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Death Metal Office Drumming
03/28/11, 22:39

I should give this album another shot. I have 5 or 6 Suffocation albums just sitting around because I've never been able to get through a whole one from start to finish. They get boring and tedious.
Jenna Rose - O.M.G.
03/28/11, 14:38

This is made even more awful by knowing that isn't her voice because she obviously speaks/sings with a lisp.
GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain rants against Muslims
03/28/11, 13:42

My point was closer to both of these assumptions are basically fear mongering from people with an alternative religious agenda saying anything to get votes or rally against an opposing religion. But it is true that Sharia law has grounds to be a threat because of its history but my point is that the fear us unfounded because there is no actual evidence of sharia law enforcement in America and he had no proof.
GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain rants against Muslims
03/28/11, 13:36

Everything you think is stupid, mark.
GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain rants against Muslims
03/28/11, 13:02

There really isn't that big of a gap between Islamophobes spreading fear of Sharia law and terror baby theorists and they can easily be considered the same level of xenophobia.
Geese stampeding down a suburban road
03/28/11, 12:50

Wait for it to pass.
Go hunting.
>Try to ford the stampede.
March to Victory - Enslave
03/27/11, 23:12

I still don't understand what they are getting at with the burning oil rigs on the crumbling constitution. I tried to ask them on the comments and had a few "critiques" of the music and some constructive criticism on the video but it got deleted in an hour.
Be a Part of Atlas Shrugged History
03/27/11, 21:16

#20 pretty much sums up the group mentality of this philosophy and the people who prescribe to it. #17 is what they who they are in actuality. Plus, that "neckbeard"
Courage The Cowardly Dog-Perfect
03/26/11, 12:08

I never understood how all these things happened to them. The Fred episode made some sense but was kinda fucked up.
Poke-rights, not Poke-Fights PSA
03/26/11, 12:02

Actually, poorwill, the ball system collects the data of the living animal and that's how it's stored. It basically turns them into data and stores them inside the balls and PC but they are still living things. Digimon are data first and don't coexist with humans.
Kingsley has had it with dumb internet memes
03/26/11, 11:55

The Charlie Sheen quotes must have broken some kind of record for things that got annoying and overused from the moment of impact. There also needs to be a mass banning of misused words and phrases like "epic" "fail/win" "for the win" and pretty much anything out of 4chan.
Live sand dollar
03/25/11, 22:55

"It's still alive."
Not for long, ya dumb broad. Everybody from the midwest are tourists wherever they go.
My new favorite music critic
03/25/11, 22:40

Link him to that fucking Jeans video.
Captain America: First Trailer
03/25/11, 21:03

Where I can see where you are coming from and kinda agree, Scott Pilgrim was pretty far off from the source material. I loved the movie but since it was only one film, it felt rushed and left out a lot of important things and felt like a lot of craming into one film when it could have been 2 (but Wright isn't too keen on sequels and so on.) Cap and Batman is all about the source material since they basically place the characters on you like you've never heard of them and don't bother to really throw you a bone as far as seeing them at their peak. There should be a good balance between origin and action. Scott Pilgrim threw you in and told you about the characters in passing. This trailer seems like you meet Steve Rogers, he's a bitch, doesn't want to be a bitch, becomes not a bitch and his path into his life of not being a bitch.

But I'm excited for this and my stars are for Xenocide's quip and point,
Russian pre-emptive avalanche triggering, with howitzers
03/25/11, 19:16

I'll never have that much fun with snow in Russia :(
Australian Prime Ministers stance on Marriage Equality
03/25/11, 14:29

I agree. We should keep the values from where we came from. Society started to go down hill once we gave up slavery and human sacrifice too.
Poke-rights, not Poke-Fights PSA
03/25/11, 13:06

I get it. Because it ends with "mon" is has to be similar.
Poke-rights, not Poke-Fights PSA
03/25/11, 10:22

That nurse Joy wannabe brings up a good point. In the games, except for HeartGold and SoulSilver, the nurses at the Pokemon centers always say "We hope to see you again" but have no logical reason to want to see you again. They don't make money off of it and don't break away from the script for conversation. Those sadistic whores just like seeing your Pokemon get fucked up.
Eye of the Tiger- Lexy and Stephany
03/24/11, 23:26

They say a hanging man hears music. I no longer have to wonder what it sounds like.
Your ancestors were rocks
03/24/11, 22:38

This is how he spends his days until the Roseanne reunion.

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