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Spit Spingola

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MXC 101 - Meat Handlers vs Cartoon Voice Actors
06/24/15, 19:32

Watching this I ended up wondering what the prize was for Takeshi's Castle and looked it up. It was only $8000 and only 9 people won it over the course of 133 episodes. Then they sold the show to basically every country in their world to make funny dubs of it and made a fortune. They were brilliant.
Our Gang: Lodge Night
06/24/15, 18:29

This is actually the second Little Rascals short where the boys have a secret club that is a parody of the KKK. After Birth of a Nation were kids wild about the Klan?
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Online Harassment
06/23/15, 12:18

Just go to the youtube comments for videos like this, look for the anime girl icons, and let the wisdom wash over you.
Jhonen Vasquez Sitting in a Room and Being Asked Aweful Questions
06/23/15, 10:25

Starting off the questions right. The combination of the green and purple color scheme and a screaming dog robot just triggers something in people. Also Christ, the show is over a decade old now so some of these people are probably in their 30s.
James Rolfe Reads a Fan Mail
06/21/15, 16:53

This guy should write for fortune cookies or do horoscopes.
The Baby (1973 Theatrical Trailer)
06/10/15, 19:46

Oops. I duped this thing.
Star Wars Despecialized Edition Making Of Featurette
06/09/15, 23:25

I love this video because the amount of effort undertaken is absolutely insane. It's like when they reconstruct a Fritz Lang silent film from prints of varying quality only it's FUCKING STAR WARS THE MOST FAMOUS MOVIE EVER. It's really dumb that they can't just release decent transfers of the films the way they were originally released.
Star Trek: Enterprise alternate introduction
06/08/15, 07:06

This is kind of brilliant. I really need to listen to the Perfect Strangers intro every morning to pump me up and inspire me.
CBS's Promo for 'The Briefcase'
06/03/15, 17:34

CBS presents a new reality show: BEES! You can either have a whole swarm of angry bees let loose in your house or share the swarm with another family in poverty who we're sure will not want to get stung by many, many angry bees. You either take all the bees or you're an asshole. Maybe split the swarm 50/50? And then at the end of the show both families get bees.
Gathering Of The Juggalos 2015 infomercial
06/03/15, 00:11

These videos always feel like watching an infomercial from a strange foreign land. Moments of familiarity pop up, like the Doctor Who time travel effects and hey Puddle of Mudd are still boring and Judah Friedlander's there for some reason but mostly you're just scratching your head and wondering what happened to make so many bands like clown make-up so much. Wow, their culture and values are fascinatingly different! Somebody put a couple of Juggalo clown children with the multi-ethnic group of kids singing "It's A Small World After All" (even though they will scream-rap the lyrics).

I have to say, though, GOTJ is probably a lot of fun if this kind of stuff is your thing.
A Toilet - Let's Tape It
05/31/15, 23:37

The intro is so wacky but the taping is done in such haunting silence.

(at least what I saw, maybe I'm not doing him justice by not watching every second of a 30 minute long video of a guy wrapping a toilet in tape.)
05/26/15, 12:17

We can use this for gambling.
Fat Albert (Intro, Outro and All Songs)
05/13/15, 13:49

I would say he is inseparable. He pretty much behaved the same on stage and in all his TV shows and movies except for a few of the weird 70s ones.

Dude really stopped being funny some time in the sixties and Fat Albert is kind of indicitive of his shift away from jokes and into kind of patronizing edutainment. Guess he was always a prolific fapist, though.
'I slept with a midget stripper'
05/11/15, 15:30

Luring disco dollies to a life of vice.
Maniac Shotgun to the Head Scene
04/23/15, 23:13

Yet Carnosaur got thumbs up?
Mumbai Madness
04/23/15, 23:08

I know. I'm always amazed by how awesome these shorts are, since they're basically animating the most famous cartoon character of all time for a modern context and in flash this kind of thing could be done poorly so easily.
Homeless Man Eats 87 SpongeBob Stickers in an Alley
04/01/15, 15:29

So he's gone from a guy who eats things nobody should ever eat to a homeless guy who does the same thing... :(
Mystery Brony Theater 4000
03/11/15, 20:13

Not watching this but it reminded me that I ended up watching an MST group or groups that did a live riffing of old Doctor Who episodes back in the day on two separate occasions and fell asleep both times. And I got the feeling that they were on the better end of this kind of stuff.
Llamas On The Loose Shep Smith reporting (part1)
03/02/15, 11:28

SNL 40th - Melissa McCarthy plays Matt Foley
03/02/15, 11:11

The SNL40 special was such a clusterfuck of "here's something you might remember!?" just piled on top of itself arbitrarily, complete with Eddie Murphy sitting on top like a cherry literally doing absolutely nothing, that I couldn't help but love it.

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