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What the end of us will look like
07/25/13, 23:12

Fixing the problem once and for all

Scuba Soldier comes home early and surprises his family.
07/25/13, 21:27

She started crying and I realized i will never be loved like that.

Enslaved Whale Makes a Bid for Freedom
07/25/13, 20:25

Orcas are bullshit whales anyway. Fuck em
Latter-Day Lingo
07/25/13, 12:13

There are always Mormons in Oak Ridge, Jet. My friend gets a knock on his door every once in a while.
Ontario Drunk Dad PSA
07/24/13, 15:18

Sometimes I get too drunk to use power tools or a wood burner but I used to mow and use a weedeater while drunk at night until my neighbors told me to stop. I'm still a pretty good shot with my bow when I've had a few whiskies and I generally become more productive when I'm drunk alone.

This guy is probably just drinking to forget he sucks at everything
The IT Crowd - Disabled
07/23/13, 19:45

The best part was when that guy thought they were all just playing a joke because they were Irish and knocks a guy out of his chair.

I love this show even with the laugh track
Gang stalking- long lines
07/23/13, 17:19

This is a pretty good scare tactic to get certain exhibits in check but not my favorite. My favorite way to visit an exhibit is to simply walk by them every now and again. They usually don't catch on because they are focused on the people they shouldn't be focused on. You see the "No Loitering" signs but people are loitering near them? That's good too. Those areas were predetermined to be perfect gazing spots when visiting certain exhibits and reserved for people who work with networks. It keeps the honest people from loitering there to reserve prime property for the average agent.

The best part about learning about this when I first came into the business was exactly how deep this goes. This form of "paranoid schizophrenia" is one of dozens of made up diseases created by special interests groups so they can get away with working with people. Have you ever met someone who was being gangstalked that didnt have "paranoid schizophrenia"? Of course not. Because the people who know they are being stalked are aware and are justified in being paranoid. The term was made up and made known by the media to get it out there so we could just label these people as crazy so nobody would believe them thus causing no alarm to the general public or more ignorant exhibits. It's pretty genius. Before this the government used to implant chips into peoples' teeth but that is risky because it can be tested and all it takes was one guy to go to the dentist and have it verified that he had been bugged. Gangstalking is impossible to prove and the harder you try to prove it the crazier people think you are
Zerdzer calls radio show
07/23/13, 16:13

Cry me a river, Gmork, you whiny bitch.
Video from 07/21/13: My death approaches
07/23/13, 00:00

I occasionally go out to Boston to check in on her (once a month or less). The thing about these paranoid schizophrenics don't understand about how networks work and continue about is that there are multiple networks working at a time keeping tabs on people for various reasons. Where as special interest groups may use the same people over and over again, the employer who hired the network I'm a part of (private corporation) has enough money to hire many, many people to simply check in on people shortly and not be used in that location again for long period of time so these exhibits don't catch on. Government offices use the same people over and over because it can be passed off easily as that's their job or it's simply easier to recruit people who already work doing that. I've never done government work because gathering information for private corporations is much more rewarding.

It's also ok to talk about this openly since no of our exhibits become too aware unless scared by mailmen or truck drivers in a government network. Our investigation should be wrapping up in a few months as we have nearly all the information we need. They make it so easy by posting these videos.
Comicbookgirl19 Christmas rant (fixed)
07/22/13, 23:47

She is attractive and I hate Christmas too. I wonder what her armpits smell like
COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey Trailer
07/22/13, 20:49

Hey Digital Liar!
07/21/13, 23:54


Ride to Hell: The worst game of the seventh generation
07/21/13, 23:34

I love shitty glitchy games with big tittied women and awkward pictures of the developers kid in the sex scene.

Also what is up with Death Grips being used as soundtrack music to so many YT videos?
Robot Fighter Jet X-47B Autonomously Lands on Aircraft Carrier
07/21/13, 22:37

I'm going for creepy factor. I dont really care about death tolls when it comes to creepy when that's it's programed job. This falls under the "this is fucked up and our government is a piece of shit" category.
Tiny Fire Trucks put out Tiny Fires.
07/21/13, 21:58

Eventually toys will be attaching chainsaws to skateboards and chasing teenagers on Vespas
Robot Fighter Jet X-47B Autonomously Lands on Aircraft Carrier
07/21/13, 17:39

This isn't scary. It doesn't have nearly organic movement or the ability to regain balance and the noises aren't creepy. This is just the next step towards Gundams
Two outstanding Americans cleverly exercise their right to free speech
07/19/13, 12:08

Zerdzer more like turdzer. You suck
Two outstanding Americans cleverly exercise their right to free speech
07/18/13, 22:32

JUST 2 GUYS - 43

Just 2 guys looking 2 b victimized on camera. Looking 2 put ourselves n danger and provoke already pissed off people in 2 attcking us so we cn look like we r victims :)

Darrell is 38 5'9" 280 lbs dark hair w/ jorts. Stocky build w/ goatee
and awkward posture.
Jerry is 39 5'10" bald (carpet matches tha drapes ladies ;)) w/ stubly dubble chin and camera.

We r just 2 lonely dudes looking to piss off ppl and be victimized and maybe more ;)


it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
KMart Reaches Out to Urban Youths.
07/18/13, 22:18

Embarrassing for everyone involved.
Dungeons and Dragons to a Fundie
07/18/13, 19:14

This isnt Dungeons and Dragons at all! You roll to move!

The killing kids part is accurate.

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