwinddling numbers are being slapped in the face by being the only other mammal on the planet that has the fear of God in them that tells them sex will make their genitals burst into flame. I guess that's fine since they are dying in more rapid numbers but maybe if theyd be concerned with saving themselves I wouldnt hate them so much.

This video sums it up. The panda species pisses and shits on itself.
Ocelot's gun spinning in real life
11/03/11, 19:12

I figure he spent all of his time learning all of those fancy tricks but is a lousy shot. Just like this guy spent so much time learning all of all of these fancy tricks he saw in a game that he didnt have time to move out of his grandmother's living room.
Drunk Lightweight Calls School for Wifi Password
11/03/11, 19:03

Then you need to switch to mad train wine and quit pussy-footing around with booze elitist garbage.
Farm animals happily discuss their impending deaths
11/01/11, 18:11

So fashion and food are both in the same category to these people? Now I dont have to be so shy about all those models I killed and ate.
CNN is outraged at latest Family Guy episode...
11/01/11, 16:25

Basic cable sensationalist news channel left stunned by in-depth research results that reveal Kraft Mac and Cheese may not be the cheesiest.

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