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Sonic's Schoolhouse ingame footage
Rude Dog and the Dweebs
Nutter Butter commerical
Problem Child Cartoon Intro
Dirty Dancing: The Game
Girl attempts to eat a tablespoon of Cinnamon
Barney Raps About Fruity Pebbles
News Anchor Can't Stop Laughing at Model
The amazing flying kitty!
Autistic Pride Day Music Video (Their anthem?)
Electra ...
The Stingers - "Stingers Theme" (Jem)
Norm MacDonald on the Crocodile Hunter
Bart The General 2
King Herod's Song -Jesus Christ Superstar
Well Excuuuse Me, Princess!
Robocop 2 Failures
Batter fakes being hit by ball
Fist of the north star korean live action
Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle/Jason Priestley
Fatal KOs from Sammy's Hokuto no Ken fighting game
LoZ A Link to the Past under 4 minutes
Commodore VIC-20 Commercial with William Shatner
McDonald's Wastebaskets
Kenny's Cartoon 10
Grimly Fiendish
Commercial for the NES Game Genie

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