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Showdown between two guys in a welfare office
03/29/10, 12:15

5 stars for the fabulous! I hope the gray shirt queen did something to deserve that horrendous ass beating.
TaxTeaParty pledges NO VIOLENCE against DEMS
03/29/10, 11:18

What he said.
16-bit adding machine made in Minecraft
03/27/10, 13:28

The human mind is a terrible and boring thing.
Alex Chiu flexes the guns.
03/26/10, 15:07

Sorry ladies, he only has eyes for his cat.
Ska Kids Entertainment
03/25/10, 09:41

I love this, so very much.
The Return of Christian Weston Chandler
03/23/10, 17:11

Way to beat a dead horse into a bloody paste.
Kurt Cobain Talks about His Moodiness and Drug Use
03/12/10, 13:02

The world owes Kurt's rotting corpse a gigantic thank you for destroying glam rock in the 90s.
Wayne's World - Trailer
03/12/10, 12:45

This movie has aged surprisingly well. Aside from "SCHWING!", "... NOT!", and Tia Carrera's hair and outfits.
Dave Grohl - 'I was in Nirvana!'
03/12/10, 09:22

I believe that anyone that gave this video less than 5 stars likes to spread their own fecal matter on toast and eat it. Enjoy your own turds, retards.
Corey Hotline
03/11/10, 00:33

I hope that "Uncomfortably Close Platonic Relationship" will become a linked tag one day.
Living in the 90s (1995)
03/10/10, 17:24

Bring back PM Dawn, please.
I don't want to spoil what happens in this video.
03/05/10, 16:09

An attempted snack burglary gone horribly fat.
'For The Record' Guy's Hip Hop Video
03/02/10, 11:25

You can count on one hand the number of black people that appear in this video.
Cat Infatuation
03/01/10, 12:21

Everyone talks about her big ass titaaaaays and I completely agree, they are huge. They neglect to mention that she's also totally fucking insane and unable to smile for crying out loud so what's the point? Its like God slapped some tits on breeding ball of venomous snakes.
Gwyneth Paltrow works out
02/24/10, 12:13

This routine looks completely worthless... I got a half chub for some reason.
Dancing Predators
02/19/10, 09:20

this is the best thing ever, I love it and - by extension - anyone who likes it.

Good work, poe tv. stand proud.

five stars.
Woman showing off all the weight she gained
02/08/10, 17:23

Come here, I want to give you a french kiss.
Two Worst Martial Arts Techniques Ever.
02/01/10, 17:13

Wait... its possible to break a baseball bat with my forearm? I've been trying to use my forehead this whole time!
Hardcore kids in Georgia dance to Miley Cyrus
01/28/10, 13:15

This is what happens when you don't do drugs. Horrifying.
The Reality of the Venomfangx Issue
01/18/10, 12:49

Shawn is a textbook psychopath, pure and simple. If he were to receive "treatment" for his issues, he will only become better at what he does over time. He cannot be humiliated or shamed into being a better human being, because his brain cannot process and react to that sort of information.

I'm glad his parents have decided to let him burn for this.

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