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Elvis Hitler

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Gas huffing goes wrong
Experiments in Stupidity: german guy puts can of silicone spray in an oven
Why you shouldn't skip school-- an Australian PSA
Letterkenny Problems (ep 1)
Cee-Lo Green Clean Forget You Clean Parody (Mormon)
Boiling Water Turns Into Snow In Siberia
Motorhead's private chef
Chinese Penis Fish
Cathy don't go to the supermarket today
Official Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial
Report from the Chinese Midget Reservation
Fireworks accident at a Renegades game.
Don't argue with an ibex
You dun goofed up
Muppets: Swedish Chef makes Ppcrn, Shrimp
Bulldog Vs. Deer
Chimp Rapes a Frog
Cute cat can't get any sleep
Drunk Driver Goes All General Lee Out of DFW
Gung Ho Commando Outfit
Dog Surprises Officer After Being Freed From A Fence
Michael explains how a G-Shot works
Spastic Fatty Slip n Slide Party
3 Year old desperatly in love with Justin Bieber
O Canada (Feat. Bellini)
The Ice Pirates - Space Herpe
$2 Deluxe Hugs
Floor Press 70kg x13powt
Big Spider Attacks Daddy
Explosive eversion of a duck penis.
Japanese bubblegum commercial.
Kids with a fire extinguisher
Sex Trek
Photographer meets kakapo, kakapo is intrigued
Arab People Pranks
English Man Brutally Knocked Out In Bangkok Bar
The Muppet Show - Spike Milligan vs Sam the American Eagle
Gunther - Ding Ding Dong
2001 A Space Odyssey opening score done by a school orchestra.
Chicken man is discovered in the top of a mountain.
hunting in Africa
Mr. CHE CHE CHE Goes To Italy
Horse Kicks Moron in the Chest
George Brett Auto-Tuned
Stop Calling Bill O'Reilly A Homo
It's a BIG ad
The Muppet Show - The Gambler (with Kenny Rogers)
Observe H. sapiens ghettorensis in his natural habitat.
Shazam! cartoon intro and end credits
Big Trouble in Little China-- Samson Explodes
Masaokis' Pancake Bread
'Modern Chicken Life Cycle'
The Poo Trap
The Beachcombers
Tabasco in the eye
Mr CHE CHE CHE Finds love.
Interview with Seattle TV icon Chris 'J.P. Patches' Wedes.
[Miku Hatsune] in 'drink milk!' I played so bad []
Bears In Games Reviews Ie, Tatemasu! (Let's Build Your House)
Smart Car Monster Truck
Star Wars: Red Leader Takes His Time
Japanese 'Cheese Curry' Commercial
Hostess Girl Sumo
Haarslev PB30/60 crusher in action
Silly String birthday head fire
G.I. Joe Sgt. Slaughter Toy Commercial
Ballad of GI Joe
Kids in the Hall- Jesus, The Bad Carpenter
Chris-Chan goes batshit crazy over his identity
Fat cat can't scratch its own ear
Birther Leader Orly Taitz Goes 'Nanners On MSNBC
Blindfolded Kid Gets Tricked into Hitting Himself in Testicls
Simply Sara - Stuffed Chicken Breast
An anti Halloween PSA from an angry Ferengi
Kirk and Spock on the bus - ST IV
Spy vs Engineer at Anthrocon pt 2
Chris-Chan furiously humps his PS3
Shooting a rifle the wrong way
The ole 'airbag under a couch cushion' prank
I'm Fat And Nobody Likes Me
Milking the old puss udder AGAIN!
New, from the makers of the Snuggie
World of Crashes - TF2 Style
Rat Brain Robot
Goodbye Horses with a twist
Korean KFC ad
Snausages commercial
Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat (best one so far)
Mr. T demonstrates the FlavorWave oven
Headbanging while making a fire
Whole Chicken in a Can
Accidental Paintball Nut Shot
An unusual looking bird
Animal Kumate: Prairie Dog VS Fox
Brutal Motorcycle Crash In The Dunes
Army Jeep Crash Test
Underground Hydrogen Bomb Testing
Octopus Opens A Jar
Pizza rolls challenge

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