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Summertime is Great (Official Music Video)
04/11/14, 17:55

I had a similar thought but this seems too genuine to be some parent exploiting their children to get some small time internet fame. This seems more of a father who is a failed musician trying to pull off some family fun with his kids but is unaware of the consequences or doesnt care because they live in some wacky family where everyone is homeschooled and totally oblivious
Eiffel 65 - Move Your Body
04/11/14, 15:46

I hope someone has this very well thought out and elaborate story behind this band, the alien universe and that temple but this is the only medium they get to show their ideas. An entire universe in Eurotrash and god awful CG
RETURN THE FAVOR - Yung Humma ft. Flynt Flossy
04/11/14, 15:41

They got they same robotussin addict who directed the Chuggo video to do this too.
Summertime is Great (Official Music Video)
04/11/14, 15:40

This would make sense if they were droning about God or infowars but I don't see what would cause someone to make a song just about summer fun.
Sex Tape: Red Band Trailer
04/08/14, 15:26

I had a similar idea for a movie but the couple decide to do an open relationship. This sparks a sort of mid life crisis for the leading male as the only time he can remember being a cool guy was in his late teens so he falls into listening to nu metal and falls into a bad crowd and attends raves and tries to hook up with really awful goth girls. He begins to feel awkward when he accidentally makes out with his neighbor's daughter who is only 15. His wife (who has been out of the dating loop for a while) falls for some jack ass who uses every washed up PUA technique in the book and finally lands her. When they finally have sex she realizes she misses her husband and the PUA becomes clingy and desperate. Their friends want to stay out of this as much as possible but keep getting dragged in somehow
iJustine's Horrible Parody of Ke$ha's 'TickTock'
04/08/14, 13:19

I don't know who this is but I'm already too stressed out for this shit.
Big Ol' Herd of Elk Jumping Fences in Montana
04/07/14, 18:32

I forgot you are from around the same area as me.
Big Ol' Herd of Elk Jumping Fences in Montana
04/07/14, 14:49

Yeah well I just moved to Tennessee and I'm a duck dynasty loving redneck. I work hard, drink hard and dip even harder. Everyone has a shitty mustache here and looks like they smell bad.
Pat Robertson: Sweden is just like North Korea
04/03/14, 20:18

Wait I thought South America was a haven for people-

Oh, FROM the Nazis.
Robertson: Gays Use Rings To Infect Others With AIDS
08/27/13, 20:06

They hear false information somewhere or read it on whatever pages other old people link them to and stretch it out to some extreme because fundies view the world of things outside the comfort of their christian world as some kind of dark, Soviet Russia movie filtered bizarro land. Its like a fishing story and the telephone game mixed
Miley Cyrus performs at the VMAs
08/27/13, 16:55

This is embarrassing for everyone involved. I'm embarrassed for her. This is the pinnacle of desperation and its cringe comedy. The best parts are the camera pans to other celebrities and they are just cringing in their seats at how bad it is.
Miley Cyrus performs at the VMAs
08/27/13, 16:49

It isn't irony. Nobody is making shit to be ironic or random. Nobody is dressing god awful to be ironic. Nobody is acting idiotic to be ironic. They make shit, dress god awful and act like idiots
Billy Blanks punishes a man masturbating
08/22/13, 22:26

I guess you could say he wasn't shooting Blanks
Vocal Alchemy Perineum Breathing
08/22/13, 16:23

I think I'm doing it wrong because I'm just flexing my asshole
Jesus helps two stranded people by... sending a giant worm to assist...?
08/21/13, 16:23

That is obviously a mud fish.
Family in shock after hate letter targets teen with autism (link to letter in description)
08/20/13, 16:44

Do people really think adding a bunch of exclamation marks to something makes it more powerful? The kid goes whaling outside? This person sounds like a moron
Ray Comfort: Evolution vs. God
08/19/13, 23:47

12 Micros in a macro and I'm smashin' 'em like it's 1999
Ray Comfort: Evolution vs. God
08/19/13, 23:23

Also I don't see how proving college kids need a level of faith to comprehend something they can't have happening in front of them proves shit. There are thousands of creation myths and the Christian one sucks if you take out all the non-canon shit.
Ray Comfort: Evolution vs. God
08/19/13, 23:20

I wonder how many people he had to ask before he got the right answer? Any smart biology major would have said there is plenty of observable evidence in microevolution.

It also wouldn't hurt for him (or some of these people) to have an actual grasp on evolution but his point is to butter up his research to give the results he wants and sell it to beefy Midwestern christians so they can have more strength behind validating that what they believe is right as they sit in an all you can eat buffet after church and laugh desperately in their denial.

It seems like sometimes these people are on some borderline Solipsism shit or might be closet holocaust deniers because they can't actually observe it happening and proof is not enough.
Sebacious Cyst & Keratin
08/19/13, 16:09

I bet it smells awesome

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