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William Burns

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Steve Almond lectures about Toto's 'Africa'
03/19/13, 14:06

I fucking hate.
US Air Force Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle
03/12/13, 19:21

Hopefully this is just some slick viral marketing for the Robocop reboot. It's going to be a shitty disaster set in a dystopian future either way.
Marder beisst FCZ-Benito in den Finger
03/11/13, 00:52

It's unBEARable!
Human Mutations in the Sonic Hedgehog Protein
03/07/13, 16:20

Scientists "delighted" with brood of sabertoothed birds, receive DARPA funding for the Project Hitchcock.

If you are too dumb or poor for college, Your Inner Fish covers this subject matter in layman's terms, via evolutionary biology, very well.
Metal Gear Revengance - Last Boss
03/05/13, 15:06

Wait, that's the game's REAL NAME?
Check It Out with Steve Brule: furries episode promo
03/03/13, 16:57

Doggie drungus
A demo of black isle's failed fallout 3 game
03/02/13, 17:04

It's amazing how consistently wrong your opinion is about everything, gmonk.
Graphical evolution of First Person Shooters: 1992-2012
03/01/13, 00:53

Coulda been a lot better.
3D-Printed AR-15 Lower Receiver
02/28/13, 16:21

YES. Not only is it completely unsafe, it also looks exactly like some kind of autoerotic displacement behavior.
Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty have tea.
02/22/13, 23:08

Sorry I didn't like the thing you liked! If I were to do it differently, I would have made the actors think of better ways to say stuff.
Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty have tea.
02/22/13, 20:38

Maybe this scene is better in context, but it sounds like a villainous exposition madlib. WE ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT, (name of spy, detective or group of teenagers)
Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty have tea.
02/22/13, 13:41

"We're just the same, you and I. Lazily Written."
Glock 50 Round Drums
02/21/13, 04:24

It was the zaniest since Moonraker, but the movie's internal logic broke down so often that it hurt. But let's be positive. I liked the new MI6 headquarters, I really liked the Komodo Dragon scene, it felt like classic bond, and I am sooooo glad that they killed off Judy Dench. She was a horrible, trollish M in the Craig movies. M is my favorite character in the books and I'm glad to see him being played by someone likeable. Actually, that guy would have made a really good Bond, if they didn't feel like they had to cast a meathead.

My favorite Bond movies are OHMSS, The Living Daylights, Goldeneye and Casino Royal, in no particular order, so I recognize that my opinions are probably wrong.
'I MURDER YOU SATANS' (Epic Bearded Australian Crazy Guy)
02/20/13, 15:26

0:40 Finally wipes peanut butter from chin
Skillful forefoot of Maru
02/20/13, 15:22

Glock 50 Round Drums
02/20/13, 15:15

A glock with a beta-c mag, shooting *depleted uranium* pistol ammo for some reason. Depleted uranium that penetrated only a couple centimeters, broke up without combusting and was left in Bond's arm for weeks or months with no ill effect.

It was remarkable how poorly-thought-out every aspect of that movie was, even for a Bond movie.
True Facts about Mantii
02/19/13, 14:36

Almost funny. Also, the cannibalistic sex thing only happens frequently in captivity.
Daddy, would you like some sausage?
02/18/13, 16:25

Dbstp rmx plz thx
Punch Drumming(TM) to the song by Gloria Estefan 'The Rhythm is Gonna Get You'
02/18/13, 16:12

Stay for the RECUMBENT punch drumming! Recumbent Punch Drumming is where he really shines.
CNN Apologizes After Playing NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA Rap for 103 Year Old
02/17/13, 12:51


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