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Gucci Gucci
06/12/11, 10:17

You are all humorless and have bad ears.
Gucci Gucci
06/10/11, 21:15

This song has been stuck in my head for weeks now. And I'm okay with that.
Trailer-Deer woman
04/25/11, 20:00

This was a really solid episode. Fit the one hour 'Masters of Horror' format perfectly. Any longer, this would've worn out it's welcome - but Landis gets the most out of his premise and his hour.
Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality
05/30/10, 09:08

Just think... by buying beef/veal/dairy, you have paid these folks to do this!

Vote with your dollar.

Dog Vs. Balloons II - this time it's personal.
12/03/09, 21:55

The hammer scene from 'Oldboy' has nothing on this.
Don B. sings 'Louie Louie'
12/03/09, 21:31

Don B not singing 'Batman'?!?!?

Yeah, no local band will ever turn Don down, and almost all of them know the Batman theme just for him.

Don B and 'Help is on the way!'... Columbus (slightly depressing but awesome) institutions.
Plasmatics on Fridays
11/21/09, 21:35

Wait... people actually have to EXPLAIN why this is fucking awesome?
Born Toulouse-Lautrec
10/05/09, 22:55

New Bomb Turks... I've never been prouder to be from Columbus.
06/28/09, 09:35

Head over Heels
06/15/09, 22:23

It's an odd sort of cognitive dissonance. I see the sucky video and hair cuts that make them look like Golden Girls...

But the only thought that registers is, "Damn, I love this song."
06/12/09, 23:13

From everything I've heard about Scott, that doesn't surprise me at all.
Walk, Don't Run
06/12/09, 23:01

Yeah, I think you're thinking 'Miserlou', cognitivedissonance.

But I'll be damned if it isn't a cool take on the song.
Inis Mona
06/10/09, 21:31

Pickles' new band is pretty kickin'.
Insane Clown Posse - Let's Go All the Way
06/04/09, 23:49

I remember in interviews them talking about actually trying to score a hit with the whole gnu-metal cover trend... I 'm glad it never really worked for them.

I'm sure a god-awful video didn't help things...
Tiger Phone Card (Live)
06/04/09, 23:27

Yeah, if they're going to keep on the duets route, that would be a nice thing.

While he did a great job not trying to overstep his vocal range on this album, there are only so many songs you can do in that vocal range.

I think 'Sober Driver' is about as good as he can get. If it weren't for the lyrical content, the song wouldn't be half as goo.

(note of irony: I'm not sober while typing this!)
Sni Bong
06/03/09, 22:50

This is just awesome.
Wooly Bully
05/26/09, 23:05

Sounds Industrial No. 7
05/25/09, 19:26

That was...

Welfare Bread
05/22/09, 19:59

It's a man of Indian descent, raised in the Frenchiest part of Canada, who moved to Germany to start a soul band... less than 5 stars is criminal.
Blame It On The Rain
05/20/09, 21:31

Sorry, but there is no way to do an non-ironic cover of this song. Scientists have proved this in a laboratory setting.

But this is rather competently done with at least a bit of respect for the songwriting. Cool.


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