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My name is RayWilliamJohnson'ize
05/17/11, 16:35

He doesn't seem too confident in anything. The guy is a pretty sad sack of useless opinions and inane, unffuny bitching for someone who wants to be a youtube celebrity. Really all you have to do is any combination of two or more the following:
-Change your voice to be high pitched and talk fast
-Say/do LOL RANUDUM things
-Act like a gay man with "independant" female attitude
-Be a hot female doing anything
-Just yell a lot in a playful way to make up for your unfunniness
-Troll hard and a lot
-Do bad current celebrity impressions
-Make a catchy, obnoxious song and dance to it or take the easy way out and dance to a pop song
-Cry a lot
-Get critically injured or do something really stupid
-Use a lot of editing to make your videos seem like you are multiple characters that look the same (that's the joke)
-Be unfunny but attractive and have a lot of energy.
-Some other stuff people like that gets old

This guy is doing everything to remain tragic in every way. He is totally one of those wannabe YT celebs that is just a tragic wad of depression and hatred this site loves and this is the extent of their fanbase.
Incestuous father and daughter on Steve Wilkos show
05/17/11, 16:19

I apologize, jangbones. I misunderstood the level of evil this was for the reasons it is evil. I will give it an extra star but I'll keep one because it was annoying how the video was edited.
Incestuous father and daughter on Steve Wilkos show
05/17/11, 15:31

Sure it's creepy but Steve seems to try to put all the blame on the dad saying he had the problem and that the girl was just being manipulated. This is a pretty common thing on Wilkos' show. One person or party is the troubled one and the other is a victim.

And why the hell would they go on a show just to be ridiculed (because they obviously know what the show is) if they were really in love? I know everytime I get into a relationship that the rest of society would view as taboo, the first thing I'd want to do is go on a basic cable show hosted by the security guard from Springer who has a white hot passion for kicking chairs and parading people with problems around.
The Golden Age of Ponies
05/17/11, 15:20

Actually MLP: Friendship is Magic has quite an adult fanbase. Lots of people like the show and the creator and producers have also worked on popular cartoons that were all critically hailed as great shows that didn't get drug unto oblivion.

What I'm saying is it's more socially acceptable for grown men to like My Little Pony than it is to be a coast guard or a libertarian.
05/16/11, 17:05

A Goofy Movie in about a minute and a half.
Shirtless Honda Civic Owner is Upset
05/16/11, 17:01

I hope we see more work by this man
Tyra investigates vampire culture
05/16/11, 16:50

I'm actually a humboldt squid in a human body. I should get a spot on Tyra.
Fat girl with a lisp has a problem with the TSA
05/15/11, 16:05

Well he little bumper there was pretty evil. Other than that, I'm for cavity searches at the airport. It's like getting some guilt-free action on the side.
nyan cat for 3 1/2 hours!!!!
05/15/11, 16:01

25 minutes into it and I felt like I was going insane. No way, man. No way.
Watermelon crushed by steroids
05/15/11, 10:04

I never thought a real-life version of Chun-Li's thighs would end up on a guy.
Rand Paul Equates Universal Health Care And Slavery
05/15/11, 10:00

What else is there to go by? Are there secret libertarians out there who don't believe in stupid bullshit? I have yet to see otherwise and people like Rand Paul just reinforce that "stereotype".
Islam Deserves No First Amendment Protections
05/15/11, 01:22

That's a new one. Thousands of years before the Constitution was drafted, the Qu'ran specifically dictated that it be destroyed.

Usually idiots like this guy go for:
1. Your kids. ALWAYS say your kids are at risk of death or brainwashing.
2. Your way of life. The American way of life. What you eat, drive, think, say etc
3. Your freedom and rights. Usually coupled with the American way of life. Whatever your American rights are, THEY are wanting to take them away because they hate them.
4. You. Usually, this is saved for pushing a product. YOU might be at risk of heart disease, stroke, etc. It's less effective in these situations because when there is a common enemy, they are after America and you are just a cog in the wheel.
Now they are after our constitution. They want to take the constitution out of it's protective casing and replace it with Sharia law. i know the Constitution is a hit button for idiot rednecks but if they are going to National Treasure the bitch and replace that piece of paper with their paper before anyone notices then I don't feel safe in my own home.
Rand Paul Equates Universal Health Care And Slavery
05/14/11, 23:35

I think he meant a moral parasite, mark. Basically, this man's goal is utterly demonize everything about a public healthcare option in favor of our fucked up system as it is by over-dramatizing it to help people "understand" that this thing is as bad as the thing he compares it to. Hell if he's going to go ahead and make blind statements he might as well said that universal healthcare is the same thing as the holocaust because they are both bi-products of socialism. I know his and your party's ideology is something as asinine as "governement bad" but come on. A public option is a no-brainer. And blaming these "welfare brood mares" being the real parasites is the same limp-wristed argument as job loss being the fault of illegal immigrants coming here and taking our jobs when the real problem is companies out-sourcing all of the labor overseas. Rand Paul openly fights any kind of progress that would actually help people and not just a percentage of people. I don't expect you to agree with any of this and I've probably just been trolled but I just want to know that your views aren't very well thought out. Thank you.
Rand Paul Equates Universal Health Care And Slavery
05/14/11, 18:23

It's funny that he totally misunderstands what slavery entails since he's from Kentucky
Funniest Guy in Iowa Goes to Las Vegas
05/14/11, 18:21

I'm positive most of it is but the end reminds me of Stroke Guy's Mary Kate & Ashley uh... review.
The environment is your enemy.
05/14/11, 18:17

This is an absolutely golden find.

Good gravy! Environmentalism is trying to turn people from Christians that believe in shit we can't see and only turn to him because other people bribe them to believe to a philosophy that can help better all of civilization! From now on, I'll leave my Cadillac car running at all times to combat this villainous agenda!
The World Ends in One Week ! w00t ! 5/21/11
05/14/11, 14:34

HA! Take THAT, Dan Brown!
Funniest Guy in Iowa Goes to Las Vegas
05/14/11, 10:35

The odd turn it took at the end was great. I thought this guy was dead serious that he thought all of this unfunny shit was funny but then he did the Louie Anderson joke and I realized it's just a character.

A really, really accurate character.
Dinosaurs and Fred Flintstone attack Noah's Arc.
05/13/11, 22:14

I don't write strictly fanservice crap, poorwill.
Reba Schappell - The Fear of Being Alone
05/13/11, 18:27

The final sign of the rapture

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