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Mike Patton hates Wolfmother
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (1-2)
Rock N Roll Nightmare (ending sequence)
Troll 2 Montage
UWA finishers. From some wresting game,
Samurai Spirits (or Showdown) Zero finishing moves
Nirvana: Rape Me live
Mel Blanc for American Express
Scatman John - Scatmans World
Kevin Spacey: Inside the Actor's Studio
Video Romeo - Kidd Video
Duckling feeding fish
Realdoll birthday party
Cow eats a chick
Kiki's Delivery Service - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Sean Connery On Slapping Women
Brave Little Toaster - Worthless
The Simpsons - The Shinning
Ms. Pac Man commercial
Venture Bros. s2e11 - Viva Los Muertos
Magic: The Gathering Ice Age Promo
Metal Wolf Chaos - Ending
Kidd Video Theme Song
Massengill commercial
Baby Got Book
Bart The General 2
Charles Bukowski - Born Into This
Graham Chapman's funeral
Ryu vs. Scoprion
Pinocchio - Lampwick turns into a donkey
Dr. Caligari (1989)
Mike Nesmith Interviews Frank Zappa (or does he...?)
Not The 9 O'clock News: Conservative Conference
All Geico Caveman commercials
Charles Bukowski: Poetry In Motion
Hey Mickey
Harvey Birdman - Blackwatch Plaid
Barfly Trailer
They Might Be Giants - Bastard Wants to Hit Me
Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown (Live)
Jane's Addiction - Stop
Exorcist 3 - The Nurse Station scene
Battlestar Galactica Vs Star Wars Vs Star Trek Vs Babylon 5
Harmony Korine on Letterman (1998 appearance)
Frank Zappa - I'm the Slime live on SNL (resubmit, original is dead)
Midget Runs from COPS
Ode to the Nut Shot -- Adult Swim
Christopher Walken as Puss in Boots
Chipmunk eating a mouse's brains
Manhunter: First scene with Hannibal Lecktor
Oingo Boingo - Grey Matter (Live)
The Last 10 Minutes of Dead or Alive
"Strong Kids, Safe Kids!" Molestation Edutainment Video
The Real Ghostbusters (The collect call of Cathulhu)
Sid Vicious sings My Way
Venture Bros - Animating Hank and Dean
12 0z Mouse - Episode 1
Craig Ferguson on why he won't make fun of Britney Spears
TaEAS, GJ: Dr. Steve Brule
TaEAS, GJ: Doo Dah Doo Doo
Stabbing at Leia's 22nd birthday party
MST3k - ROWSDOWER montage
200 motels
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm
Masters of Horror - Cigarette Burns
The Atheist Experience.
Trailer: Golden Ninja Warrior (NSFW)
The opening to Argento's "Suspiria"
Shakes VS Plates
John Lennon -Give Peace a Chance
All you Need is Love -The Beatles
Sleepy Two-Toed Baby Sloth Wakes Up
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
"Time Traveler" arcade game intro.
C-Span Prank Calls
Saturday Supercade opening, closing, show themes
The Final Battle from Wizards
Frank Zappa on Miami Vice
Bjork - I Miss You
Clubbing Baby Harp Seals
Alithea - Dick in a Box
Home Movies -Mr Pants
The Dubliners - Whiskey in the Jar
The Real McCain
Roof wrestling gone awry resubmit
Aqua Teen Movie Trailer
Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children
Harvey Birdman clips
Video reply to Let's Misbehave by MaryAnne
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go - live
Arcade fire & David Bowie - Wake Up - live
Rosebud Frozen Peas
Network - I'm as Mad as Hell
MK fatality glitch
Taco - Puttin' on the Ritz (uncensored version)
The Adventures of Pete & Pete - "New Years Pete"

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