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Spit Spingola

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GYCW - Five of the Worst Games Ever (Don't Buy This)
The Simpsons - A XXX Parody (trailer)
The Boob Tube Show
8-bit Zardoz intro
10 Video games that should have been
Mind Game - His dick is a mast
The Life and Death of Jonestown
Peter Chung - Checkers/Rally's Spicy Chicken commercial
15 Minutes with Kevin Murphy - 'The Wall'
Dirty Talk with SlackjawedJB (NSFW audio!)
Atari 5200 commercial from 1982
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Retsupurae - the most shameful thing in the world.
The best post-wrestling match interview ever
Anaconda - Jon Voight's Expression
NES Megaman TAS in 12:23.34
Terrifying cat with 6 legs
Godfrey Ho Presents The 1994 Three-Peat Champions, Your Chicago Bulls
Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt: PUA ghost episode
Obama Introduces High-Speed Bus Plan for Nation
Fuck You (Ukelele Cover)
We Are Glass
Funeral for a Toxic Asset
Lav Kush from Bajranbali (with subtitles)
Simpsons intro comparisson: Old vs New
French AXE commercial
George Wood videogame trivia contest?
Between Two Ferns: Bruce Willis
M (1931) - Peter Lorre's climactic monologue
Tough Crowd - Greg Giraldo Vs. Dennis Leary
Bum Like You
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret
Tim and Eric: Make My Bub Bubs Bounce
MAD - Episode One
Cartoon Network's downfall!
King Crimson think they are The Talking Heads in 1981
Earthworm Jim (Sega CD) Bad Ending
You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties
Butter of '69
Korean Catcher Clocks Batter
Japanse Children's Television
Regular Show Episode 1
Fall Out Boy discus the Internet.
Disney's BLAM!! - Golfing
Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob respond to 'Hippie' allegations
Rubber - Trailer
Willy Bum Bum (probably NSFW)
Shaq, Gary Busey, and Adrian Peterson shill for Vitamin Water
the truther girls - Karen Vs Lady Gaga
Stroke Guy reviews Star Trek (2009)
Chester Cheetah for the SNES gameplay
Maurice LaMarche voice test for Axe Cop's Avocado Soldier
SUper Nintendo: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Disney BLAM! - Chef Donald
Dennis the Menace (SNES) gameplay
Giant Pacific Octopus With Babies
Russian man sits on an airbag
Interesting broadcast call for a horse race
The Big Girl
Toys SNES Game Footage
A happy bear at the zoo!
Films Yanks Can't Wank - Apaches
Axe Cop Episode THREE
Another day, another insane bollywood fight sequence.
I get up in the morning
USA's Saturday Nightmares
Elvis in 1977 vs Extra in 'Home Alone' (1990)
Venture Bros. Season 4.5 Trailer
Any Which Way
Lio - Banana Split
Burrowing Owl Nest Cam
The Regular Show - Trailer
Ultraman Nightmare Fuel
Sarah Palin confronted by former constituent
Pray For The Girls
Colbert calls out Laura Ingraham to her face; has huge balls
Double Rainbow Ad Nauseum
Happy Cat Drooling
Alex Jones: Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine
Someone has too much free time on their hands and an Alton Brown fetish.
A clip from Yokai Monsters (1968)
Robbie Williams Camera Flash Experiment (live 2003)
Burrowing Owls Run for Cover
The lineage of Rufus T. Firefly
The United States of Noooo!!!
Gay Power Rangers: Dynamara
Christina Hendricks mentions taking a bath
Jax Beer
Grace Jones for Honda Scooters
Dr. Doolittle: The Animated Series
Big Bucks: The 'Press Your Luck' Scandal 1/11
Who Killed Captain Alex trailer
Between Two Ferns: Steve Carell
American Pickers - The Mole Man

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