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Vacuuming my Duck
08/17/13, 13:15

Submitting videos with your watermark on a video that isnt yours is bad.
Challenge to Youth Pastors and Christian Parents
08/16/13, 18:23

The way I'm viewing this beefy Christian woman is that she is flying at me super fast in a very confident way because that background looks like some kind of anime shit
Let's Play MANOS The Hands of Fate
08/16/13, 18:19

I was hoping for something like an action adventure game based on the movie. You can make anything interesting with a platformer loosely based on something.
Black Belt Demonstration
08/16/13, 18:09

This would also be appropriate with Waking the Cadaver playing
The Most Pretentious Black Metal Band In History
08/14/13, 23:04

I think he's like 26. He acts like a try hard teenager though.

Like, like yeah man. Like we are, like, like the black metal band the uh, like, transcends the, like, uh, typical tropes of, like, the genre. Uh, we, like, don't wear uh, uh, corpse paint and, like, sing about Satan and uh, like, other crap. We rise above, like, everyone else and, like, understand what black metal is really, uh, about.
The Most Pretentious Black Metal Band In History
08/14/13, 22:48

I don't know about "kids". I think HHH is slightly older than I am
The Most Pretentious Black Metal Band In History
08/14/13, 22:08

Liturgy plays the most art school of Cascadian style Black Metal with stupid lyrics nor about nature. They have some decent tracks (mostly due to drumming) but if I could use the word "hipster" to describe one thing in this world, this is it. HHH's attitude about the whole thing is the most insufferable shit I've ever heard. I would venture to say this is the most pretentious because at least the most hardcore of elitist purist assholes don't have to art up the style into being this flowery special snowflake shit that he is doing. And you arent fucking special, HHH. Hardly any bands wear corpse paint anymore.

Fuck this band. Seriously. Fuck their art school bullshit, their ironic "we are the only ones who truly understand black metal" horse shit and fuck HHH and his manifesto.

The only band I like a whole lot and still have a bunch of respect for that said said something that tried to separate themselves from the rest of black metal was Blut Aus Nord when they said they didn't want to be lumped in with "those satanic clowns" and said they had ideas closer to that of Cascadian BM.
08/14/13, 21:29

Did Artery buy the formula all bands must go by from Rise Records?
08/14/13, 16:42

The worst part about this group is that they take themselves pretty seriously despite their "dont give a fuck" atttitude. They are among one of a decent number of bands that are pretty much still digging their spurs into the rotted out carcass of a horse that had been dying since it was born. Only now these guys have went a step further and added rapping to their style. Deathcore is a dead style. Bands have grown up and moved on. Job For a Cowboy just makes weedly modern tech death that have guitars that sound like you are washing your windows, Annotations of an Autopsy moved on to make crappy death metal, Whitechapel dropped a lot of the "deathcore" aspect and just make modern death metal with some melody, Abigail Williams dropped their deathcore aspect after their first EP to rip of Dimmu and then WitTR, Bring Me the Horizon make what I assume will be called post-metalcore and Suicide Silence is dead. The people still making this kind of music are the lowest of the low.

A bunch of high school kids making a mockery of extreme music isnt anything new but I really wish they would have picked a stupid, longwinded and even ironic name instead of using a decent one.
Creation Bytes: Beowulf
08/13/13, 22:51

I normally 1 star most of Tim and Eric shit but this was pretty masterfully done
Korean Boomerang Expert
08/13/13, 20:31

I had a boomerang when I was a kid because a friend of my mother's went to Australia and got one because Australia is shitty and has nothing to offer outside the things you see on TV about them. I took it to church and accidentally cracked the windshield of our youth pastors car and my stepdad beat the shit out of me. This guy is cruisin for a bruisin
Kris Jenner Reacts to Obama's Comments about Kim Kardashian
08/13/13, 16:24

Kim didn't get popular until that sex tape came out and then she started modeling and shit. Before that she was just the daughter of some nobody that married a once popular Olympic athlete who has been riding that gravy train back and forth to the botox clinic every 6 weeks. She has the option not to "work" if that's what they call it now but the majority of people in the world don't have the luxury of doing something they like and having people who already have a ton of money and connections to help start and then fall back on if it fails. Chris' idea of work is probably answering phones and telling other people what to do.
Breaking Bad - Mass Shankings
08/12/13, 22:10

I watched everything and started season 5 and I have seemed to have forgotten this and what happened to Ted. I need to rewatch it and I didnt want to watch season 5 when it was on the air because I remembered the feeling I got at those cliffhangers when I was watching it on Netflix and realized how glad I was to not have to wait a week to see what happened next
Breaking Bad - I Am The One Who Knocks
08/12/13, 19:59

Ive never heard a reference either aside from my friend and I saying bitch a lot and really forced. My friend showed me some comics somebody made on the internet with some lines that did stick out in my mind but never heard anyone reference anything else. Not even where I go on the internet
Breaking Bad - Box Cutter
08/12/13, 18:57

Anita Sarkeesian: Just my two silly cents
08/12/13, 18:40

There are people who record themselves playing video games, there are people who watch people who record themselves playing video games, there are people who complain when someone takes part of their video of them playing a video game and cropping it for their own video and there is now one person who says people who take a part of a video of someone recording themselves playing video games for people to watch is wrong and is stealing.
Glenn Beck addresses the Common Core State Standards.
08/11/13, 23:22

Christ he is bundled up in doors
Patrice O'neal Vs. Workaholics
08/11/13, 23:04

Workaholics is a show that I think got popular the same way Tosh.0 did. Comedy Central had a string of shows they would air and they all got horrid ratings and people hated it. Eventually they pumped in as much money as they felt needed into making shows before they just made some that had slightly better ratings and dumped the rest of the money they had into viral marketing to keep the shows afloat.

The show is like It's Always Sunny without any of the charm and uses a bunch of references to things the current generation a lot. Like they took the narcissistic, sociopathic Sunny characters and took away the things that made them funny or clever and put them in boring situations where things just happen that are kinda crazy but not funny.

There is just nothing appealing about this show to me in the least. It's like The Hangover movies. Nothing really funny happens, the writing isn't good and it's just a series of "LOOK AT THIS STUFF OVER HERE" scenes. Nothing connects, there is nothing clever and the dialogue relies on creating these stupid catchphrases they clearly decide beforehand that they really want people saying them in conversation after they see the episode
Samurai Cop - The Horny Nurse scene
08/11/13, 20:29

These are the same guys that bitch about the friend zone.
The Problem With Tumblr
08/10/13, 15:08

tumblr is a shithole. She isnt helping. And I keep thinking she might be moderately attractive due to her voice but then she keeps talking about Care Bears and crossovers

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