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Spit Spingola

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The Simpsons - Home Improvement
01/13/16, 21:41

The Tim Allen grunt is NOT LAUGHTER!
Patton Oswalt - The Party Clown
01/09/16, 22:01

What is this, Patton Oswalt week? I'm alright with it.
Trailer for 'Pass Thru' by Neil Breen
01/08/16, 20:10

Where on earth does he get the money to make these things?
NYC Pizza Rat Turns to Cannibalism
01/06/16, 13:36

Rats off to ya.
Donald Trump cuts head off ISIS and takes their oil
01/05/16, 13:50

Belongs in the "Cartoons" category.
Time Chasers Original 1994 Theatrical Release Promo Featurette
01/04/16, 11:14

I heard with Time Chasers a bunch of the people involved in it got excited when it was going to premiere, and got together to watch it. They apparently didn't really think MST3K would say things like "this is a bad movie". Also some cast member they all loved got completely edited out of MST3K's version for time. So they all got together and got really sad.

As for new MST3K, I wouldn't hold my breath for any of the original cast members to appear other than Joel. I sort of get the sense from twitter that some of them think new MST3K is a little illegitimate without them as cast members and/or they all got together to hold off on appearing on the new MST3K until they get a better residual deal on streaming and DVD sales of the old episodes.

The weirdest thing I've heard about Mike is that he has massive reoccurring migraines and so sometimes when he doesn't seem so enthused he's actually in a lot of physical pain.

Mutant Turtle and Pink Panther in Pakistani Film Song
12/30/15, 10:14

Opposites attract!
Family opens fake, wooden PlayStation 4 Christmas morning
12/30/15, 10:11

Yeah, I've worked in retail. This happens all the time. I had a customer try to return a Nintendo DS and when I opened the box and found a smashed DS that was the wrong color and serial number he basically turned pale and left. They don't pay you shit in retail and a lot of the time people just take the returns without checking and stick the item back on the shelf.
Dragon's Lair Returns hits 250K on Indiegogo, Old Men Celebrate
12/27/15, 23:44

I hope none of the investors check out wikipedia...

"A Troll in Central Park": Budget: 23.5 million. "The film bombed at the box office, barely earning back 0.3% of its budget"

"Titan AE": Budget: 75 Million "Titan A.E. lost $100 million for 20th Century Fox."
grandma farts at christmas
12/24/15, 19:55

Good one.
Sarah Palin shows her acting chops in '30 Rock' parody promoting her book
12/23/15, 17:44

For what it's worth I thought Lindsey Graham as Kenneth was kind of funny. In "30 Rock" Liz Lemon was the creative leader of a TV series and it's really unrealistic to imagine Sarah Palin leading something. I hope they're not serious at the end when they tease that they're going to make more of these.
Alvin and the Chipmunks: 'Pizza Toots'
12/23/15, 02:04

I can't wait for the Chipmunk adventure where they get food poisoning from Chipotle and shit all over the place.
K. Thor wrote about POE for New York Magazine
12/16/15, 22:35

Meeeemories. Great read. A lot of the shit that went on on the forums went way too far and I'm certainly glad I've matured since then. I always came to Portal of Evil for weird websites, not to be an asshole, and I kind of have some regrets thinking back on it.

I feel sad about what happened with my favorite site I submitted: Cardude on the Web. He was this right wing 80s metalhead who posted rants about how much he hated how music had changed in all caps. Then after I submitted it it became infamous, was reposted by Something Awful, and the site got inundated with racists and he basically had to shut it down.
Star Wars minus Star Wars
12/16/15, 22:06

This would have been so much better if they'd stuck only with stuff made before Star Wars.
Star Trek Beyond - Trailer (2016)
12/15/15, 14:34

Cautiously optimistic. Simon Pegg was a writer on this and he's awesome and I think this cast is terrific even though the last two movies should have been better.

Also recently rewatched Star Trek Nemesis which kind of puts things in perspective for how bad Star Trek can get. At least this looks fun.
Independence Day: Resurgence | Official Trailer [HD]
12/15/15, 05:05

I'm looking forward to saying "I never thought I would fall asleep during something this loud" again.

I hope this bookends the era of noisy, fast-cut, gray, destruction-on-a-massive-scale, characters-nobody-cares-about movies that the first one started. Still nice to see Jeff Goldblum, though.
The New Adventures of He-Man: Episode One
12/11/15, 06:47

I thought this was going to be the 2002 He-Man reboot. No way am I going to watch the whole thing, but I had no idea this existed. They're looking very anime...
Best of the Worst: The Photon Effect, How I Saved the President, and Double Down
12/06/15, 23:29

Eh...I liked his Death of Superman video on youtube. It's not too different from the stuff RLM does. Them getting together to watch three terrible movies in a row is a decent end result of them calling him out for being whiny on twitter.
Should you watch: The Tatami Galaxy?
12/05/15, 01:41

Cat Soup's one of my favorites. Funny because that's also Masaaki Yuasa's animation. All of his stuff would be getting Criterion releases if there was justice in the world.
Should you watch: The Tatami Galaxy?
12/04/15, 00:44

Sorta wish this was just a link to Tatami Galaxy. Needs a Masaaki Yuasa tag.

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