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Arthur C Clarke - Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity
04/13/14, 11:36

Little-known fact: Mandelbrot was a student of Julia's. Troof.

I took the one-day fractals course at SIGGRAPH '87 (featuring many TV personalities from this very video) -- went in with only a foggy idea that it had something to do with cool pictures, and came out with my mind. utterly. blown. Wrote my first two fractal-drawing programs that night, and have wasted a zillion hours in the years since fooling around with them. SOME FUN
A tesseract rotating through 4 dimensions, animated in stereogram.
04/13/14, 10:53

Time is *a* dimension. The number is arbitrary.
ign's hunt for the most embarassing amateur game designer
07/04/13, 20:49

Where is Imari when you need him?
Neodymium Magnets Reaching Terminal Velocity
06/11/13, 04:19

Buckyballs! Some idiot kid thought swallowing some sounded like a pretty neat idea, and became an hero. Luckily, I got a set shortly before then.
2010: A Mandelbrot Odyssey
02/12/13, 04:11

The closed form is the black stuff surrounded by colors. (It gets rather thin in some spots.) Colored points are *not* part of the M-set. A point's color is assigned by how near it is to the actual border of the set, sort of (actually how many calculations it took to decide that point isn't in the set proper). The set is neatly contained in a circle of radius 2, so it has a finite surface area, but the length of iits perimeter is the largest infinity known. That's zany stuff.

I took the '87 SIGGRAPH fractals class 'cause a) the employer paid for a couple classes of my choice, and b) I had a vague idea they made pretty pictures somehow. Walked out of there with my mind blown.
Chris-chan Discusses... The Full Uncut Interview
09/01/12, 05:58

Hard to decide who is stupider and/or more boring, interview or interviewee.
Aliens of the Deep (2005)
08/21/12, 03:38

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
'10 Little Indians' PSA
04/20/12, 06:56

The title was changed in the U.S, but in the U.K. it was called "Ten Little Niggers" well into the '90s. The story took place on "Nigger Island"; all such references were edited out.

I have a mid-80s copy of "Ten Little Niggers." It's not any more offensive than (say) Mark Twain's "Nigger Jim," who was by far the smartest guy in the Huck Finn / Tom Sawyer books. Those were just very different times, and the writing has to be taken in context.
My July 21, 2011 airplane flight
01/21/12, 20:49

The U-dogg rocks so hard. It's been nearly ten years since he burst into our consciousness on PoE-red; no one could bring themselves to dislike him.
A VERY suspicious kitty
12/16/11, 07:30

Harry Partridge Discusses Christian Weston Chandler
12/16/11, 07:08

Bob died September 6 IIRC. A troll posing as a psychiatrist got Chris's pastoral counselor to open up about it; Bob was apparently covered in bug bites when admitted but it was congestive heart failure that got him.

The recording and transcript will be on CWCki soon. The editors wanted to wait until after the hearing. Whatever you think of his motives (I'm a bit squicked by the goings-on), you have to admit the troll did a magnificent job.
Harry Partridge Discusses Christian Weston Chandler
12/16/11, 07:01

Liquid was hilarious.
Harry Partridge Discusses Christian Weston Chandler
12/16/11, 06:59

The civil suit comes from CWC intentionally hitting the proprietor of a game store with the van he was driving. He also punched a cop who tried to handcuff him. There was a hearing yesterday (12/15) but the outcome is unknown so far.
4 year old girl barely restrains herself from mauling mom's barely-conscious missing-link ex-bf
12/10/11, 18:31


Chris-Chan Victory Rockout
08/28/11, 06:32

Although not evident in this clip, Chris cross-dresses and wears makeup these days. Rock on.
1981 Night Flight broadcast
06/08/11, 08:04

Oh man, Friday nights in college -- get the gang over, order pizza, keep the bong filled, and watch Night Flight until dawn.
Who are 'sovereign citizens'?
06/08/11, 07:49

Casey Serin is all over this shit. He took out $2.2 million in mortgages, didn't make a payment, and lost everything to foreclosure. The Sovereign Citizens told him he doesn't owe the banks and money -- they owe *him* millions, and it was music to his ears.
Anthony Weiner Press Conference 6-6-11
06/06/11, 22:58

t augias: Single? His wife would disagree with you, and so would he.
Broken Hearted Chris Chan
05/26/11, 14:51

Correction: Mother's underwear.
The World Ends in One Week ! w00t ! 5/21/11
05/14/11, 14:25


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