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04/21/11, 12:11

I'm curious to see a video of crazy, ignorant and painfully religious liberals talking a bunch of horrific, racist nonsense. Cena_mark always whines when these videos are posted claiming they are "a select few crazies" but there are literally hundreds of these videos and these people aren't smart enough to do anything but parrot the Tea Party propaganda. I really want to see a video of ignorant liberals spouting off baseless, paranoid hate-speech. Everything about the far right is being exposed as nothing but agenda and religion based corruption and abuse of power under the guise of morality and patriotism. So I'd really like to see the flip side of this. It must be tea baggers going around picking out well-eductated and informed people making absolute sense.
Frost Drumming
04/21/11, 11:42

Frost is like the stand-by black metal drummer. If your band can't find a drummer, Frost is there to do it. He takes on a lot of projects where ever drums are needed as long as it's BM and on a decent BM label
Real doll unboxing
04/20/11, 23:03

Considering your name and the content, this is great.
Real doll unboxing
04/20/11, 23:01

I'm glad Youtube allows Jerry Brudos motherfuckers an outlet for their painful lonliness and sexual attraction for lifeless, human-like things they are going to fuck and cuddle but can never kiss back or share emotions.
Parasitic Wasp vs Caterpillar
04/20/11, 14:55

Poor caterpillar :(
That's crazy sci-fi horror material

Also, Amen break towards the end.
My Boobs Are OK!
04/20/11, 14:45

Fine. I'll vote even though I don't know what is going on.
The Locust- Live from the Russian Compound
04/20/11, 11:27

Fan Fiction Theatre: The Office
04/20/11, 11:10

They must only do super short, asinine fanfics that can be done within reason because there are tons of classic fanfics that NEED this treatment but are too long to do in a lifetime.

Plus, this is awesome because it's a The Office fanfic but really it isnt
Rachel Maddow on Rick Snyder Abolishing Local Government
04/20/11, 10:59

I don't think the town even went looking for pirate treasure to stop the golf course.
The Powerpuff Girls - Supper Villain
04/20/11, 10:04

Venus in Furs
04/19/11, 23:58

One day people will realize why this album is one of their best.
Ham Face Girl
04/19/11, 20:20

Hello, Clarice.
The Day The Lulz Died
04/18/11, 23:52

I still think moot is trolling. That or ED is really gone for good and soon 4chan will be sold off to corporations for its popularity, turned into a user-based login site with free accounts but limited content unless you pay, giving users access to 18+ boards. 24/7 paid mods will make sure everyone plays nice and any meme generated there will become property of 4chan for frer usage there but restricted to just 4chan. Like with the icsnhazcheeseburger network scooping up memes for profit, 4chan owners will have merchandise made of the sites memes and other intellectual property and sold in stores such as Hot Topic and Spencer's gifts. As time progresses, users of the current 4chan leave for the most part and 4chan becomes inhabited by the YouTube community of anti-trolls and teenagers who just discovered the internet (which is where 4chan is nearly at currently)

All speculation but the demise of ED might lead to this. I'm sure Poole is tired of being pinned for shit that happens to the sites but it still might be trolling. Nothing is really lost with ED being gone anyway.
Fan Fiction Theatre: Spongebob Squarepants
04/18/11, 23:36

I really want Christian Humber's life work put in this format. 3 hours of ridiculous anime cliches and horrid self-insertion might make more sense.
A Scene From a Chinese Soap Opera
04/18/11, 23:30

Even without the context, this makes much more sense than anything from Days of Our Lives. I really wanted to figure out what was going on with people getting killed but sent to a tropical luxury resort with a forcefield around it keeping them in.
National Geographic: Finding Atlantis
04/18/11, 16:43

Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop
04/18/11, 15:02

Then how do mash-up "artists" like Girl Talk get away with blatant use of other people's music while selling albums and doing shows for $30 a ticket if copyright laws are so strict on even small portions of music?
04/18/11, 00:08

I watched a pirated copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and still thought I got ripped off. They really can't go with "You wouldn't download a purse" stance because piracy in this form isn't theft of anything so they felt like they could make pirates feel left out of the fun.

There was an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh like that. Where this bad guy made May be in the Shadow Realm and put her in some floating hourglass Yu-Gi and crew played in the ocean without her and they were happy. She screamed "NOOOO" but it was too late because she was living her worst fear.
NYPD arrest a man for making a joke
04/17/11, 23:59

So it's illegal to ride bikes on the sidewalk but you can get hit in the street (often times on purpose) and now jokes are outlawed too. Maybe we shouldn't trust the poh-leese
Wave of sink related crime sweeping our nation's fast food restaurants
04/17/11, 23:56

The reporter basically sums up the importance of the crime and how much he really cares about it at the end.

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