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Spit Spingola

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The Joy of Easy Listening
06/22/11, 22:19

The Batman theme and "Spanish Flea" were on an "Easy Listening" chart?

I'll take 60's easy listening over 70's soft rock any day of the week.
Bankrupt By Beanies
06/22/11, 17:54

I really think the tactile feel of them was a lot of the appeal, like why bean bag chairs are popular but that may just be the autism talking.

I was thinking of the video game collectibles. I used to collect old video games and a lot of it crested in the early 00's and then went down in value except for super rare stuff like Stadium Events.
Bankrupt By Beanies
06/22/11, 12:58

Beanie Babies certainly don't display that well. They're fun to hold but most of them just look like lumpy pieces of cloth on a shelf.

I wonder if you could pull off a scam like Beanie Babies today. The internet and ebay crushed the value of a lot of collector's things and the economy has exacerbated that.
simon phoenix talks to nobody
06/22/11, 04:03

I'm more bothered by Wesley Snipes wearing My Buddy's overalls.
simon phoenix talks to nobody
06/22/11, 04:02

I keep imagining somebody writing all this down on paper and thinking THIS IS GENIUS.
Pirated Video - Chopping Mall
06/22/11, 03:55

Giving security guard robots head exploding lasers seemed like a good idea at time.

Why couldn't they have run into Paul Blart: Mall Cop?
Incredible John Kerry impression by Smigel on Conan
06/21/11, 00:46

We dodged a bullet with Kerry but Bush was like getting hit in the face with an rpg.
The Fireman Soldier addresses his troops.
06/20/11, 14:39

You can already download the skins for TF2.

Giant Bomb's 52 minute 'Quick Look' of Duke Nukem Forever
06/19/11, 03:04

I liked their reviews of Microsoft's Game Room on Xbox 360. You got to watch failure unfold over months as they kept releasing dozens of shitty Intellivision games because nobody else would license their games for it and then Krome goes out of business and the service collapses.

I liked Game Room and wanted it to succeed but it was still pretty epic.
Badly Animated Man
06/19/11, 02:39

What kind of ineptitude is it when you overanimate your parody of bad animation?
Giant Bomb's 52 minute 'Quick Look' of Duke Nukem Forever
06/18/11, 23:01

Not work safe, if anybody cares.

This game is kind of amazing. It's like Beavis and Butthead made it. Some parts of this game are ugly but almost competent and then other parts look like the Xbox Live Indie Game section. Expecting a really precipitous price drop in this game, probably under $15 within a year.

I like Giant Bomb's five hour long quick looks of games when they're bad and half the video is load screens. If you like this there's also a podcast where they make fun of Duke Nukem Forever for about another 20 minutes.
Weiner Roasted, Falls on His Sword
06/17/11, 02:38

Did a guy from the Howard Stern show just call this guy a pervert? For a little Facebook jerking off?

Still can't decide if I feel bad for Weiner or not. I don't think I've ever seen a politician humiliated this bad but I keep going back to how dumb he was. Normal affairs would have been a lot safer.
Chinese Team Fortress 2 - Final Combat
06/17/11, 02:27

You can play it for free! It's called MicroVolts on its English site. It looks annoying as hell. http://www.microvolts.com

I think the developers took the criticism to heart. They've dressed it up enough now so it doesn't seem too knockoffy anymore, and they've changed the music. Plus it's 3rd person. It's still got some maps that are completely in TF2's style, though.
Michael Moore vs. Milton Friedman
06/16/11, 15:04

Give Michael Moore a break, he's a teenager in this clip.
The Office Recut as an 80s Sitcom
06/15/11, 04:36

Laugh tracks!

On the subject of The Office: Serious shows with that documentary shaky camera style should add the awkward interview parts with one liners that The Office has. I couldn't stop thinking of those scenes while watching the shaky camera work on Battlestar Galactica.
Shaq's Personal Videos
06/10/11, 04:14

Why the hell does Shaq have a taxidermied baboon?
The Looney Tunes Show - Bugs and Lola at the movies
06/02/11, 21:19

they're not making loonatics.
The Looney Tunes Show - Bugs and Lola at the movies
06/02/11, 21:16

All the sitcom writers who don't have jobs because of reality TV now write for this. It's old episodes of Hangin' With Mr. Cooper with Bugs Bunny and pals plugged in. Some violence would certainly help this show feel a little less wrong.

Gotta say, the animation in this isn't bad at all. It sort of makes this stuff watchable. Plus they haven't done anything good with these characters in 40 or 50 years so how can you care that much? You're grateful it's not making Loonatics.
My List
06/01/11, 00:50

I feel like I just watched a Blondie parody done by the people who did the porno versions of 30 Rock and Scrubs.
Paranoid Android
05/31/11, 01:41

Didn't think they ruined the song! Feel like I just watched an episode of I Love The 90's. The Goo Goo Dolls are going to cover Smashing Pumpkins next.

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