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William Burns

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3D-Printed AR-15 Lower Receiver
02/28/13, 16:21

YES. Not only is it completely unsafe, it also looks exactly like some kind of autoerotic displacement behavior.
Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty have tea.
02/22/13, 23:08

Sorry I didn't like the thing you liked! If I were to do it differently, I would have made the actors think of better ways to say stuff.
Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty have tea.
02/22/13, 20:38

Maybe this scene is better in context, but it sounds like a villainous exposition madlib. WE ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT, (name of spy, detective or group of teenagers)
Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty have tea.
02/22/13, 13:41

"We're just the same, you and I. Lazily Written."
Glock 50 Round Drums
02/21/13, 04:24

It was the zaniest since Moonraker, but the movie's internal logic broke down so often that it hurt. But let's be positive. I liked the new MI6 headquarters, I really liked the Komodo Dragon scene, it felt like classic bond, and I am sooooo glad that they killed off Judy Dench. She was a horrible, trollish M in the Craig movies. M is my favorite character in the books and I'm glad to see him being played by someone likeable. Actually, that guy would have made a really good Bond, if they didn't feel like they had to cast a meathead.

My favorite Bond movies are OHMSS, The Living Daylights, Goldeneye and Casino Royal, in no particular order, so I recognize that my opinions are probably wrong.
'I MURDER YOU SATANS' (Epic Bearded Australian Crazy Guy)
02/20/13, 15:26

0:40 Finally wipes peanut butter from chin
Skillful forefoot of Maru
02/20/13, 15:22

Glock 50 Round Drums
02/20/13, 15:15

A glock with a beta-c mag, shooting *depleted uranium* pistol ammo for some reason. Depleted uranium that penetrated only a couple centimeters, broke up without combusting and was left in Bond's arm for weeks or months with no ill effect.

It was remarkable how poorly-thought-out every aspect of that movie was, even for a Bond movie.
True Facts about Mantii
02/19/13, 14:36

Almost funny. Also, the cannibalistic sex thing only happens frequently in captivity.
Daddy, would you like some sausage?
02/18/13, 16:25

Dbstp rmx plz thx
Punch Drumming(TM) to the song by Gloria Estefan 'The Rhythm is Gonna Get You'
02/18/13, 16:12

Stay for the RECUMBENT punch drumming! Recumbent Punch Drumming is where he really shines.
CNN Apologizes After Playing NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA Rap for 103 Year Old
02/17/13, 12:51

Rappin' for Jesus
02/12/13, 13:31

Papyrus font
Family Feud - refuse to answer
02/12/13, 11:30

The normal-sized female dwarf in the blue dress
Red Letter Media reviews 'Movie 43'
02/12/13, 11:27

Technology And Glenn Beck's Nightmare Vision Of The Future
02/07/13, 23:43

I voted this up in the hopper before watching it, based purely on the preview image. It did not disappoint.
1992 Montgomery Ward In-Store Laserdisc
02/07/13, 21:32

That fucking kid's reaction to the Sonic midi
The Best Songs of 1992
02/07/13, 21:25

To make Wayne's World from scratch, you must first create Wayne's Universe.
1.8 gigapixel UAV Mountable Camera
02/07/13, 12:37

One advantage of the surveillance poice state is that Maru has just been tagged for sterilization.
The Best Songs of 1992
02/07/13, 12:25

Erasure and technotronic are pretty great.

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