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Space Ace cartoon intro
05/10/11, 17:52

Oh I get it. Rugrats' animation was an homage to this show.

Also, I reckon we oughtta go a re-tag all the awful cartoons that aren't Don Bluth related to "not Don Bluth"
The Troll Hunter - trailer
05/08/11, 21:56

I want to fuck this film
NickBravo wants $2000
05/08/11, 09:56

And he sounds like Jason from Home Movies.
NickBravo wants $2000
05/08/11, 09:55

Christ this guy sounds like a fucking douche. But, him losing his job is just Ayn Rand's idea of natural selection within society and giving him any kind of help is against the natural order of things.
NickBravo wants $2000
05/07/11, 22:18

God this guy has a lot of videos that are too long for me to bother with. Can someone give me the short version of this guy's story?
Jurassic Park:Magic word
05/07/11, 22:16

Stick, stupid. Stick
For The Record: CPA Birther
05/07/11, 22:14

He never told me why it matters that Obama might be American.

And sure, he's not afraid of chemtrails or the flouride in the water but what about UFOS? HAARP? Reptilians? The name of his production company his Illuminati. Surely he must believe Freemasons control everything. I wonder how he would feel about my theory linking a love of trains to autism. There is a lot more evidence of that than there is Obama not being American.

and how does it feel, Molotov? How does it feel to be asked for proof of something you hold important only to be told that "if you look you will find it" or "it's a matter of faith"? You fancy yourself a Christian. If you go as far as to believe God is real with absolutely no evidence more than someone's word, why are you so thrown off by a piece of paper?
HannahMinx: Let's go to the CANDY Store o(^-^)o
05/06/11, 22:54

Actually, some internet folk already think they found nudes of her with short hair and wearing some kind of underwear that looks dumb. The picture in question has a girl with nipples similar to a baboon's ass. Not saggy.
HannahMinx: Let's go to the CANDY Store o(^-^)o
05/06/11, 22:51

itty-bitty living space.

Eventually her tits will plop out of those shirts that are gradually getting smaller while someone has a camera around, revealing 2 tatooed breasts that, when pressed together in a sexual way, depict the cover art for Mars Attacks!
The Other ONN Autistic Reporter Vid.
05/05/11, 22:25

There are 4,982 grains of rice in this small bag of rice.

I have a shower head with 56 holes in the nozzle.
Roll a D6
05/05/11, 18:29

Horribly unimpressive song walking the line to uncomedy.
The Other ONN Autistic Reporter Vid.
05/05/11, 18:12

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DC Talk was Amazing
05/01/11, 11:03

To my knowledge, most churches just don't care about Christian death metal since there is much more anti-Christian death metal. Christian death metal has a small following. the moe extreme style of music with Christian messages are wanky harddcore/metalcore bands signed to a few Christian labels. Some of those kids are pretty militant about it too.
Trump on Gas Prices
04/30/11, 19:12

The white Malcolm X
Drunken kid loses it on a train
04/30/11, 19:10

I thought they were done making Shrek movies.
DC Talk was Amazing
04/30/11, 18:58

When I was a kid, my step-dad took my family to all of these hip-with-the-kids-God-is-cool-Joe-Cool-worships-God-because-his-initials-are-JC-too kind of churches. This is all they talked about in when it came to music in every church. DC Talk, Jars of Clay, New Song, Stacey Orico and a bunch of other Christian bands/rappers/"artists" that were mass produced just to see what would stick and fade out where the members would be forced to work in a Christian bookstore for the rest of their lives regardless of them losing their faith and resenting the entire religion for their misconduct and lack of compassion.

Long story short, my step-dad would come home drunk whenever I had a girl over and beat the living shit out of me for hours at a time as I yelled "Don't come out of the bathroom! He'll fucking kill you if you do" to the crying girl huddled next to the toilet, trying to find a break in my shrieks of pain to get to a phone but never could because my step-dad would throw copies of Pat Boone albums he bought from a Russian thinking they would be worth money some day at the door whenever he saw her crack the door open.

But yeah, DC Talk are pretty cool guys for what they were and they were was nothing more than a Christian knee-jerk reaction to a world of anti-christian death metal, vulgar rap and depressive new wave groups.
Dennis Miller calls for Julian Assange to be murdered by the CIA
04/30/11, 09:39

Hey, if a country is said to be better than America in any way, I'll come up with some arbitrary reasons why they suck based on how much fiction based on that country gets to me or a lame joke about their weather. USA = #1 deal with it, liberals
The 2011 Golden Crocoduck Nominees
04/30/11, 00:09

Has it been confirmed that NephilimFree is Fred from Fred & Sharon's movies?
Chris Chan: Now available in 'Tomgirl'
04/29/11, 09:40

That was literally the most horrifying thing I've ever watched. Jesus fucking Christ I will never be able to wash this off of me.
Call of Duty - Call of the Dead trailer
04/28/11, 16:46

I'm pretty tired of everything having zombies and I'm sure this is just going to be a L4D rip off but Micheal Rooker, Danny trejo and Robert Englund, the Howie Long scream and the song choice force me to give this trailer 5 stars regardless of all the bad in/around this.

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