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'For The Record' Guy's Hip Hop Video
03/02/10, 11:25

You can count on one hand the number of black people that appear in this video.
Cat Infatuation
03/01/10, 12:21

Everyone talks about her big ass titaaaaays and I completely agree, they are huge. They neglect to mention that she's also totally fucking insane and unable to smile for crying out loud so what's the point? Its like God slapped some tits on breeding ball of venomous snakes.
Gwyneth Paltrow works out
02/24/10, 12:13

This routine looks completely worthless... I got a half chub for some reason.
Dancing Predators
02/19/10, 09:20

this is the best thing ever, I love it and - by extension - anyone who likes it.

Good work, poe tv. stand proud.

five stars.
Woman showing off all the weight she gained
02/08/10, 17:23

Come here, I want to give you a french kiss.
Two Worst Martial Arts Techniques Ever.
02/01/10, 17:13

Wait... its possible to break a baseball bat with my forearm? I've been trying to use my forehead this whole time!
Hardcore kids in Georgia dance to Miley Cyrus
01/28/10, 13:15

This is what happens when you don't do drugs. Horrifying.
The Reality of the Venomfangx Issue
01/18/10, 12:49

Shawn is a textbook psychopath, pure and simple. If he were to receive "treatment" for his issues, he will only become better at what he does over time. He cannot be humiliated or shamed into being a better human being, because his brain cannot process and react to that sort of information.

I'm glad his parents have decided to let him burn for this.
Big Bang Theory w/ canned laughter removed
01/18/10, 12:35

People that find this show funny deserve Cancer.
Fat clumsy kid showcasing his sword technique
01/16/10, 03:51

Fat clumsy kid showcasing his sword technique
01/15/10, 16:49

A little slice of heaven from Garden City, Michigan. I personally enjoyed the secret pony tail reveal at :38.
Decasia Excerpt
12/02/09, 00:07

Well... that was unsettling.
Daft Punk GAP ad
11/22/09, 13:02

Juliette Lewis is a close second to Kittens.
11/05/09, 23:00

Needs the "White People" tag.
Juggalo Furries
11/02/09, 18:19

This was the next logical step I suppose.
Walk it Out
10/21/09, 12:45

I hate that I can't stop laughing at this.
10/14/09, 12:23

If that is beach... then who was phone?

Gonna apologize for that one in advance.
09/28/09, 12:26

Both happy and danceable.
Snoop is a real nigga
09/06/09, 11:41

That look isn't shame, the kid is blown out.
My dark elf army is the greatest power for evil in the lower mainland of British Columbia.
09/04/09, 12:34

He's only using 1 repeater bolt thrower? Also, Where's Malekith? you call yourself elite! I would crush him with my Beasts of Chaos or Vampire Counts army in a heartbeat.

Also, those are some old ass models. At least troll with some 7th edition.

/end nerdrage

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