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08/11/11, 14:17

I really, really like this video a lot. It's fun and has great voice acting on the bad guy's part and it was just a lot of fun to watch.

The thing I didn't like was the message I took away from it. Is it implied that the bad guy is a money hungry type who wants to get rid of the old style of games in favor of generic shooters and HD games? And aren't 8bit games becoming more and more popular with the whole "retro" thing that's been going on?
Dragonforce in 10 seconds
08/09/11, 21:53

Actually, Dragonforce in 10 seconds can be accomplished by SO FAR AWAY and a load of double bass and noodly as butts guitar work stretched out to 6 minutes and that song is played over and over again for an entire album and that album is re-released every few years under a new name. This 10 second clip is actually the only song that Dragonforce has ever written and recorded. They just pro tools this out to multiple CDs.

Good work, Jerry. Now the whole world can hear Dragonforce's untouched work.
5 Second Films: Emo Cowboys
08/09/11, 15:01

Shouldn't the "emo" cowboy have been wearing black and smoking a clove cigarette? Either way, these seem to have less charm than they used to.
Comet Elenin Matches 'Deep Impact' Events Happening Now
08/08/11, 22:34

I saw this movie as a kid and I can't remember who is in it but I always feel like William H Macy is in it. I know he's not but it feels like he is.
Cyberbully - Can't Get the Cap Off
08/07/11, 11:36

That's the problem with these prescription suicide meds. I try to always get mine in those awesome blister packages.
How I Got A Lugnut Cover For A Dildo
08/05/11, 22:43

I wonder if she is aware the Transformers movies were garbage.
Food Court Proposal Gone Bad
08/05/11, 18:42


08/05/11, 14:06

Isn't this the same crazy lady from months back who lashed out against schools teaching racial equality and how white people are "losing their heritage" because I reckon they aren't being taught that Jim Crow laws were right?
Malcolm In The Middle-Hal Roller Skates To Queen
08/05/11, 14:00

This is one of those shows I hated but always watched because of a couple of characters. Almost all of Hal's moments were well worth putting up with the annoying main character and the bitchy mom.
real n* sh*
08/05/11, 10:46

I'm fairly positive he read my San Andreas erotic fanfic where CJ goes back to his old hood to bury his mom and all of his friends just try to have sex with him and lick his asshole.
Stay Alive board game
08/04/11, 21:12

I had hoped this was a board game about Countess Bathory that would later be turned into a movie starring Frankie Muniz and Sophia Bush.
The Creation Store
08/04/11, 20:18

Uh-huh. According to these dino-drawings, dinosaurs never died out, they just all circle-pitted to Heaven to escape the flood. If you look at the remains of a Stegasaurus, it's easy to see they were created by God on the 3rd day. Speaking of Third Day, we have their new Christmas album in stock so that might be something to check out. It's in the CD section. Funny thing about CDs and computers; they are really complex and are like our brains so clearly God made us like we made computer chips.
08/04/11, 13:07

The latter doesn't surprise me. If it wasn't real, I'd expect it to be less real-looking or at least have a dummy site to go to. I figured that if someone was going to make a fake product like this, they would ham it up more to be like a real TV advertised product. With black and white B-rolls of things going wrong and a man with a semi-concerned radio voice going "DO YOUR NIPPLES SOMETIMES NOT PERK UP IN TIMES WHEN YOU NEED THEM?" (shows woman frustrated with her un-hard nipples) "DO YOU SOMETIMES GET FRUSTRATED WHEN YOU DON'T GET THE ATTNETION YOU WANT BECAUSE YOUR NIPPLES AREN'T AT THEIR HARDEST?" (shows woman in an office with a low-cut blouse looking over at her boss hitting on a woman with perkier nipples) "STILL NOT WEARING A BRA TO GET YOUR MAN'S ATTENTION?" (man looking at another woman's tits in a club while the wife slaps him but her hand hits her boobs and causes her pain) "OUCH! THEN YOU NEED" *star-wipe into product* "STICKY NIPS! THE GENIUS NEW PRODUCT THAT ALLOWS YOU TO GET NOTICED RESPECTFULLY AND COMFORTABLE. STICKY NIPS IS MADE FROM REAL NIPPLES FROM CHIMPANZEES AND STUFFED TO MAINTAIN THE PERK YOU LOVE. STICKY NIPS IS EASY AND PAINLESS TO USE. NO MORE NOT WEARING A BRA, NO MORE UNAWKWARD BUSINESS MEETING AND NO MORE BOSSES NOT LOOKING AT YOUR CHEST AS IF IT WERE A PEICE OF MEAT."

And this goes on until the time slot is over.
Jeff4Justice takes aim at Starbucks
08/03/11, 23:37

In a world of first world problems, Jeff4justice sets out to take down the whitest, most miniscule problems there are: bad service at Starbucks after closing. This summer, join Jeff as he quests to draw the line between making a difference and making an ass out of yourself. You will be on the edge of your seat, about to leave when you experience this level of pettiness of...



Jeff4Justice takes aim at Starbucks
08/03/11, 23:12

Shoulda stuck around for him to ask for donations. He has a follow-up to this too where he takes down the haters. He apparently also screens his comments and deletes the ones that out him for an attention whore who uses the "activist" guise to get money from people who agree with this shit. He's pretty detestable.
Stephen Colbert says hi to someone
08/02/11, 20:26

Actually I know better. I was just trying to take the piss out of this for mark's hatred of Bronies but love of republican things but someone (you) had to ruin it.
Dude, you just got owned by Matt Damon
08/02/11, 18:37

The girl talking to him is adorable. I mean so adorable that I can't stand it. I'd probably have to throw acid on her face and bash in her teeth and give her staph infections all over her body just to keep her from being so cute. But I think Damon's point is way over her head. She reports for a libertarian website but she doesn't seem to have any retorts to what he is saying and not even mustering some childish comeback (which has to be taken care of by the camera guy) so I'm guessing her only incentive to stay so hot is job security because I doubt she cares about the politics.
Stephen Colbert says hi to someone
08/02/11, 15:06

See, mark. Colbert is a Republican and he openly admits to liking Ponies. It's proof that not everyone on the right is terrified of change. You're just afraid to embrace the future of America, man,
Awkward local commercials: Red Devil Games
08/01/11, 16:23

And I'll throw it out again
Gay People Cannot Be Role Models
08/01/11, 13:13

I'm glad someone still thinks this is an issue. Where you put your dick is always important in what you do in society

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