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Spit Spingola

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Glenn Beck presents the Obama National Anthem
Kitty Kornered
Keith Olbermann's 'Worst Person in the World' list for Nov. 5th
The Words Get Struck In My Throat
Joan Crawford Slaps A Woman
Superjail!- Mr. Grumpy Pants part 2
Superjail!- Mr. Grumpy Pants part 1
Victor the Budgie: Victor Must Appear
Circuit City DIVX commercial
Unaired 'Plastic Man' pilot cartoon (2006)
Barack Obama
I Need A Plus Sized Woman Around The Clock
Palin asked about loss.
Sarah Palin crying
Ipanema Rap
Obama Says Brothers Should Pull Up Their Pants
Superjail! - Bad Trip
I Hate Nature - David Attenborough
Sarah Palin Gets Pranked (For Real)
The Worst Interrogation Scene in the History of Cinema
MST3K - 10.2 Upgrade.
Good Morning
Boxing Tonight
Dum Dum Diga Diga
MST3K - Best of Mikey from Teen-age Strangler
Japanese love for Putin
American Politics in Anime- 'Obama-kun and Hilary-chan'
anime McCain vs. anime Obama
Hell of the living dead - Highlight reel
Biden: Interviewing Biden Style
Hard Gay vs. Bob Sapp Wrestling Match
Dot Com asks Tracy Morgan to turn it down
vlad and friend boris presents 'Song for Sarah' for mrs. Palin
Kia Ora Ad #2
Richie Cunningham & Opie Taylor Endorse Obama
An incredibly 80s peanut butter commercial.
Yealow Submaryan
Hardball explodes after Michelle Bachmann's incindiery remarks.
Teletubbies Accidental Porn
Al Bundy for Obama
Sarah Palin Remixed
Imagination (or Aspergers the Movie) trailer
Yellow Mouse Orchestra
MST3K Klack Foods segment
Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals
Kia Ora Ad ('80s)
Lil' O'Reilly lays into Barney Frank
More Gaming in the Clinton Years: Killer Instinct Gold
Highlights from the McCain/Batman debate
Barack Obama: Too Much Pie For One Guy
John McCain is trying to get his people under control
Tokyo Smiling
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter (1974) - Theatrical Trailer
Bob Staake's Process
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)
Barack Obama's debate prep
That One
The Wicker Man Ending (2006)
Centipede Horror Trailer
McCain '08
Seinfeld- Beef-a-Reeno
How about Sarah Palin last night?
John McCain Quacks About How Awesome Sarah Palin Is
Sarah Palin plays the flute
Naked Guy Collides with Clothes Football Player
Mother Goose Rock N' Rhyme
Johnny Blue Jeans - 'Ms. Pac-Man'
Speed Racer - The Racer Family & co. versus the Mafia
'Diesel SFW Porn' Thing...
David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign
The Renewed Mind Is The Key
Seven Grandmasters - the weapons rack fight
Fragmaster vs. Gamestop
Cave Story PSA
Ralph Nader Talks To Parrot
'NewsBusted' Conservative humor show. Worse than the 1/2 hour news hour.
McCartney listens to Lennon's 'Beautiful Boy'
LeBron James vs. David Kalb in a game of horse
Belladonna of Sadness: Fucking The Devil
Bad Dreams (1988) - Trailer
Donny Deutsch has a boner for Sarah Palin
Soulja Boy Plays Braid
Höekvision presents: I Like Pink
John McCain Insults Working People (2006)
Norm Coleman on Bush’s Eight Last Years
Citizen Kane 3000 Trailer
In Cars
The Chris Elliott Jr. Show, from 'Late Night with David Letterman'
Sarah Palin Interview (pt 1)
Bill O'Reilly 'Reality Checks' Cynthia Tucker
Top Secret! The Cow Scene
Barack Obama: Charisma Machine
Troll Collector Barbie
3Dinternet presents 3D shopping
Lone Wolf and Cub kill a bunch of women
The Osmonds

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