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Nocturnal Walker

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Judge Judy Collections Agency Prank
"The Incredible Hulk" 1982 intro
Charmin commercial
GT Countdown - Top Ten Worst Consoles
Starcraft 2 teaser cinematic.
Attacked by SAMs over Iraq
Plane landing on the World's smallest aircraft carrier
Guitar Hero 2 hack - Transformers (metal version)
Wonder Twins: Be Kind, Rewind
Guy dressed like a cop sticks cigars up his nose
Vitas - Opera number 2
Beavis and Butthead on "Step by Step"
Ore no Ryouri - Ramen Shop stage
Chester The Pug And His Fantastic Snack
McGruff "BIKE THEFT" Spot (1981)
The Private Life of a Cat
Super Furry Animals - Lazer Beam
The Last Starfighter clip.
Cooking Mama - HOT DOG
Starcraft- Lester & the Sarge
A playground next to the end zone?
Seinfeld Horror Trailer
Get A Life
John Madden Football 92 Ambulance Montage
Jack Thompson continues his "crusade" after VT shooting
FernGully - Batty Rap
Ultimate Car Vs Man Compilation
Japanese kamikaze pilot survives.. but blows himself up with a grenade
Supercooled water freezes as it's being poured
Alec Baldwin leaves a voice mail for his 11 year old daughter
German army bootcamp
Planet of the Arabs
Maximum Overdrive - Soda Can Massacre
D&D LARP with special effects
Ultimate Lego Rubber Band Gun
How To Rip a Phone Book in Half
Far Out Space Nuts opening theme
Lore Sjoeberg rates State Quarters, Part 7
Therian Interview
Jim Carrey as David Caruso
The Wyoming Incident 3
The Wyoming Incident
You Remind Me of the Babe!
Dozo - Don't Touch Me (1989)
Sonic Saturday Morning - opening
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice
Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
Army Of One Parody
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (1-2)
Footage from the never released Super Mario's Wacky Worlds
Roger Rabbit - Judge Doom Dips a Shoe
I Am The Greatest - The Cartoon
McDonald's/Gillette Good News razor promo
Snoop Dogg vs. Bill O'Reilly
Samurai Spirits (or Showdown) Zero finishing moves
Carlos Mencia Gets Caught Stealing Material by DJs
Bill Brasky - Airport
Japanese goldfish live in (and clean) a deep fryer
Video Romeo - Kidd Video
The Kids in the Hall - Nobody Likes Us
Flytech Dragonfly POP reel
1950's Kool-Aid commercial
Eyetech Productions commercial
Benny Hinn / Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
Telex - Eurovision 1980 entry
Princess Bride - Rhyming
Simpsons - The Ribwich
The Simpsons - St Patrick's Day
Michael Jackson Salutes The Pepsi Generation (1984)
Mexican prank show
Crazy Acid Throwing Lady
1970 Salem Cigarettes Commercial
1980s Commercial for Crest Gel
Power Rnagers... forever.
Fallout Tactics Intro
Drive by Iraq Flashbang
Australian TV signal hijacking.
The Wire - Omar testifies against Bird
Tweakers the squirrel
A Walk In The Park
Fox News Report Getting Hit On, or Being Mistaken for a Stripper
Star Wars re-enacted with action figures
Osama Team Hunger Force
Kung-Fu Clowns
You Gotta Believe - Lenni From GhostWriter's Music Video
The Scary Door - The Most Evil Creature
24: Jack Bauer has a potty mouth!
Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
Saturday Supercade opening, closing, show themes
Shadow of the Colossus: Colossus #13 (speed-run)
Shadow the Hedgehog trailer
"Choose Your Own Adventure DVD: The Abominable Snowman" Trailer
Clubbing Baby Harp Seals
Mom Spanked the Gay Out of Me
The Real McCain
Cruise missile formation caught on video
The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan
The Chicken Dance
Leapin' Lizards

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