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'Friday' as performed by Colbert and The Roots
04/02/11, 19:46

For this meme, I hope but not for Rebecca. Apparently this tragedy has turned into her getting an actual album and a new single called "LOL." I'd like to thank everyone who ran this and the Charlie Sheen shit into the ground head first until it was unfunny literally a day into it's debut.

But 5 for this. I really enjoyed the cut out car door
TFL Bill: My Suicide Attempt & Dwayne Is Not A True Friend
04/01/11, 23:07

Do all TFL guys have James Bond badguyish ticks/signatures? Bill records in his truck and says "okay" a lot, Dwayne is a 500 lb leviathan that talks out of his ass. Maybe this is more like Death Wish badguys.
Pretty Okay Owls
04/01/11, 19:45

Those faces horrify me.
Wizard Of Gore
04/01/11, 19:42

I love you, Chumbucket.

Also there should be a "They referenced this in Juno just to do it" tag. We will need to re-tag every Melvins song.
Rand Paul says a few things that everyone on this site will like
04/01/11, 19:35

Was this a roast and he was trying to appeal a certain group of people? His first one was good but I still don't like his politics.
I Love to Laugh
04/01/11, 10:16

He'll soon put Lexy and Stephany out of work
Nancy Grace Vs Weatherman Who Is Smarter Than Her
04/01/11, 10:12

If the radiation reaches California (which it will), all of the rich, white girls will be sick and will be easier to kidnap, rape, torture and kill. Nancy's blatant fear mongering always has a purpose and it's to save the white girls
Defense of Marriage Act
04/01/11, 00:07

Imagine you go to the doctor to get some medicine for your OCD. It's pretty intense and you are in a line of business that cannot afford any flip outs in the field. things dont feel right. You find out you have a daughter. Your friend is an asshole who keeps putting you in stupid positions. You rip off a fatman and almost get killed. Your daughter doesn't listen to you. Then one day, you get held up at home by the fat man. You are beaten. Fast forward to a few days later. You wake up in a hospital, all your fever dreams come rushing to you. You go outside and no one is there, everything you own at home is gone. Your daughter is missing, so is your partner. You have nowhere to go and your life has been ruined and you ask "Have you ever been drug to the street and beaten until you- PISS BLOOD?"

Because that is what gay marriage will do to traditional marriage in a nutshell.
Logical gay man counters screaming bigot.
03/31/11, 23:44

I don't think southern preachers explore the internet. If the very thought of homosexuality disgusts them then I wonder how they would feel about babyfurs or SFW fetishes.
Help Megan get on Glee!
03/31/11, 11:14

What the fuck is going on?
Getting Laid At Work Without Getting Fired
03/31/11, 01:02

5 for the description alone
Dairy Queen commercial
03/31/11, 00:58

This reminds me. I need to dig up some old VHS tapes and find that KFC commercial with the lost boys promoting Hook.
Age of the Dragons - trailer
03/31/11, 00:55

I reckon that girl is supposed to be Queeqeg and the guy kissing her is Ishmael. Makes sense.

I guess Pip almost drowns in a bathtub since the whole thing is on land and detracts from the symbolism.
A slingshot that shoots machetes
03/31/11, 00:46

It would leave a hell of a bruise and might fuck up the coat but it will save him from having to go to the ER or plugging it up with trash. On many occassions, I've fucked up and hit my leg with my machete and had it not been for my jeans I'd cut up my shins and need stitches. Clothing is a decent barrier from edges that aren't razor-sharp
Snospmis Eht: Barts Duty.
03/30/11, 18:54

Why was there piss under the TV?
Vegan Meal Time
03/30/11, 17:25

I'd like to see EMT's price tag per meal vs VMT's. If I had the money, I'd be vegan but I also hate going to the store every 3 days and vegan staples go bad quickly. It was like that when I was a vegetarian.
Hi Ryan!
03/30/11, 17:20

I'd like to string her along and dump her after sex. Just to see what happens. I'd probably want it to end really quick but I'm curious as to what horrible things she would do.
Shovelhead's panty quilt
03/30/11, 12:15

"...sexy. Victoria's Secret."
As they show a section of the quilt with well-worn granny panties.
03/30/11, 12:10

That god damn fan art. I expected the bullshit DeviantArt Eeveelutions and Lucario but the mallgoth Pikachus and the one with the sword in it is just horrifying.
The Free State Project
03/29/11, 20:14

God only knows how many times I've been attacked while picking up trash in central Whitepeopleville in a group of like-minded people and regreted not having a gun on my hip an opposition to helmet and seatbelt laws in my heart.

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