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Nocturnal Walker

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Mad Midget Five.
Man drives SUV through Mall, then gets Beat by Cops
Kids In The Hall - The New Style
Kids in the Hall - God is dead
Mega64: New Super Mario Bros.
Mexican prank show
Crazy Acid Throwing Lady
You're Finished, You Fool! (OH NO)
Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro Commercial
Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin
Frank Zappa's PMRC Senate Testimony
All Geico Caveman commercials
Dexter's Labratory: The Muffin King
Who wants to be the pied piper?
1970 Salem Cigarettes Commercial
1971 McDonald's Commercial starring Willard Scott
Kids in the Hall - Potato Salad
Kids in the Hall-Killer Monkeys
Introduction To Your Casio Keyboard (one-minute version)
Video Dating Losers
Ham In A CD Player (Dead Link Resubmit)
Kids in the Hall - I've lost my indian drum
Hey Mickey
Harvey Birdman - Blackwatch Plaid
Jigsaw on Tricycle
Christopher Walken Pulp Fiction Monologue
Pee Wee bike chase
More clips from Wicker Man '06
.38 Ambush Alley
.38 Ambush Alley
Tek Jansen Episode 7
Japanese Mayonnaise Ad
The Fonz and The Honk
Are you Afraid of the Dark: Tale of the Prom Queen
Are you Afraid of the Dark: Tale of the Prom Queen
Are You Afraid of the Dark: Tale of the Prom Queen
GI Joe the Movie opening sequence
1/2 hour news hour: 6 degrees of global warming
Great White Sharks Feeding Frenzy on Floating Whale Carcass
How Not to Exit a Parking Garage
Evo IX Gets Hit by a Seagull at High Speed
Animated Dark Knight Returns
Exorcist 3 - The Nurse Station scene
1980s Commercial for Crest Gel
Help the Police
MST3K - Tormented
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes
Cars That Go Boom
Midget Runs from COPS
Japanese nut attack game show
Ode to the Nut Shot -- Adult Swim
Ending of the movie "Time Walker" (1982)
Chipmunk eating a mouse's brains
My Baby
Power Rnagers... forever.
Marked For Death trailer
christina clown training pt 1
"Strong Kids, Safe Kids!" Molestation Edutainment Video
Kerry Confronts Funder of Swift Boat Smear Campaign
The Real Ghostbusters (The collect call of Cathulhu)
Drunk Squirrel
Gorbachev Pizza Hut Ad
Conan Interviews Bread Expert
MST3K Space Mutiny Name Compilation
Barely Today Trampoline segway
Fallout Tactics Intro
12 0z Mouse - Episode 1
TV News report on emo from South Dakota
Napoleon McCallum Injury
Peewee's Playhouse Intro
Craig Ferguson on why he won't make fun of Britney Spears
Ballad of Black Mesa
Shaun Livingston Busts His Knee Out
Harry Enfield - Women Keep Your Virtue
Pilobolus Dance Troupe at 2007 Oscars
Drive by Iraq Flashbang
Australian TV signal hijacking.
TaEAS, GJ: Doo Dah Doo Doo
MST3k - ROWSDOWER montage
The Melody of Oblivion - Cow Girls
CSI Miami: David Caruso One Liners II: Sunglasses Edition
MGS2: Great job, Raiden!
The Wire - Omar testifies against Bird
Mega Man 2 - Wily's stage with whiny vocals
Tweakers the squirrel
My Immortal part 1
Rats infest NYC KFC/Taco Bell
North Korean Anime Part 02
North Korean Anime Part 01
Jack Morgan - Little Mouse (Re-Submit)
Guy who sounds like Towelie catches a fish
The Best of Ralph Wiggum
Sparkling Wiggle
Fox News: Red Eye
A Walk In The Park

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